ft Dios-Online | Cap 130 | Arabia Update | Free Silk/Hour | Advanced Features | Play2Win | Unique Summon Scrolls | Survival Room | Stone Npc | Old Job System | Coin System | Old School Trading | Holy water Temple ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Dios-Online | Cap 130 | Arabia Update | Free Silk/Hour | Advanced Features | Play2Win | Unique Summon Scrolls | Survival Room | Stone Npc | Old Job System | Coin System | Old School Trading | Holy water Temple

Brace yourselves, Dios is coming back

Many of you know about Dios,
We've kept you waiting for quite a long time to build a server again . However, we are finally able to proudly present you... Dios by a great team with people who collected experience in several other projects before and do not mean to disappoint you.
Now, it is time to show you the gathered experience, the flawless gaming and the undefeated combination of ideas!
Be prepared for our trial of becoming the perfect server for everyone .

Who we are
Dios Online is a network which tries so hard to create new legacy of mmorpg game play system .In fact , The legacy won't be changed without someone who force it to change ..We , The team of Dios Gaming Network CO. transforming the road of play in Silkroad Online to a new magement of trustful , hopeful predictions

In order to create a smoother navigation, we have divided our features into multiple parts: Basic, Starter, Advanced, Expert and Professional features. In order to understand everything please do not skip any parts. We know it's painful to read all this text, however it took us quite some time to write all of this. Now... enjoy reading 11k words!

Cap | 130
Euro & Chinese
New skills for euro / chinese up to lvl 125, mastry lvl 130
High enough to keep it exciting
High enough to level without any gap
Drop Rate
Discussed in the feature list
Auto-Equipment of Items (Full blue & 41% white stats) + Normal DropRate
Custom NPC Equipment
10D,D11,D12,D13,D14 Sun Set and Accessory
Silk per hour
Every hour get 3silks (1h/3silks)

First features you need know about a server
Unique summon scrolls.
Stones at npc.
New uniques.
Old School Trading.
Potions and Pills Stackable to 500.
Stones Stackable to 50.
Enable Advanced Elixirs +3 +4.
Enable Magic Pop 5x.
3 Days Job & Guild penalties.
New Zone PVP.
New Zone For uniques Event.
Premium stats 20%.
Added new damage scroll new speed scrolls.
Quest Title Working like (Captain+Knight+Baronet+General).
Holy water Temple working.
New Avatar's Thief's And hunter And more new avatar edit.
New Launcher

You start lvl 1 in jangan , you can buy Sun items from the NPC to help you grind , Mobs in Baghdad , Alex and Mirror Dimension drop Dios Silk , you can buy almost everything with Dios Silk .

Here you found Iron Coin
Drop mobs baghdad to get item D14 in npc Jangan & Baghdad
Here you found Dios Silk
Drop Mops Alex/Jupiter/Baghdad/Cave Donwhang To Buy EveryThing In Npc Special Item & Uniques Scroll & Lucky Magic Powder & Grap Pet & Attack Pet & Avatar & New Stone & Adv +2,+3 & Revers & Speed 200% & Parry Ratio,Attack Ratio 100% & Awakenig Elxier & Magic Pop & HP+MP4100 & Res Devil & Alchemy Devil & Reset skill & Reset Point Stat & Scroll rename & 20% Damage And More....
Here you found Copper Coin
Drop Mobs Jupiter To Get Item D13 In Npc Jangan&Hotan
Here you found Awaken
Awakening elements for D14 items

Expert Features

Dios D14 dead Item
When you can reach the level 130 you can use D14 item by buying it from merchant of its own then you can res it by awakin element

Item (D10~D13)
Item D10 FB Sun +5 For 1m/Item Fight B D11 FB +7 For 2m /Item Moon D12 FB +5 For 8m/Item D13 Sun +0 For 1 Each = 80 Copper Coin And 20m
Shop Gallery
Some pictures from npc's
Item Mall

Stones / Unique Scroll
Potion / Goods
Modified style item
D13 / D14 new style surprise you will see it in game
And we have some fun here for bow D12 & Glavie D8/D9
Custom Teleport

Special / new Area
Pvp Area
Event Area
Jop Tempele
Taklamakan Room
Jangan Room
Mobs In Baghdad Area
Mobs In Baghdad Area 2
Mobs In Baghdad Area 3
Mobs In Baghdad Area 4
New mobs / unique
Some modified uniques / mobs
Mob's Baghdad lv121-130
New Uniques Baghdad Int+Str
Room Thief Boss Int+Str
Bone Roc Int+Str
Karkadann Int+Str

 Kidmonas Int+Str

Khuolod Int+Str

Mustafa Int+Str

 * Server rules for players :
- Scamming is not allowed ( Banned ).
- Selling ingame items,gold,chars for any kind of currency is not allowed ( Banned ).
- Abusing in game will get ( Banned ).
- Advertising other servers/websites is not allowed ( Banned )
- Reporting players are accepted but you should have the proofs like screen or videos..

At Last of Topic i wish you join us , will got Great Fun.


Opening Date:
Wednesday , 1st March | 1/03/2014

Up to come!

Last Update :
New Avatars

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