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Wicked Reloaded | Cap 125 | Balanced System | Free Silk | Coin System | D12 | Automatic Title's | New Quest's l Start Item Quest | Ctf | Job Rank | Special Glows | Holy Water Temple | Gold Lottery Scroll

Introducing an awesome and rapidly growing online community, full of fun, good times, good friends and attentative GM's.
Addicted Network's Wicked SRO Server NEEDS YOU ! 

WICKED Reloaded v2.0

We will be ....
... more improved
... more experienced
... more fun
... more activity
... more balanced
... and off-course amazing game play

Last updates info
Update info :

1- Traders NPC's in ( Samarkand , Constantinople , Alex ) Disabled

2-Point/hour Added

3-Job lvls FIXED

4-Very Special drops added to (Bloody Uniques)

5-Lottery Gold scroll Added(its able to give gold from 1m ~ 100m ) depends on luck only

6-Lottery Gold scroll Added to most of uniques ( Find it by ur self)

7-15 new Title scroll added to the npcs

8-5 new avatars added to item mail

9-Fire soul avatar added to item mail (Custom made) our edits hope every one like it

10-Job ranks on website will be working asap (there will be rewords for the top 3 jobs)

11-New 2 uniques (Baal - Babilion) they are very strong and dropping lot of special stuff

12-CTF ( changed to be 2 Coins per KILL )

13-Jangan - bandit FW disabled ( only HOTAN working now)

14-some bugs FIXED

update date ( 3/4/2014)

"I'm going to tell you something important now, so you better dig the wax out of those huge ears of yours and listen! The reputation of Addicted echoes far and wide. When they talk about its bad ass leader - the man of indomitable spirit and masculinity - they're talking about me! The mighty Curse!"


Guide (Questions and answers)

i created this Guide cause a lot of players cannot understand our thread much
and some miss understand it so here we are i will explain how to play like a boss

At the first

1-u will start on the beginner area (take the quest ) hunt the mobs ,take ur rewords

2-Get lvl 40 , Join Small ville area its a special area for low lvls from 40-100 keep hunting the uniques their

3- There is alot of Quests in Addicted special Quest shop u should take them all there is also easy quests from it u can get
Egy(B) weapon and accessory D12 to be able to fight

4-u should now try to plvl easy way from uniques or u can use bot

5-u should collect your d12 sun set (not the strongest ) from holy water temple uniques

6-After u collect ur set and weapon u now should work for the last gear (u will need to collect the coins )

Questions and answers

1-Is there is free silk ?

ofc , u have point/hour and vote4silk

2-Its pay2win?

No , every thing for free (items,Silk items) for free
there is alot of special silk items on npc for coins like (Immortal - Avatars-Preuim)

3-Where i can get Pepsi coins ? and whats the use for it?

u can get pepsi coins from
#CTF ( 2 Coins per kill )
#most of uniques drop Pepsi coins
#npc (1 Pepsi coins = 5 Cola coins )
u can use pepsi coins to buy special silk items from npc

4-where i can get Cola coins ? and whats the use for it?

u can get cola coins from
#npc ( 1 Cola coins = 5 Arena Coins)

5-where i can get Arena coins ? and whats the use for it?
u can get arena coins from
#npc Arena coins = 1m
#Job temple monsters drop Arena coins
u can use cola coins to get the best Accessory

6-Where i can get Weed coins ? and whats the use for it?
u can get weed coins from
#Job temple uniques
#Black Scorpion INT-STR
#Baal + Babilion
#from npc 1 week = 30 Pepsi coins
u can get the best gear with weed coins

7-where i can get hash coins? and whats the use for it?
u can get hash coins from
u must be lvl 125 + 4* or 5*
if u use elephant - 1 Trade will give u 2 Hash coins (u must restart after the trade to get the coins)
if u use normal pet - 2 Trades will give u 2 hash coins (u must restart after the trade to get the coins)
#hunters - also they got 2 hash from each trade (Trader must be lvl 125 and hunter lvl 125 also )
#Thiefs - they also got 2 Hash when they robe a trade (Thief must be lvl 125 and trade lvl 125 )
#NPC - 1 hash = 5 weed
Server Information:
► Server Files : vSRO Files.
► Server Capacity : 1000 Slots
► Server Cap : 125
► Server Degree : 12
► Skill Mastery Cap : 125
► Server Race : European & Chinese.
► EXP/SP Rate : 150x
► Gold Drop Rate : 20x
► SOX Drop Rate : 5x
► Alchemy Rate : 3x
► Magic Pop Rate : 10x
► Academy : Disabled
►Server based on fun for everyone ! We have everything to suit each players needs.
Starter Area & Items:
►You will automatically spawn in our Addicted Starter Area
►The NPC you spawn in front of has ''The Beginners Quest''
►For the quest you will kill 20 Addicted Beast in ''The Easy EXP Area'' - You can teleport from Beginner Room To The Easy EXP Area for free.
►When you finish your quest and return in to the NPC you will receive :
► 1Day 100% EXP/SP Scroll
►1Day 60% EXP/SP Scroll
► 20units of 100% Speed Scrolls
►Lifetime Jaguar Scroll (5 Inventory pages)
►10 Reverse Return Scrolls
►10 Instant Return Scrolls
►Inventory Expansion
►500 HP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
►500 MP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
►1 million Gold
►1.5 million Skill Points

You will also be level 32.
The help for lower levels does not stop there, as you level there will be more quests which give you stronger gear. Come and find out for yourself. You dont want to miss this !!

The BRAND NEW quests are as follows:
Hunt 1500 Bunwangs : At the end of this quest you will receive one 12D ring. Dont be fooled however. This ring is stronger than 12D SoSun but weaker than the cola coin items.
Hunt 1500 Niya Snipers : At the end of this quest you will receive one 12D ring, stronger than 12D SoSun but weaker than the cola coin items.
Hunt 1500 Akeru : At the end of this quest you will receive one 12D earring, Stronger than 12D SoSun but weaker than the cola coin items.
Hunt 1500 Tomb Snake Master : At the end of this quest you will receive one 12D necklace, stronger than 12D SoSun but weaker than the cola coin items.

[Complete these quests to have your full accessory set]
If you just love those quests and cant get enough, maybe you would like to try something a little harder.

Hunt 2500 Hell Defenders in The Mirror Dimention and be rewarded with a pimped, Egyptian weapon. More powerful than 12D SoSun but weaker than The Forgotten World Talisman Weapons.

Server Features:
Monster spawn ratio has been increased to 2x
-We have increased the monster spawn ratio so it will be easier
for you to farm without getting ks'd. Also it will increase your
KPM (Kills Per Minute) by a high amount

Purification pill bug has been fixed
-We have fixed this really <<famous>> bug to offer you
an even better game play!

Capture the flag will start every hour
-Who doesn't like CTF? We think everyone does, that's the
reason we have enabled it. From ctf you will receive Pepsi coins.

Academy & honor buffs are disabled
-We do not support farming chars to get the honor buffs.
We are strongly against it, that's the main reason we
have disabled academy!

Elixir & stone drop rate has been increased
-We increased elixir and stone drop rate by a fair amount
to make it easier for you to work on your gear!

Max stacks
-we increased the amounts of stacks to make it easy for every one

Website Features:
Our website is made to cover multiple private servers. It also allows you to manage all of your accounts, even manage your different characters on a specific account. You can trade gold and silk between characters. You can have 5 server logins per website account.
View player items and equipment rev6 style. Buy special items from the web shop and of course read all hottest news about The Addicted Network.

Register : When you register, PLEASE make sure you use a VALID e-mail address. If you DO NOT use a valid e-mail address, you will not be able to validate your account and you will not be able to log onto the game.

Shop : There are some special items that you can get from the shop which are not currently in our item mall, by purchasing with Points. You can earn these Points from Vote4Silk. Points can also be used in the Item Mall for other things.

Fortress Information Available [Whoever has the Fortress - Will be shown on our website]
In our server Fortress War is always epic. There is only one Fortress activated so its always fun to see who can get it

Job coin system
Everyone loved the real, old jobbing system max invented.
It is one of the reasons why we all enjoy this game until today.
We tried to make a server which is based on jobbing and improved the system as far as we could. Job rates are way higher than usual which means that there will be a lot of jobbing activity as everybody will try to get rich.
How does it work?
You just need to have 209923 Contribution. Then restart your game (RE-LOG) you will receive your coins after you are back in game, you must re-log after each trade, only then you will receive 2 Hash coins for each trade higher then 209923 Contribution.

Free Silk Shop
Well we are trying our best to make our server is play2win
so we've added a lot of items witch you need on our npc for Pepsi coins.
How I can get Pepsi Coins?
3-Battel Arena
5-Trade ( once you finish a Trade Re-log u will take Hash Coins + gold automatic )
Small Ville Area
We created a new area for low lvls (since there is no chance for them to ks a high player in a unique
so we made that room like this ( only lvl 40-100 can enter - uniques on that room starting from lvl 40 and ending at lvl 100 )) we trying to make a chances for every one .

 Free avatar AT start
Well as we said we play2win ( we also give free avatar at the start )
thee is 3 avatars (cool ones) and u should pick only 1
Quest from . Potion shop
Quest lvl 8
Free pets at START
Quest lvl 1
Special Glows
The glows on all weapons have been re-edited and re-edited again for the best player experience possible. Glows are edited from +10 - +22.

Unique Spawn Areas
We have added hundreds of spawn points for the uniques. We would like unique hunting to actually be different, to actually be more exhausting for the players, to actually be more entertaining and more-so, they drop the valuable coins for the special items and scrolls.

Holy Water Temple
Holy water temple monsters & uniques has been powered up they have a high drop rate for the d12 sun items
also there is a new quests made for the Holy water temple
in the (Special Quest shop) at hotan
rewords = Immortal stone d12
Job Cave
every monster and uniques on the job temple edited to be powerfull than befor
job cave monsters drop (Arena Coins )
Job cave Uniques drop (Hash,weed&Pepsi ) with high amount
Donwhang Cave
Also every monster inside this cave is powered up. We increased their levels . First level monsters in the cave are level 128, their levels increase as you move to the highest floor. The monsters on the final, 4th floor, are level 140.
they give a lot of exp
Titan Unique's
Titan unique's (Re-edited and powered up to lvl 120)
They appear on their normal spots.
-Bloody Isyutaru
-Bloody Lord Yarkan
-Bloody Demon Shaitan
Special Forgotten World system 
The ShipWreck dungeon (lvl 91 - 125) has been updated with powerful monsters which give 10x more EXP than before. They also drop Arena Coins to collect for the special items. (EXP Cave)
The Flame Mountain dungeon (lvl 110 - 125) has been updated with powerful monsters which are harder to attack and recommended for parties. (3 - 4*) This dungeon is intended for the collection of talismans which drop from the very last unique. When you have a full collection book, you can exchange them with the Hotan Hunter Manager - (The Burning Abyss Collection) and receive a very powerful level 120 Addicted Weapon.
Guild Start level
This would usually not be classified as a feature, however, not many people want things like that. So I'll explain it a bit.
Once you open a guild you usually need some SP to level it up and so on. What we are doing is, allowing you to skip those boring guild level ups which are useless anyway and thus, you will be allowed to directly have level 5 guilds.
Special Quest's
We have created our own quests for the higher level players.
We have our own custom quests for uniques in all special rooms.
We also have quests for The Holy Water Temple that reward you with many coins and other items. to make the server more entertaining for everyone.
Addicted Uniques
We have added quite a few uniques to keep the game play always fun.
We have re-edited every unique view to make it look more attractive.

Global Black Scorpion unique
There are 2 kinds of this unique
STR and INT these are the most powerful uniques on our server
They also have special drops - come and find out what they are xD

Addicted NPC's
Here you can buy skill points, special scrolls, exchange coins, elements or tabs, special pets, and much much more...

Special Addicted Gear !
There are many ways to get the coins to collect the most powerful gear.
All 5 kinds of Coins are needed for this collection. There are :
- Hash Coins => to buy clothes
- Weed Coins => to buy clothes
- Cola Coins => to buy accessories
- Pepsi Coins => to buy scrolls or special items and to exchange them for Weed & Hash Coins
- Arena Coins => to exchange them with coins here above.
Addicted Coins!
As I said before, there are many ways.
Arena coins : Drop from ( Job cave )
Pepsi Coins : Drop from every Unique + CTF (so-ok event) + Ba
Cola Coins : From NPC exchange 5 Arena Coins for 1 Cola coins
Weed Coins : From NPC exchange 25 Pepsi coins for 1 Weed coin , from job Temple uniques & from Quest's
Hash Coins : From NPC exchange 5 weed Coins for 1 Hash , From Job Temple & from Quest's
Gold Lottery Scroll
Its a new kind of scrolls witch give u a Chance to win gold if u was lucky enough
Its dropping from some uniques like
Bloody uniques
Global Baal & Babilion
We added those 2 uniques on 3/4/2014 on Samrkand+Downhang areas
they are droping a very rare coins and alot of special silk items
they have a big power

Some Pics from the game
The Addicted Network Team
►SilverStarke :: Manager / General Admin / Web Master / Game Developer
►Pure3viL :: Manager / Head Game Developer / Design Admin
Special thanks to Sundance for some pk2 edits
Our Signature

Feel free to use our signature to show how much you support
the server, we would really appreciate it! Also if you use our signature
you will receive 50 silk when you join the game. Keep in mind that its
automatic, we just need you to write ur id
Here at Addicted we take the time out of our busy schedules to make the most fun and addictive server to date. This server doesn't just focus on the high level - old school players. We focus on ALL of our community equally. Which is why we have added new quests for beginners. We will go into more detail further down the thread.

Opening Date 22-2-2014

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