ft Snake Online | Cap 80 | Chinese Only | Old Job System | Low Rates | Blanaced Skills | Free Silk/Hour | Coin System | Max Plus | Custom Scrolls | Auto Plus Notice | Bugs Solution | Custom Edits | Special Npc ~ Private Sro

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Snake Online | Cap 80 | Chinese Only | Old Job System | Low Rates | Blanaced Skills | Free Silk/Hour | Coin System | Max Plus | Custom Scrolls | Auto Plus Notice | Bugs Solution | Custom Edits | Special Npc

Hello All ,
Today I Will Introduce to you a Simple Game With Easy System That i hope all to Like It
First  We Need to Give Some Guides points As To Start

That Game Based On Job System And We Do That System As We Do a Vote o See what players prefer And To See The Lvl of Cap That Will Start From it As Mean Point
And After Vote End We Found That The Most Voted People Was Like Game D 8
Cap 80 And Based On Trade And Hunter And Thief And We Found That Most People Was Like The Easy System That Make Them Fun And Happy So We Start Our Project As From The Mean Concept to Make People Fun And More More Happy by Make Our Game And To Make People Enjoy Playing And To Increase There Intelligence To Be Able To Play Without Any Boring Things 

So Lets Start

Server Data Open

Server Information
Skills Cap----------------------------80
Mastery Levels----------------------300
Race----------------------------------CH Only
EXP/SP Rates------------------------12x
EXP/SP Rates Party-----------------15x
Drop Rate---------------------------12x
Drop Gold---------------------------12x
Max Plus----------------------------12
Fortress------------------------------Jangan - Hotan
User-Limit----------------------------No Limited Users
Silk----------------------------------2 Silk Per Hour Every Day & 4 Silk Per Hour Every Friday

We Have Only 1 NPC as to provide the lack of npcs and to make people easy to buy and sell

Snake Online Weapon

Snake Online Male Set

Snake Online Female Set

Snake Online Accessory

We Can Bring Any Part Of Set OR Weapon By 3 Different payment Coin
1st:Gold Coin :Can Bring it From Trade Or Hunter Or Thief
2nd:Copper Coin :u can Found It In Snake Online Shop 1 Pace be 200 m
3rd:Silver Coin :Can Bring It From Killing Unique Or From CTF

 From Any Normal Unique U Can Kill It Like Tiger -Uruchi-Isy-ivy-lord
U Will Drop to to Global Chat -Damage inc- Damage dec-str scroll and int scroll

We Do A Special Skills As To Increase People Online
Like Start

Blade Skill
Glave Skill
Bow Skill
Cold Skill
Light Skill
Fire Skill
Force Skill

Each Skill From That Skill Need 100000000 Skill And After i say That Some One Will Say To Me So From Where We Will Bring All That Skill Point
So i will Say to you

To Collect Skill Point
In Hotan In That Fare u can see The Map

As To Use That Teleport As to Enter That Cave

So u Must Have 100 M to enter that Cave
So when u enter to tha cave u will found The ShinMoo

And That ShinMoo Will Give You 100000 SP & Drop
Global- Str Scroll - Int Scroll - Damage

Snake Online Room
You Can Enter That Room From Any Town Like Jangan Or Downhang- Hotan And Enter It Like That

After U Enter It u Can Found Uniques Lvl 80 Strong That After Killing It
u can Gian Avatars Drop And Global Chat And Damage

Max Plus
Item Plus Notice

BuggS Solution
1st :Exchange Bugg Solve Bugg

2nd :Stall BuggS Solution

3rd : Exit BuggS Solution

Old Bar

  • -Scamming is not allowed (perma ban)
  • -Selling in game items,gold,chars for any kind of currency is not allowed (perma ban)
  • -Abusing and/or not reporting bugs is not allowed (perma ban)
  • -Advertising other servers/websites is not allowed (perma ban)
  • -Extremely racist attitude (depending on situation)
  • Seeing anyone breaking any of those rules report it at once to our forums providing proof such as pictures and videos (in case of scam and bug abusing)
At The End I Hope you Like Our Old Game And Hope To Join Us
Have Fun And Thanks All
Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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