ft Roto Sro Online | Cap 120 | D13 | Rebirth System | Forge System | High Rates | Ftw | Ctf | Coin System | Automatic Vote | Silk Exchange | New Avatars | New Pets | Custom Glows | Custom Npc ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Roto Sro Online | Cap 120 | D13 | Rebirth System | Forge System | High Rates | Ftw | Ctf | Coin System | Automatic Vote | Silk Exchange | New Avatars | New Pets | Custom Glows | Custom Npc

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - Roto Silkroad (Cap 120)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.
Who we are ?
We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.
  Hello, New server Roto Sro Online! ( Live Open )

Server Rates
- EXP Rate: 600x
- Party EXP Rate: 700x
- Gold Rate: 35x
- Item Drop Rate: 35x
- SoX Drop Rate: 3.5x
- Alchemy Rate: 2.0x
- Job Rate: 200x

Server info:
- Start with Premium 2 weeks have 250 Reverse & Instant & 100% Revive Scrolls
- Trans Cos & Trade Cos of Silk are in Gold Amount in Stable
- All Weapons/Gears/Accessory in Shop +8
- Rebirth System ( 1500 max Rebirths ) For Now!
- 400 Slots (will be increased if needed)
- 120 cap PvPvE config
- Mastery cap: 360
- Max Degree: 13 D
- Race: Chinese & European
- Fast Growth
- Non Lag!

Other features:
- Fortress War: Yes
- Capture the Flag: Yes
- Coins System: Yes
- Automatic Vote: Yes
- Automatic Donate: Yes
- Quiz Event in Site: Soon

Come All Join Us Rsro ( ROTO Games - Silkroad Online )
Roto Silkroad New Server - Forge, Reborn System - Come Join Now! Rsro
Forge system ( New Forge System easily customize your weapons! ) At Website
All Trans Cos in Stable for Cos + Trade Cos to play and enjoy
Coins System in Website
Silk Exchange in Website
Reborn System & State adder in Website
New Avatars, New Cos Pets.
More Coming Soon

-You can obtain full d10 sun +18 Set with blue after doing 3 steps in our social event page   more info go guide page click here

Some Videos....
-=- Roto Silkroad Avatar Shop -=-
  -=- Roto Silkroad Forge & Glow -=-
  -=- Roto Silkroad Shop Mall -=-
  -=- Roto Silkroad Leveling Monster -=-
  -=- Roto Silkroad other NPC -=-
 News[18-7-2015] :
-Unqiues in Alex and jupiter and Jangan Sylph in Unique Room drop 2-4 Iron Coins 100% and 1 Silver Coin 10%[Sylph Jangan Teleport, Apis Alex Beach]
-Drop Ratio is Increased rather 5% now is 40%
-Price of Reborn Points and Silk is Optimized to be suitable and fixed
-Sylph Level 120 now can drop coins to who are level 120, updated but need patch to see in game later will make it with the fix of force skills
-Trade Sell Price increased was 100* now is 200* and Purchase price decreased
-Magic Stone Luck was 50% now is 80%
-Added Features Page RSRO ONLINE
-Added Reborn Ranks RSRO ONLINE

more coming soon
-Weekly Quiz Event in Site
-Flag Event Change Prizes

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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