ft Mega Silkroad | Cap 100 | D10 | Old School | Zero Edits | Play2Win | Ip Limit | Max Plus | Ctf | Low Rates | Start Items | New Glows | Alchemy System | Custom Trade System | Auto Notice System | Anti-Cheat System | Daily Events ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Mega Silkroad | Cap 100 | D10 | Old School | Zero Edits | Play2Win | Ip Limit | Max Plus | Ctf | Low Rates | Start Items | New Glows | Alchemy System | Custom Trade System | Auto Notice System | Anti-Cheat System | Daily Events

*Mega-Silkroad : The wait is over! The long awaited return of your favorite old school Private SRO Server is back! (for example: Elite Sro ).
We welcome you with pleasure to our castle of fun and our community of glamour !
Mega-Silkroad the place where you are going to have fun , make new friends and spend a wonderful time.
Our professional team will always there to help whenever you ask for anything.
Let us begin our journey and answer all the questions buzzing in your head right now.
 Start Items :

-Devil Spirit 5% male and female.
-1000 HP recovery potion.
-1000 MP recovery potion.
-3 reverse return scrolls.
-3 instant return scrolls.
-60% Exp Helper.
-100% Exp Helper.
-10 increasing speed scroll.
Server Info :
 Information              Value
Server Name          Mega Silkroad
Degree                        10
Cap                             100
Mastery Cap               300
Races                       Chinese & European
Fortresses              Jangan,Bandit and Hotan
Towns              Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand and Constantinople
Rates                           Low
Maximum plus              7
IP Limit                           3
CTF                             Enabled
Battle arena               Enabled
Academy                   Disabled
Magic POP               Disabled
FGW                         Enabled
Jangan Cave           Enabled
 Server Rates :
 Rate                       Value
Experience              3X
Party Experience    5X
Skill Point               5X
Trade                      2X
Drop                     1.5X
SOX Drop              1X
Gold Drop              2X
Alchemy                  1X
Berzerk Rate           2X
Guild & Union Emblems :
100% working knowing that we do not use programs just like any other Server.
Guild & Union Limits :
Limits are custom, We did not change it .
Guild & Job Penalty :
We deleted penalties for switching guild and job.
About Glows :
We changed the glows because the usual glows too boring In addition, the glows used in the present time is a creation of our hands.
Website features :
-Login panel
-Change pass

Ranks :
-Guild rank
-Users rank
-Jobbers rank
Game System :
Start level 1 and level up till you reach level 100 leading a tremendous war against different mobs of different powers and levels
Collect items, gold, skill points and more during your trip
Weapons, sets , accessories from D1 to D9 are available at normal npcs
SOX & Alchemy System : :
Our server has Three types types of sox(like Elite).
1. Seal of Star : all seal of star items drop at cave JG B4.
2. Seal of Moon : all seal of moon items can be brought by killing uniques of B3 camps found in jangan cave as 4 strong uniques of level 95 all.
3. Seal of Sun : seal of sun is only available as weapons and is brought through weekly and monthly medusa & roc events which will be explained after a while.
4.All elixir types drop from mobs , uniques or can be brought with arena coins from hotan arena rewards npc.
You can enjoy reinforcing your items ,
adding blues and editing your items states with our moderate rates to a limit of +7
Plus Rate :
 Plus Number   The success rate
+1                               100%
+2                                80%
+3                                60%
+4                                40%
+5                                20%
+6                                10%
+7                                5%
Drop System :-
Our drop system is the custom drop rate of 1.5X
and we have added all D10 moon items to drop from B3 uniques at jangan cave with a low rate of 1%
Our gold drop rate is (2x) someway hard in order to bring back the value of gold which many servers have excluded these days.
Trade System :-
Begin your journey be a trader, thief or hunter and collect gold by selling goods and going on large trades from town to town
Our trade rate is 2x which means that a trade from jangan to Constantinople can bring you about 14 M gold.

Uniques System :-
Our server has all the custom uniques
Tiger girl, Cerberus ,uruchi, isyutaru ,Lord yarkan ,demon shaitan they all appear in their default places without any changes applied
"Regarding Beakyung the white viper" (Medusa)
-It will appear once every week until we reach a fair number of players.
"Regarding Roc"
-It will appear once every month until we reach a fair number of players.

Notice System:
Our server has been updated with two new types of notices which are
Welcome Notice : whenever you enter the server a welcome notice will appear (xxx,Welcome to Mega-Silkroad) where xxx is your Char name
Plus Notice : whenever you reinforce your items beginning from +5 till +7 a notice will appear to the whole server announcing your success in fusing your item, and I'll introduce you confirms my words in the following :

Anti-Cheat System :
Events System:-
We are going to suffice with only Three events.
1. Roc event : once every moth
Reward : Sun weapon + 100 silks
2. Medusa event : once every week
Reward : Sun weapon

Offline Event's :
A: "Poster Event"
Poster Event is an event we've made in order to advertise Mega all over the world. All you have to do is to take a copy of this poster and go post it (Real life) in as many places you can, you just have to take a photograph showing one of the posters you've published and send it to us. You will be rewarded with 150 Silk and we will also promote you to Supporter on our page on Facebook!
*Why did not make auto events !
As you can see our server is not based on events as they have increased in many servers these days the thing which made the fun vanish due to the free released auto events programs ,in addition we found that players aren’t attracted to the server with many events so we decided to suffice with the medusa, roc and offline events only.

Game Rules
- Do not use spam bot in towns
- Do not advertise bots.
- No racist globals.
- Usage of invisible patch is illegal. Players will get instant ban for using it.
- Key pressers/Auto select is not allowed.
- Bot is allowed.
-----------------THE END----------------
At last we would like to see you all in our community of fun and glamour wishing all the players best of luck during their journey on the Mega-Silkroad server.

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link

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