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Arius Online | D9 | Free Silk/H | Balanced System | Upgrade System | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Auto Equipment | Ctf | Battle Arena | Auto Alchemy Notice | Old Capes | High Job Rate | Token System | Winter Event | Holy Water Temple | Wanted System | Socket System

Beta opening time Wednesday 08:00 UTC.
On 8th we will close the beta to get ready for the official opening.
( Id for testing: test1 ~ test100 / Pass: test )
Registration for opening will be enabled on the 8th.

In Game Info       Value
Level cap     90.
Gear cap    9th degree.
Skill cap    90.
Server files    VSRO.
Races    CH / EU.
Sox Type    9D Seal of Star / Moon.
EXP Rate    30x.
Alchemy Rate    1x.
Job Rate    60x.
Gold Drop Rate    5x.
Auto Equip    Until 8th degree.
Bot    Allowed.
IP Limit    2.
Arius Points per hour    1 from lvl. 90.
Beta opening date    6th of January.
Official opening date    10th of January.
Protected by
About Arius & us:
We would like to present our new project, Arius. After a long time with Eryx, we decided to start a new project with a different cap and we are hoping that we could deliver the same quality of game-play, security and stability which we delivered through the past 2 years. We have the same team on-board, so it is kept easy & simple. No new people are added since we only trust ourselves to avoid corruption and so on. What we relay on is the trust which is built and gained through the past 2 years. Although we've had mistakes, we were trying to get better and to learn from them. Our main target is to give you an enjoyable server, we never do a lot of noise, we work in silence and we have learned this after being around here for long time.

Server info available in other languages:
Now you can click on the Server Info tab on our website and you can see our server features explained in turkish & arabic, More languages will be added.

Server features (Added & Disabled):
Fortress war Hotan & Jangan every Sunday(20:00UTC+01:00, duration:90 minutes),
Disabled advanced elixirs,
Disabled berserker potions,
DMG INC & DEF INC scrolls removed from item mall,
Disabled defense scrolls,
3 Guilds per union & 32 members per one Guild,
Guild penalty 1 hour, Job penalty is 1 hour,
Working CTF & Battle,
Exchange bug is fixed,
Restart & Exit 20 sec. cool down,
CTF is limited to lvl 90 players only,
Vigors 15% added to Herbal NPC’s,
Cool down and level restriction (Lv.85) Added to Global Chat item,
Balloons are removed completely,
Arius Points scrolls: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 Added,
Mercenaries are disabled and removed,
Alchemy notice for +10, +11, +12 is enabled,
Vehicle Horse (Lv. 85) with speed of 13.5 added,
Devil/Angel spirit enabled, enhancing(plussing) disabled,
Fellow pets added in Item Mall and Arius Shop,
Added Automatic events, H&S, Trivia, Last Man Standing, Search and Destroy to gain Arius points,
Weapon switcher added,
Old PvP capes added,
Academy disabled,
Leveling up:
To keep it simple, it is not hard neither so easy. We made sure to keep it moderate so you don't get bored of getting the max level neither feel it is so fast. We believe leveling up also still entertaining, so it shouldn't be passed in a few hours. Basically, you will need a few days to reach our max level.
Starter Items:
7 days Pig Pick Peg
7 days Devil Spirit
50 Drug of typhoon
1k HP and MP
20 Special Return Scroll
1m of gold Gold
*It is worth to mention that Auto Equipment till 8DG Normal +5 / 60%


The balance:

Added "Celestial Protection" to every Weapon(bicheon, heuksal, pacheon) skill masteries. ( Chinese pain quota )
Heaven Chain - added dull/stun probabilities 20%.
Shield protection increased block rate from 10% to 15%.
Windless Spear increased dull probability from 10% to 20%.
Soul Spear Emperor Increased stun probability from 15% to 25%.
Added Flying dragon Flash to Flying dragon series.
Autumn wind Red removed damage reduction.
Added Strong bow Will to strong bow series with Strong bow Craft lv9 power. /( When you max Strong bow Craft its lv8, so we made it one level higher)
Snow storm Multi shot increase mag.atk.pwr from 452~678 (300%) to 904~1456 (315%).
Ice Cloud Force lv13 537~806*(100%) to 658~1097 (100%).
Thunder Dragon Force lv13 increased mag.atk.pwr 522~970(100%) to 658~1097 (100%).
Force Piercing force increased magical damage from 18% to 22%.
Crane's Thunderbolt mag.atk.pwr 989~1837 (300%) increased to 989~1837 (315%) * Only percentage.
Moving speed increased to 100% and cooldown is 15seconds. (Cooldown increased so you cant abuse bugs).
Fire shield Emperor increased effects from 78 to 100.
Flame Body Trial increased phy. damage from 9% to 13%.
Flame Wave Hell fire reduced damage reduction from 15% to 5%.
Vision fire / Fire Combustion increase range to 20m on both skills.

Sprint Assault - Reduced stun duration from 5 too 3.
Shield Crush - Reduced knock back probability for 20% for each level.
Removed Ultimate Screen.
Pain Quota reduced damage disperse by 10% for each level.
Physical Fence reduced damage absorption by 10% for each level.
Magical fence reduced damage absorption by 10$ for each level.

Dark Seed, Red Flower, Blood Aim – Added Int restrictions. (STR warlock builds prevention)
Guard / Mana tambour reduced absorption's for 11% for each level.
Dancing of Valor/Magic reduced damage increase by 10% for each level.
Dancing of Fight/Wizardry reduced damage increase by 10% for each level.
Booming Wave added 45% Knock-back probability.
Tuning Sound increased absolute dmg from 3405 to 5405.

Reverse Oblation Removed.
Holy Spell / Holy word reduced from 100% to 60%.
Charity from 50% to 25%.
Bless Spell - Increased Cooldown to 8 minutes.
Innocent - increased cooldown to 30 seconds.
Integrity - increased cooldown to 30 seconds.
Group Healing Breath - increased cooldown to 20 seconds.
Healing Favor - increased cooldown 15 to seconds .
Group Healing - increased cooldown to 20 seconds.
Healing Division - increased cooldown cooldown to 15 seconds.
Holy Group Recovery - increased cooldown to 15 seconds.
Group Recovery - increased cooldown to 15 seconds.

Job rates:
From Jangan to Hotan 5*
Invest: 25,000,000 gold
Get: 125,000,000 gold
Profit is 100,000,000 gold
20m gold From Jangan to Hotan 5*
80m gold.

Job Suits and Special Trade Routes:
Multiple Job Suits available for purchase, they mostly differ in blue stats and price. Bought for gold or tokens.
Special trade route added through Jangan Cave.
Teleports available at designated Job NPC with locations of special goods market marked on map.

Tokens are a type of in-game currency which can only be obtained by playing :
Red Tokens:Obtained by exchanging 2 Ice Trophies from Capture the Flag.
Green Tokens:Obtained by playing Battle Arena (5 tokens winner, 1 token loser team)
White Tokens:Holy Water Temple uniques drop up to 10 White Tokens.
Some other selected uniques will drop these tokens also. Details will be posted on our website FAQ page.
Blue Tokens: Bought for 250m (250.000.000) gold.
Yellow Tokens: Obtained by jobbing.

Tokens are required for buying Talismans to get the Seal of Moon upgrader scroll, Seal of Moon set, Item Mall stuff and Special Scrolls.
Tokens are un-trade able.

Sealed Items:
Seal of Star items are droppable in Alexandria. SoS weapons, gear and accessories are +2 from normal last tier gear.
Seal of Star gear is divided into 4 groups: Strength, Intelligence, Health, Mana.

Each of these groups provide extra Blue Stats when collecting 2, 4 or 6 items. SoS weapons and accessories have no groups.

Seal of Moon Weapons
In order to obtain SoM weapon you will need to collect 8 talismans and exchange them at Hotan Guild Manager for a SoS to SoM upgrader scroll.
You have to use the scroll on your Seal Of Star + 7 weapon to transform it to Seal of Moon +0 weapon.

Talismans are obtained by Forgotten World (2 pieces), Holy Water Temple (2 pieces) and Tokens (4 pieces).
Seal of Moon gear and accessories are purchasable in Arius Shop for coins,
in addition, alternative way for getting SoM gear (not accessories) is using upgrader (SoS to SoM) which is droppable by the Arius unique.

Winter Event:
With winter event now you can enjoy collecting the snowflakes and win a lot of rewards,

1-5 Elixirs
Santa Avatar Set
7 days Devil spirit
5 Transports Pets
HP Increase 800 potion
MP Increase 800 potion
Restoration potion
Global chat item
25 Arius points gift scroll.

One of the strongest uniques added to our server to
add more fun to the game-play of course after it was edited to fit our 9D
server, Basically Roc drops (The Roc Set) which is equally to our moon set beside many other drops.

Arius is going to be our main unique of course is edited to fit our server cap, Arius will appear in all the map and it will spawn 3x elite mobs with valuable rewards.
Holy Water Temple:
Entrance is limited 2 per day for non-premium players, with premium you get extra 2 which is in total 4 entrances.
Every Unique can drop up to 10 White Tokens.

Alexandria area:
Mobs in this area will drop (Seal of star) 9D items
which are +2 better than normal 9D items. Here are the entrances for the job temple as well.
One more unique which is added to our server to increase the server activity
of course it is edited to fit our cap and it appears in jangan tomb B6.

Fortress war:
FW hammers and Axes added to have 25% more power than
SoS weapons +5 / 60% stats,
FW top killer will be announced.

Wanted System:One of the features that adds more fun to the job, so for every 10 kills u get granted a buff we applied a maximum on kills which is 50.
Title System:
Up to 200 different Titles able for purchasing via Arius Points or Tokens, you can select which one you want to wear via website.

Socket System:
You will be able to attach up to 3 Sockets on every SoM item(except Roc Gear).

Sox weapons gallery:http://i.epvpimg.com/SzdCc.jpg
Fellow Pets:

Launcher, Login and Website:
Character Signature:
Every Character has its own signature so you can show off your Char. To get the picture you need to be logged in on our website and open your character then at the bottom of the page you will see your signature.

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link

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