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BerlinSRO | Chinese Only | Cap 120 | Job Based Server | D12 | High Trade Rate | Custom Scrolls | New Skills | Magic Pop | New Area | New Uniques | D12 New Types | New Glows | Balanced Server | Daily Events | Custom Edits

the Berlin-Sro-[GM]-Team reworked our server system a little bit, here are some infos!

Since our start in January we got a lot issues with some players as-well our provider,
which was not quite compatible for our server system.
In order to solve this problems we changed the server and run on compatible system!
We used the time to prepare for some new things in Berlin SRO,
also we will remove some new things to become more close regions and players are getting connected again!

These days we will also increase the Spawn rates from every monsters which can take some time and several restarts.

Here a small spoil for our plans and what we´ve done so far!

 Remove Penalty:

D12 Sets & price

D12 in Magic Pop Machine
You can get Cards from Events and Shop

New Skills planed for July 2016

But let´s move over to our Server itself...
We started Berlin SRO in January 2016. One reason why you should visit us is that both friendly experienced support
as well funny and creative entertainment is our Main concern for the community!

For this reason we have long been successfully operating in this section,
and in recent years we have significantly expanded that the entertainment system,
which should be the basis of a long-time adventure to our players is...
Now please read very carefully!!!
...to be able to recognize the limits, so as not to get confused, overpowered or overburden by Events.
As plenty of our players /ex players already recognized is that...
to be an Event manager insists a lot of time and nerves and that´s why Berlin SRO rarely has events!

How to understand?
We spend great attention to maintaining a high-level corporate culture
which is based on some principles mainly!

Do not treat anyone the way as you would like to be treated...
......NO!. rather treat others as they wish to be treated themself and
Do what you say and say what you do...
...to save time and energy that you could invest more effectively for yourself!!!

Here are some facts

Server Information's
Information's             Amount 
Level Cap                     120
European race           disabled
Chinese Mastery           360
Lvl Experience ratio         35x
Skill experience ratio      35x
Item Drop ratio               5x
SoX Drop ratio                1x
Gold Drop ratio               30x
Degree                         1 - 20
Degree in use                1-12
Bonus Mastery           New skills
Forgotten World           Active
Magic Pop                    Active
Trade Rate    x200  from Alexandria to Samarkand
Skill Reset Scroll                        Active
Stat Reset Scroll                         Active
Advance Elixir Remove Scroll     Active
Reborn System                       Not Active
 Here are all Regions which are Enabled or Disabled (Only at present)
Enabled  Region
Location                Amount
Jangan                   Enabled
Donwhang            Enabled
Hotan                    Enabled
Constantinople     Enabled
Samarkand           Enabled
Berlin Town             Enabled

PvP Areas    Enabled

Taklarea    Enabled

Shipwracks    Enabled
Coloseum    Enabled

Taxi Area 1-30          Disabled
Taxi Area 30-50        Disabled
Taxi Area 50-75        Disabled
Taxi Area 75-100       Enabled

Harrison Mountain     Enabled
Support House            Enabled

Qin-Shi Master    Enabled

Millennium Turtle    Enabled

Swamp Wall    Enabled

Prison of Flame Cow    Enabled

Golden Temple    Enabled

Wrack Portal               Enabled
Berlin Token Road     Enabled
Event Areas                 Enabled

Unique Areas    Enabled

Millenium Turtle    Enabled

Swamp Wall    Enabled

Prison of Flame Cow    Enabled
Golden Temple    Enabled

Wrack Portal     Enabled
Berlin Token Road    Enabled
Event Areas    Enabled

Unique Areas    Enabled

Alexandria                   Enabled
Jangan Cave                Enabled
Donwhang Cave        Enabled
Jupiter                       Disabled
Jop Temple                 Enabled
Baghdad Garden       Disabled
Baghdad                    Disabled

One of the most asked questions on a new Pserver is the
Alchemy with Lucky Powder
Information's Level
Degree 11    101
Degree 12(1)    101

Degree 12(2)    80

Berlin Port    80
Token Road    101
Alexandria    95
QuinShiTomb    70
Donwhang Cave    50
Free SCoin Vote    100
Berlin Strong Uniques    110
PvP Area 1    110-114
PvP Area 1    115-120
And some more at    95++
Here are all Weapons and Sets in last Degree

Positive reinforcement for Events however they take place
also includes not to ask too much of the player during events,
to explain new and difficult tasks with patience and to test them for some time.
Thats why Server-Events, which are presented for a small audience by invitation only, are mostly held on weekends and usually do not interfere
with the private plans from most of our players.
All players are invited to attend the performances and all players will be notified prior to any event that may take place during your stay.

Unique Monster
Unique name LvL
Tiger Girl    20

Captain Ivy    30

Uruchi    40

Cerberus    24

Isyutaru    60

Lord Yarkan    80

Demon Shaitan    100

Roc     80

Physical Roc     120

Magical Roc     120

Sekhment    115

Aubis    115

Neith    115

Isis    115

Venefica    120

Dark Venefica    120

Babilion    120

Zielkiaxe    115

Grande Zielkiaxe    120

Kidemonas    120

Baal    120

Karkadann    120

Khulood    120

Geenie    120

and far more    20-120
Feel free to send us every suggestion,
if it is realizable and convinced that the Team will perform
with the players entitled for every events which means
irrespective of the abilities, power, set, weapon, riches, level, activity or
other facts of individual players, and that by doing so, all local players will be
promoted more effectively for a long-time-phase, if everyone is
regardless of the facts which are enumerated above!
You got the chance!!!

(Re)Join us!!

Berlin SRO Staff
Name   Position
Buhao    Administrator

Server Owner, Creater of BerlinSRO, Game Master,Facebook Management, Management, Support

 [GM]Witcher    Administrator

Server Owner, Game Master, Website Owner

[GM]Zaohua    Administrator

Server Owner, Creater of BerlinSRO, Game Master, Facebook Management

 [GM]Arta    Administrator

Game Master, Support, Event manager

[GM]Wangguo    Administrator

Game Master, Support, Event manager

[BerlinSRO]    Moderator

Youtube Chanel & Facebook Management

[EM]Jelly    Event manager

Main Event manager, Support In game

[EM]Kenshiro    Event manager

Event manager, Support In game

[EM]Fun    Eventmanager

Event manager, Support In game

Here could be your name    Event manager 5

Thank you for your attention!!!
Your Berlin-Sro Team!!

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Facebook Page: Link
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