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Silkroad Private Servers

ChillOut-Silkroad Online Cap 130 | D14 | Job Coin System | Auto Events | Free Silk/Hours | Mid Rates | Ctf | Battle Arena | Plus Limit | Ip Limit | Start Items | Forgotten World System | Legend Weapons | Auto Events | Special Shop | Job Ranking System | Balanced System | Custom Edits

Firstly, let us explain you something about our ChillOut-Community

Server Information
Basic specifications of Server
Information     Rates ect:
Exp/SP             x35
PT Exp/SP        x55
Degree            14
Cap                  130
Free Silk        h/3 silk
Mastery(CH/EU)     390/260
Alchemy            +1/+5 100%
Job rates                  x5
Vote for Silks       Soon
CTF                      Lv 130
Battle Arena       Lv 130
Event                 Auto On
Petra Town          On
Karkadann             5h
Petra Doungen     On
Mad Genee           5h
Petra Garden       On
Tai-Sui Str            7h
Tai-Sui Int             7h
Fortress war      Sunday
Fortress Time     19:30 - 21:00
Captcha                    No
+ Limit          +30 Without ADV
IP Limit                        3
Files                           VSRO
Botting allowed        Yes

Detailed specifications of Server

Starter Pack
Quantity          Item Name                   Additional Info
   1      The curse doll Summon reel          -
   5         Global Chatting                             -
5       20% DMG Absorb Scroll                    -
5       20% DMG Increase Scroll                  -
10        Buffalo                                              -
1    Angel Spirit (M)                                     -
1    Angel Spirit (W)                                     -
1    Guardian Angel wing Dress(M)            -
1    Guardian Angel wing Dress(W)            -
5    Pegasus                                                    -
1000    HP Potions (XX-Large)                    -
1000    MP Potions (XX-Large)                  -
50    Instant Return Scroll                        -
50    Reverse Scroll                                -
5    Drug of typoon       Moving Speed increase 150%
5    Resurrection scroll                        -
3    Beginner Scroll of EXP          100%

Item Stack
Item Name    Maximum stack
Intensifing Elixir(any kind)    1000
Lucky Powder    1000
Stones 14D    1000
Arrow    1000
NPC Potions    1000
Universal Pill(any kind)    1000
Purification Pill(any kind)    1000
Recovery kit(any kind)    1000
Abnormal state recovery potion(any kind)    50
HGP recovery potion    50
Global chatting    1000

Seal of Start , Moon and Sun Changed
Rare , Myth and Legend

Where Drop SoX
Monster - and Uniques Lv 121+

Monster - and Uniques Lv 121+

Uniques Lv 125+ , Job , Forgotten World Card

Forgotten World System
You have a chance to get a Immortal 14D Dropped by Unqiue Sereness
FGW World Collection Box's -> Full Hand of Box's/Card of FGW get you the Chance to Choose a 14D Legend Item

FGW 1*
25% Immortal 14D Drop
Easy Monster Rate

FGW 2*
50% Immortal 14D Drop
Middle Monster Rate

FGW 3*
75% Immortal 14D Drop
Hard Monster Rate

FGW 4*
100% Immortal 14D DRop
Very Hard Monster Rate

How to get D14 Legend
You get D14 Legend Weapons from the Forgotten World. You have to collect all 8 cards and do the quest in Samarkand

From Jobbing you get Chill Coins with those you can buy D14 Legend Set

You can get jewel boxes in the petra dungeon, with them you can buy D14 Legend Accessory

How to get Free Immortal 14D
Forgotten World : Unique Sereness -> 14D Immortal x1
Petra Garden: Tai-Sui STR -> 14D Immortal x2
Petra Garden: Tai-Sui INT -> 14D Immortal x2
Petra Dungeon: Mad Geenie -> 14D Immortal x1

Auto Event System
About Us
Admin/GM: Knusprig
German/English Support: Ezykiel
Egypt Support: DeezNutts
Egypt Support: AhmedES
Turk Support: Yasin

We've been working together now more then 1 Year.

This server will released at 24. July 2016.
ChillOut Trailer
Server Features
•Special Shop's: "Item's" available for ChillCoins | Silks | Gold
https://s22.postimg.io/8h5p8zj9t/SRO_2016_07_21_21_31_33_86.jpg•Alchemy => Custom => with Lucky Powder+1 ~ +5 => 100%
+6 => 90%
+7 => 80%
+8 => 70%
+9 => 60%
+10 => 50%
+11 and above => 15%
3 silk/hour
after 1 Week 4silk/h
after 1 Month 5silk/h
after half Year 6silk/h
25 Silk/h on a Random Player
Get Ready for Sunday!
ChillOut Renews itself!
There will be RESET on Sunday!
All the accounts, which opened at the First day after the RESET will be rewarded with 2000 Silks.
Donators' silks will back to them after the reset.
Upcoming Events and Systems:
NEW: Job System; In order to get Legends, players will need to gain Job Experiences. After the each trade, experiences will turn into coins and locate in players inventory
automatically after relog. By this way, botters will have no chance to get Legend parts, consequently, there will be more active players.
NEW: Job Ranking System: Every week we will choose the Kings of each Job (Trader-Hunter-Thief). Kings will be chosen according to their experiences. At the end of the each week, system will reset the Rank.
Trader King
Hunter King
Thief King
NEW: PVP Events: Each week we will set PVP Events manually. There will be 3 different Titles, which are; PVP King , PVP INT Champion , PVP STR Champion
NEW Uniques and Titles;
-ChillOut: This unique can be spawned at the any spawn point of any unique. All the maps will be included. The killer of this unique rewarded with 'ChillOut Ruler' Title, till the next kill. Besides that,
ChillOut will spawn every 10 Hours after the kill (Rewards: 14D Legends, 14D Immortals).
-Roc: This unique will spawn at Gate of Roc, and the killer of Roc will be rewarded with 'Roc Ruler' Title, till the next kill (Rewards: 14D Legends, 14D Immortals).•Advanced Elixir Till +5
•Item Stack Increase to 1000 Stones/Pots
•Silk System

Fortress             War Reward                             Sunday
Jangan       Disabled till Server Grow Up              %
Hotan                               200 Bil                      19:30 - 21:00
Bandit         100 Bil + 15 Behemoths              19:30 - 21:00

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link
YouTube: Link

6 التعليقات:

*** Update ver 1.332 ***
•Changed Togui Village and Flame Mountain Low Level Mobs to 130
•Removed Thief Suit Bugged in Thief Shop
•Add New Pick Pet 4 Pages
•Lucky scroll Tradeable
•Togui Village and Flame Mountain Enter Scroll Drop From Uniques in Event Arena
•Added DGR 10 & 11 Acc and Weapon And Set to Hotan Shop
•Added Pk Remove Scroll in Item Mall
•Added Change Name Scroll im Item Mall
•Added Reset FGW Time Scroll and its Drop From Roc

Best Regards

NOTE:The Scrolls PK remove, Change Name, FTW Time scroll will let you Disconnected. The Scroll are Tested and workin 100% fine

*-.:-*-:-*Update 1.331*-.:-*-:-*
•Fixed Guild Penalties
•Added D10 & D11 to Hotan NPC
•Increased FGW Talismans Drop
•Removed Donkey (To Increase Trade Co-operation and Party Trading)
•Fixed H&S "Out Post 1 & 2"
•Added iron Coins to unique At "Event Arena" (Join just with Job Suit)
•Changed Scrolls Currency From Chill Coins To Iron Coins
•Replaced +25 Glow With +28 (now +25 Has The Purple & Blue Glow )
*~*And Finally:
•Fixed Tugi & Flame Mountain..
-Tugi Quest Reward: Lucky Scroll, Immortals or Premium Vip
-Flame Mountain Reward: 14D Accessories legend
Quest Places: One at Hotan Hunter NPC and The other one Next to Hotan Trader NPC "(Added this Gates for it to Uniques in Event Arena)" done in the evening today

More information you can fine in Chillout-Community.net

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