ft Oil-Online l PVP Server Cap 120 | Balanced Server | Free +30 Items | D12 | Free Silk | Coin System | Job Coin System | Instant +30 Items | Free Job Coin/Hour | Special Items Npc | Custom Title Names Scroll | Mastery Scroll Npc | New Skills | CTF | Battle Arena | Champions system ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Oil-Online l PVP Server Cap 120 | Balanced Server | Free +30 Items | D12 | Free Silk | Coin System | Job Coin System | Instant +30 Items | Free Job Coin/Hour | Special Items Npc | Custom Title Names Scroll | Mastery Scroll Npc | New Skills | CTF | Battle Arena | Champions system

I was once a Sro gamer like you searching on web from one to another moving between them like eating food.
All the private servers became the same. All the private servers living in SRO-Scene, died. Caused by DDoS, SQL Injection & Leak. Sometimes, You couldn't have the patience to wait anymore. Each of us can't wait anymore. We've reached the highest level. !
I'm proud to present our lovely simply New Sro ERA.Oil-Online is really a big community. We are happy to present Oil-Online for every player and for everyone who have been tired of playing in useless private servers. Our community had all the resources for everything, We're multi-professional team members who have decided to open a new legend and a new history of SilkRoad. Our server is not like other servers 'Pay2Win', Our server is 'Play Win&Win', We're making an easy game-play. Simply PvP System, We're giving to everyone the chance to have the real good time at our server. We want everyone of you. We trust in our lovely players. We're giving all the players the chance to play and enjoy and have fun with their friends in-game! Arena & CTF& Job war System were been adjusted and were
. We will present you the best game-play to ensure that every player is totally happy while enjoying our server.

After 2 months of hard working we finally finished our project
We are glad to announce to you our server "Oil-Sro "

Grand Opening , Date : 16-11-2016 l Time : 5:00GMT+2 PM
Server Online Now

Our team:
► Real-Name: Unknown.
► Nick-Name: Unknown.
► Age: 31.
► In-Game Name:[GM]Oil
► Job: Server Admin/Boss/Seller.

► Real Name: Unknown.
► Nick-Name: Unknown.
► Age: 21.
► In-Game Name:[GM]T-BAG
► Job: Server Owner/Spokesman/Boss.

Server Abilities & Possibilities
High-Server Based/Root Server.
32GB Root Server iCore 7.
Start Map Connection, End Map Connection : 1 GB.
High-Server Based/DDoS Protection.
High-Server Based/NEW Security Client Protection.


Job Coins System
Gladiators & Fighters loved to jump up for a job adventure pursuit. Traders are everywhere and thieves , Anyway, you can buy many various sun parts dr12 and stuffs and rare & special items from many NPCs around the whole server. Wear the job suit, every kill gives you
5 job coins , We've said that Job coins are earned by killing which each kill gives 2 JC. We've made it ofcourse for our players very easy, We've made 2 dimensional teleport gates portals at jangan . Both for traders & hunters and thieves. You can easy join it when wearing the job suit.

How To Play like a boss in Oil-Online Lets
1- You 'll see INT Stats - STR Stats that help you to up
your stats easy as fast cuz there's alot of people don't like up hp - mp
2-you start level 120 0Stats
3-choose your build and stats int-str

As we said there's no Alchemy
PS : We may change this feature in-next update.
I will explain , Well you just have to teleport to get ur gears / weapon +30 .

In Oil-Online You 'll find Items in NPC Moon
Degree 12 Moon Sets/Accessory's NPC :
You can buy degree 12 Moon sets/accessory's for Gold from this NPC:

In Oil-Online You 'll find Items in NPC Sun
Degree 12 Sun Sets/Accessory's NPC :
You can buy degree 12 Sun sets/accessory's for Jc from this NPC:

►. Online System
Online System has been the awesome system released in the SRO-Scene. We'll ofcourse enable it again and give it a new life. The system is working very fine and was well-tested, it gives every online player who have stood up for more than 1 hour 10 Job coins as a reward. Each hour
Since there's free silks we've change it to job coins per/hour.

►You Can Buy Special Items For JC From This NPC :
►There are new avatars and a new suit and a new Special ITEM can be bought with JC and Silver coins in the new ITEM Mall.

►You Can Buy Mastery Scroll Items For 1Gold And Devil +30 From This NPC :
►There are new Mastery Scrolls Help You to up skill as fast and a Devil +30 Free can be bought with 1Gold in the new ITEM Mall Free

You Can Buy Wings And New Avatars

►We invented a fabulous new skills which will toggle the balance of the two races.

There's 2Way To get silver coin
First Way
►Hunting Uniques is a substantial part of silkroad's story-line since they're to get Silver coin hunt as many uniques as they can..
►Normal Uniques Drop Silver Coin - Jupiter Uniques Drop Silver Coin

Captain ivy Spawn
Cerberus Spawn

►Two Way To Get Silver
►From Arena Manager And Event So-Ok

Champions system
Their are only 3 champions in Oil-Online
The greatest thief gets (Thief#1) title
The greatest hunter gets (Hunter#1) title
The greatest trader gets (Trader#1) title
Those titles depend on your job kills

Advanced Features :
Job war system :
► We have edited the gift silks (coin) to new coin called JC that you need it to get important stuffs in the game.

There's New Devil High 45% That devil last in game And time low to be fair
Devil Style

In Sun Weapons you 'll find free Socket
Speed - Damage - Attack Rate

Job War Teleport There's 2 Teleport

In Item Mall you 'll find Premium 20% Free And Scroll HP - MP Points And Million Silk

We're Added Job Suit Full blue And Change Style

From Game First day 16-11-2016

Thanks Everyone Reading our thread , join and give a Try Your Way To Fun , Free2Play , Double Events 1day Per Week

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Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link
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