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Silkroad Private Servers

CounTeX-Road | Cap 110 | D11 | Max Plus | Vote4Silk | Start Items | Beginner Quest | Auto Equipment | Survival Arena | New Job System | Coin System | Low Rates | Long Term | Balanced System | Daily Events

♦ Our Aim.
Before everything, we hope to create a real community which gathers all the great players & guilds as we will try as much as we can to provide you with a stable server which definitely can't be done without your help in the BETA phase.
Grand Opening ( 15/05/2017 18:00 GMT )
We aspire to make Countex a real long term server and to keep it up for the longest time possible with a good player base.
One of our goals is also to provide you with a professionally made in-game content which will aim to make the server Play2win, not pay2win.

♦ Group Communication
Supporting the players is the highest priority on Countex. Therefore, we have implemented "Group Communication" feature which is mainly used for supporting the players. We will be supporting groups together because it's faster and easier to communicate with ONE player knows various problems than 500~1000 players.

♦ Closed Beta Phase.
Already before publishing this thread, we started recruiting some closed beta testers on our facebook page. We could improve the basics of Countex -road and we have also improved a lot of important things through their help and since we appreciate this, we are going to reward them. We really wish our open beta testers will be collaborative and help us make Countex more stable and even better. We really appreciate your help!

♦ Open Beta Phase.
Before starting the BETA phase, we wish everybody could know and realize how important this phase is and what is the point of making it? The main goal of making BETA phase is definitely to find bugs, not to provide you with fun, we really see a lot of people asking where are the fun & events during the BETA, seriously? There'll definitely be a lot of events and activities to do but not during the beta phase. During the beta period, you are requested to test every aspect of the server and everything written on this thread.
Examples for the things you can test: Scrolls, drops, and all the things written on this thread.
- OPEN BETA DATE ( 15/04/2017 )

♦ Countex Main Town | Jangan .
Jangan is the favorite town for all of us, isn't it? It's gonna be the main town in Countex. Most of the important teleports/npcs will be located in there.

♦ Max Plus | +12.
In Countex, the max plus is real! We changed the max plus properly so you can't try alchemy on a +12 item unlike what happens in other servers. Your item won't get to +13 and go back to +12 after teleportation nor the alchemy process will be filtered by a third party software.

♦ Available Fortress.
Hotan fortress are available . And open more when we get more players

♦ Max Stack.
We've increased stacks for each item in Countex game

♦ Vote For silk system.
We will add it Soon

♦ Root Server & Security.
Let's make everything clear because most of you like to know every small detail about the server including who's our dedicated's ISP, in which country our dedicated server is, is the server protected or not. Therefore we'd like to tell you that we already have a good dedicated which is qualified to make the server run smoothly without lags & issues and we are able through it to get any amount of players. The ISP(Internet service provider) we are dealing with is Hetzner and the dedicated server is located in Germany.
Regarding the protection we are using Hyperfilter's protection which has proven to be the best protection available in the market nowadays.

♦ Start Items
We've added for you some good start items and some gold and enough skill point that will help you in your grinding journey in Countex.

♦ Teleport To Quest Beginner
We've 2 new teleport with Quest Beginner to get Premium 10 %
Just Take Quest and Kill 5 mobs from Beginners Mobs and Take your reward

♦ Auto Equipment.
Auto equipment is definitely a must-have feature nowadays since it's important for everybody and it makes your level up process more comfortable and easier, we've definitely not forgotten adding an awesome feature like this one. In Countex, you will be able to get +6 Legend full blue items during the level up process until 9D. After 9D, you will have to get your equipment yourself from NPC items D10 in All towns,

Notice = For Characters Europe You must Level up your Mastery skills and teleport to take your items by Auto Equipment
But For Characters Chines you will take your items automatic when you teleport

♦ Countex Top 200 Players.
One of the things you will regret missing if you weren't able to be a part of it is our Top 200 system, we have made system mainly to reward those who will join us from the very beginning, it will also be like a competition between the players to know who is stronger and more active.

Top 200 rewards
We'll have 3 types of rewards for the first 200 who reach lv 110. As a special reward.

- The first 3 who will reach lv 110 will get a 300 silk , and 50 Global Chat.
- The first 100 players who reach lv 110 will get 200 silks
- The second 50 players who reach lv 110 will get 100 silks
- The third 50 players who reach lv 110 will get 50 silks.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself from now to be one of the first 200 who will reach lv 110!

♦ Survival Arena System.
Surely most of you know what Survival arena event is. But what you don't know is our Professional Survival Arena is completely different. Before we speak about what is new about it, We'll explain the idea of the event and how you'll be rewarded if you participate in it.

The Survival Arena event is one of the most enjoyable events in SRO especially in Countex. It aims to break the boredom. Everything is allowed in this event as far as you don't cheat. or wait, it doesn't matter because none can cheat anyway. You can use whatever scrolls you want to use there because you'll face a crowd of fighters. You'll be alone and you need to prove you're strongest.

Some Picture

♦ Job Temple.
One of the beloved features in Silkroad and nothing can replace it. We definitely enabled it since it has to exist in a server such as Countex which mostly depends on jobbing. There will also be a constant competition since you can be killed at any time and you will need to revenge. We have modified the mobs inside the job temple to fit a cap 105 server.
The existence of such a feature in Countex is important as you will have a big chance of obtaining Coin through it and yo u can also make quests which will give you Crystals. Detailed explanation about these quests will be explained later on this thread.
Job temple has also it's own uniques which will be dropping Gold and Silver Coin items with a high rate and much more important items, you will discover them yourself in game.

♦We have Two Job Temple.

1- Simple Job Temple Cave 105 in Alex South
All unique in this Temple Drop Gold Coins and Silver coins

2- New Job Temple in Alex South
Certainly we are always striving to revive the competition pictures between players and bring some kind of fun in
So we created New Job Temple
you can Teleport for it from Alex North

What the Useful from New Temple ?
1- Finish your Daily Quest to take Gold coins
2- Mobes drop Job Coins
3- Have Unique Karkdan Drop job coins too

Rules to Join This temple
You must be dressed job suit to can entrance to temple

-Some Picture For Explain

♦ Daily Job Quest in New Job temple.
Most of the servers nowadays unfortunately don't care about quests, they don't really realize how important they are. The daily quests refreshes the server even if you keep repeating it over and over. Players should also put some efforts to do these quests and get the reward as it wont mostly depend on botting. Some of them will depend on killing strong mobs and some of them will depend on killing opposite jobbers, more information on the quests are written below.

-Quest Stryia Clash ( Gold Coins Quest ).
1- Go to talk with Countex-Road Quest Manger in Alex North Beside Teleport to New jop temple

2- Now enter to New job temple with your job suit and Kills 512 Crazy Murder mobs

3- when you Finish Kills 512 Crazy Murder go back to Countex-Road Quest Manger to take your reward ( 50 Gold Coins )

♦ How you can get EGY A items ?.

1- All items EGY A Power and Destruction ( Weapon , Set , Acc ) Drop From mobs 101 to mobs 110 in Alex Town
so don't try make KS :)
2- From Holy water Temple
all unique in temple Holy water drop items Destruction EGY A
You can teleport to Holy water temple From Alex North directly

♦ How you can get EGY B items ?.
1-About Weapon Only From Forgotten World ( Collect your talisman Cards ) and get your favorite weapon

2- About All items EGY B ( Weapon , Set , Acc }
you Just Collect Coins and buy your items From NPC
Coins Use :
A- Job coins From New job temple
B- Arena & Copper Coins From unique Survival Arena And some Unique Outside Survival
C- Gold Coins from Unique job temple 105 ( Hunter & Theif )

♦ What About uniques in Countex-Road ?
Countex is Contains all new unique They were distributed in different places
Notice All these Uniques Drop Arena & Copper Coins
and respwan Every 2 hours

♦ Medusa Unique Lv.100
Respwand Place = in Cave Jangan < B4 >
Drop Items =
3-5 Magic Stone of immortal D11
3-5 Magic Stone of Astral D11
5-10 Global Chat

♦ Countex-Road NPC & Shop
we have 8 New Npc Let's See Some picture :

♦ Fellow Pets.
All of us like fellow pets, don't we? We've added some of them to item mall and there are more to be added soon.

♦ Hotan Fortress War
We always wanted to host a game-play with Classic features, not all of them, but the ones you guys would like to have. Our main fortress war is Hotan Fortress War, and whole taxes will be charged to it
Register Time Every Day in 24 Hours
FTW Time Every Friday At 8.00 PM ( GMT )

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link
YouTube: Link

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