ft Source-Road | Cap 110 | Free Silk/Hour | PC Limit | Auto Events | Balanced System | Auto Equipment | Weekly Updates | Max Plus | Oldschool Capes | Fixed Bugs | Fellow Pets | Start Items | Unique Ranking | Battle Arena | Capture The Flag | Custom Edits ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Source-Road | Cap 110 | Free Silk/Hour | PC Limit | Auto Events | Balanced System | Auto Equipment | Weekly Updates | Max Plus | Oldschool Capes | Fixed Bugs | Fellow Pets | Start Items | Unique Ranking | Battle Arena | Capture The Flag | Custom Edits

We are really excited to be able to finally announce the launch of our new project, Source-Road. It took a lot of time and effort, but we eventually managed to create a whole new experience for this great community – we could only achieve this with your help and are really grateful for your suggestions and wishes. We tried to re-create the game for you and optimized every option just as you all wished. We hope that you will experience just the game-play you wished for and are really enthusiastic about this launch and all of your feedback!

Our goal is clearly defined and really simple: We want to found a great community of active, friendly and eventually good and really strong players. We want to make the founding of such a community possible by
  • Supporting all of you as good as we can
  • Organizing and holding events on a regular basis
  • Providing a forum so you can exchange your opinions
  • Weekly updates (New items, patches…)
  • Max. degree 11
  • Auto-EQ NPCs (Other solutions led to latency problems in the past)
Taking all this to account, we believe that we can offer you one of the best (if not the best), community-based experiences.

To keep it simple, we’re are team of two developers. We worked really hard to realize this project and are proud to have finally made it. Even though we’re a bit older, we think that the work, time and money we invested in this project was worth it – we are really satisfied with our results and hope that you will be too, of course.
Proomat    [Developer, Advertiser]
Series     [Developer]


We're giving you these items to make things easier early on!
  • 1x 100% Exp. Helper
  • 1x 60% Exp. Helper
  • 1000x HP Potion
  • 1000x MP Potion
  • 50x Instant Return Scrolls
  • 10x 100% Movement Speed Scrolls
  • 1x Grab Pet 3days
  • 1x Grey Wolf Fellow Pet
  • 200,000 Skill point
  • 1,000,000 Gold

We're adding auto equipment system to make sure you won't have much troubles early on in the server and you can start grinding for your gear without tough suffering,also to help you leveling up faster.
Your items will change automatically when you reach the level for the next degree,it'll be Sun +5 7 INT 7 STR
It works from degree 1 up to degree 9

We have decided to make the maximum plus 15! ,and we have adjusted our rates a little bit to fit into a private server(long term) the rates aren't too high and aren't too low you can call them "average".

We finally started our unique ranking with silk as reward.
You can get this silks weekly.
  1. 200 Silk
  2. 100 Silk
  3. 50 Silk

You cannot receive silk/h before Lvl 110.
You cannot use tracing while in Job Mode.
You cannot drop goods in town.
You cannot spawn pets in fortress war.
You cannot join Battle Arena before Lvl 100.
You cannot join Capture the flag before Lvl 100.
You cannot do that Exchange Bug.
Global delay is 30 seconds.
We added the automatic events system to make sure that the game is Play2Win and to make it up for people that who don't bot 24/7 and these are our current working events and more will be added:
  • Unique event
  • Last party number
  • Trivia (question and answer)
  • Kill the GM Event
  • Complete words
  • Arrange words
  • Alchemy event
  • PvP event
  • Silk Lottery
  • Gold Lottery
  • Hide & Seek
  • Search & Destroy
Note: All events are giving Silks to the winners!
We have made many features to provide them with as many services as possible and to make it easier to get stats/control their accounts.
  • Working ranking system (Player, Guild, Thief, Hunter, Trader, Unique)
  • Easy support ticket system with fast response
  • Server time with all upcoming events
  • Core server information's
  • News
  • Donate panel
  • Character unstuck and unique list coming soon!

Support us by putting our signature and we'll give u 50 silk at the grand open as a thank for your support,just hit us a message on Facebook in the grand open.

We'll be hosting a share event on our Facebook Page make sure you participate in this event cause the prizes for it can't be missed,hit us a follow to not miss it.
Special thanks to DJITeX for this amazing thread.
Thanks to KoKsPfLaNzE for the website.

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