ft Clash Sro|PvP Server D14|FreeSilk|125 Cap|125 Skills|Baghdad|Instant Lvl 125 ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Clash Sro|PvP Server D14|FreeSilk|125 Cap|125 Skills|Baghdad|Instant Lvl 125

ClashSro PvP Server

Server Features :-
- Start with level 125 with unlimted sp
- arabian town baghdad and the new mobs & uniques full work
- skills lvl 125 full work (chineese & europe)
- Rebalanced some builds in chineese
- All D14 in downhang moon + 5 to start with it
- Free Silks for all chars 9999999
- Active GMs , and we want some helpers GA's & GM's
- FTP Download links without limit & resumable
- New fellows and abilities pets
- Surprise for first 150 character created
- New animations ( Euroupe & chineese) for old skills (amazing)
- Fixed Purification Pill Bug 
And More ... ^_^

2-Explain some points :-
- Rebalanced means : that we config some skills inside the chineese to make it against to europes , like the Heskual : last flying dragon now gives knockback probablity : 70%
u will explore and discover everything

- We want some helpers GA's & GM's but after 1 ~ 2 weeks

- Fixed Purification Pill Bug : means now u will use 1 of it and will remove one of the debuffs , Mbot will not make it anymore

- About the silk : all players got 999999 silks after 1 month from the release server time (Now ) all silk items only will remove , silk items only !!! , ur char will not deleted or anything and ur items will be in safe

3- Some Pics 

4- Links
Website Link : http://clashsro.com
Register Link : ClashSro | Register
Download Links: ClashSro | Download
FTP Link : click here
Facebook Page : Clash Sro | Facebook

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Hmm... the server is good,and pretty,but i can't register. please check the host!

website working without any problem , check again

i can't register... please do something!! :o3

Website running without problems

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