ft Eternal Silkroad - Cap 60 - OldSchool Server - Low Rates ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Eternal Silkroad - Cap 60 - OldSchool Server - Low Rates

Download - https://www.wetransfer.com/dl/KQq2ba...ae1f1956166d40
Register - http://eternalsro.servegame.com/
Forum - http://eternalsro.servegame.com/upload/
Donation's: http://eternalsro.servegame.com/donate.php (in case you wanna support us)
Bot:Light botting allowed.

Server info:
• Level Cap: 60
• Skill Cap: 60
• Mastery Level:220
• Alchemy rate x1

Server Features
Fortress war: only Jangan (for now)
CTF: Enabled
Job trade's: Custome.

Exp rate: x10
Sp rate: x10
Gold drop rate: x10
Alchemy rate: x1
Sox drop rate:1-5deg high - 6-7deg x1
Quest rates: x10

Custome Feature's
Kamisuro - droping nice items(you have to find out by your self :P)
Uniques - droping nice event item's (old school one's)
Multiclient:Allowed (2 chars max)
Old glow sytem
Magic pop: Disabled
Devil Spirit Removed
Avatars removed
7Deg removed from NPC's

Starting Item's
3 day monkey
100% moving speed scroll
20 instant return scrolls

Opening Date: 3.11.2012


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