ft Berserk SRO | Cap 110 | D11 | Euro/Chinese | Free Silk/Hour | New Systems | Coin System | Survival Area | Daily Events | Ctf | New Uniques ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Berserk SRO | Cap 110 | D11 | Euro/Chinese | Free Silk/Hour | New Systems | Coin System | Survival Area | Daily Events | Ctf | New Uniques

On behalf of my Team I see the task of presenting this new Server ..
SRO Berserk offer them incredible gaming experience to Enjoy, we invite you to visit our website and see our Fine Features!

About Us?
We are a professional team, with a high knowledge sro servers, we intend to grow as a community and Expanding our horizons to provide the best service possible ..


-(New) Berserk SRO
Full Performance and High Quality server !!
Server Information

Level Cap 110
Skill Cap 110
Race: Chinos/Europeos
Experience 10x
Skill Exp 10x
Party Exp 15x
Item Drop 2x
SOX Drop 1x
Gold Drop 3x
Alchemy 1x
Server Dedicated Capacity 1500 User
DDos Protection
Server Features

- Honor rank disabled
- All regions working
- Fortress war enabled (Hotan and Jangan only).
- Fortress War Time: 17:00 GMT-4:30
- Working Guild/Union Icons.
- CTF enabled
- Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount.

- Disabled Magic Pop.
- Removed Job penalty.
- Removed Guild penalty.
- Weekly updates.
- Daily Events.
- Survival Arena (see image the end)
- Grab pets with 5 inventory pages.
- Sos +5/+7 Items in npc until 9 degree.
- Global chatting, pandora boxes every 10 levels.
- Free bC Trader, which selling item mall items for Free bC.(see image the end)
- 3 New Uniques. - Drop Avatar and Angel Spirit(see image the end)
- sytems of Coins items End Game(see image the end)
- New Unique and Exclusive Events Server(see image the end)
- Avatars in NPC for Gold
- Pets in NPC for Gold
- Free Silk x Hora
- Many Surprises Among other we have for you

Initial Items

3 Inventory Pages
100.000 Gold
50.000 SP
1x Premium Gold Time 3 Days
20x Reverse
20x Instant return
20x Speed Scroll
1x pet 3 Dais
1x Devil Spirit 7 Dais
start item Set +12
Events Berserk SRO

These are some of the events we will be making to keep
and provide a good stay were in our community ..
Each Event will be in different weeks!

Drop Avatar in Unique
*increase the exp
*increase the Drop
*increase the Drop EGYPT
*increase the drop Coin
*PVP Build
Among others who are thinking ..
*for now the Jewel Box event is disabled and will soon activate good prizes!

Images features
3 New Uniques
Samarkand: Babilion
Drops: New Arabian dress,Hat,Attachment M/F, Angel Spirit

Jangan: Yuno
Drops: Red Admiral Dress,Hat,Attachment M/F, Angel Spirit

Constantinople: Fire Cerberus
Drops: Red Saint Knight Dress,Hat,Attachment M/F, Angel Spirit

Survival Area
Coin System

General Information:

Homepage: Portal - Berserk SRO
Download: Download - Berserk SRO
Registration: Registration - Berserk SRO
FaceBook page: Berserk SRO

Berserk Gamers Staff

  • [GM]Hzxz
  • [GM]Berserk
  • [GM]Battozxz

-Host: The server is hosted on a dedicated server with high security and performance that provide free Free Good Quality lag that supports 1500 users also.

Do not wait, come and become part of our great community...!

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