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Pioneer Gaming Network | Cap 100 | New Job Based System | Free Silk | Protected | Special Stones | New Ride Pets | Custom Edits | Daily Events | New Job Quests | Special Titles | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Vote4Silk

Opening: Saturday, 05.10.2013 18:00 GMT+1

About Us
Hello we would like to present our project 'Pioneer'
We are a professional team from all over the world,we are 24/7 online
offering you fair game play with a lot of cool features and fun.
All of our team are trusted people and offering help.

This server has a unique system made by our developers with a new and different job system ,
special alchemy elixirs and lucky powders and many other unique features which make the game
play interesting and funny.


» Level Cap : 100
» Skills Cap : 100
» Solo EXP/SP Rates : 40x
» Party EXP/SP Rates : 60x
» Drop Rate : 10x
» Gold Rate : 10x
» Alchemy Rates : 1x | with Special Items 2x
» Job Rates : 70x
» Monster Re-spawn : 5x
» Degree 10
» IP Limit : 5
» Race: Chinese & European
» Job-Based
» Job Cave with special features
» Free Silk
» Vote for Silk
» Unique Ranking
» Auto Potion Working
» Fortress war: Hotan at the beginning - later Jangan and Bandit
» Arena Working

» Start Items

- 2 Inventory Pages
- 50 Reverse Return Scrolls
- 20 Special Return Scrolls
- HP / MP Pots
- 3 Days Grap pet
- 5.000.000 Gold
- 100.000 Skill Points
- +7 Equip Items

» Server Info 
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20 GHz 3.80 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 32.0 GB
System Type: 64-bit Operating System
DDOS - Protected


» Hotan and Jangan Teleport

» Special Titles
For nearly every Unique there is a Quest to gain a Title at the NPC "Quest Manager So-Ok"
  Also there is one quest where you need to Hunt 50 Uniques to get the title "Legend"

More Titles:
» If your Joblevel reached to Lv 7, you will recieve "Elite Hunter/Trader/Thief"
» Also you can win the Title "Champion" in winning the monthly PvP Event
» STR And INT Areas
  The whole maps around alexandria are used. The monsters are all lv 100 and there is a seperated STR and INT Area.
» New Job Based System
  There is a Jobtemple where NPC Thieves and Hunters are spawning.

It´s only in job mode possible to join it and you can take there Quests to recieve Silks and Gold.
To accept the Quests you need to speek to the NPC which is just at the place where you join the temple.

>The 1st Quest is to kill Thieves/Hunters (in the Temple and on trades)

>The 2nd is to kill player Thieves/Hunters/Traders into the Temple

The Uniques in the Jobtemple drop Silver and Goldcoins, with tem you can buy Seal of Sun items from an NPC in Alexandria,
but it´s hard to get those Coins and you can only get Equip items there, no weapons and no Accessories.

» Free Silks and Special Items

To avoid overpowered donators, there are Free Silks which you can get from:

» the Job temple Quests;
» hunting Uniques;
» winning Events.

With those Silk you can buy some nice items from the Silk Trader, located in Hotan and Jangan.

Those Items are:
» Grappets, Pet Clocks, Globals, Premium;
» Avatar Dresses
» Special Elixirs or Magic Lucky Powders which have a higher success chance than normal ones;

» Special Magic Stones which increase the Blockrate, Critical, Fear resist, etc...
» Unique Spawns and Drops
» All standard Uniques (TG, Cerb, Uru, Ivy, Isy, Lord and Demon)
» Jupiter and STR Jupiter spawn at the Holy Water temple, they drop Silver and Gold Coins (not many)

» STR Cyclops spawns at Mahamura Beach

» Roc (every Sunday 15:00 GMT+1) with decreased damage and very nice drops, for example Avatars, Silks, Immortals, Astrals, Dmg Scrolls and Roc Set parts
» Haroeris and Seth spawn in the Jobtemple and drop Gold Coins, Immos, Astrals, Globals
» Anubis and Isis spawn in the Jobtemple and drop Silver Coins, Immos, Astrals, Globals
» Medusa (every day 14:00 GMT+1) drops SOM Items, Globals, Immos, Astrals
--> every Unique drops Silks
--> the STR Uniques are created to give STR builds also a chance to kill Uniques »

New Ridepets

» Devil's and Angel's Spirits » All Devil's and Angel's Spirits are added in the Item Mall

» Special Stones for the Spirits are in the Item Mall

» Item Stacks
» Stock of Pots = 250
» Stock of Arrows = 2500
» Stock of Elixirs = 25
» Stock of Stones and Tabs = 100
» Stock of Free Silk = 10000

» No Academy System

» No Magic Pop

» New Glows from +11 - +15

» Fortress War every Saturday at 16:00 GMT+1

» No Guild or Job Penalty


» Unique Events

» Hide and Seek Events

» PvP Events

» Christmas and Easter Events

1. The IP Limit is 5. To connect with more clients, with proxy or any other way is forbidden.

2. It's forbidden to use Bugs. If you see some, you are supposed to report them to us and not use it.

3. It's forbidden to make advertisement for extern products.

4. Racism is forbidden.

5. Don't insult or scam others, respect each other.

6. Using Farm chars in Arena is forbidden.

7. Job Farming by killing the own char is forbidden!

8. The Team should be treated with respect! rules must be followed!

9. Begging for Items or Events is not allowed


Website : Pioneer Gaming-Network
Register : Pioneer Gaming-Network
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pioneergamingnetwork


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