ft Lethal Online | Cap 110 | Balanced System | Mid Rates | Alchemy Notice | Legendary System | Union Limit | Free Silk System | Coin System | Unique System | Wedding System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Lethal Online | Cap 110 | Balanced System | Mid Rates | Alchemy Notice | Legendary System | Union Limit | Free Silk System | Coin System | Unique System | Wedding System

A few words about our team and Lethal
Lethal Silkroad Online is made up of experienced people, That who can really understand the
way of silkroad from beginning to till now, Well we also have made which most p-server can't do them...we done it
also it works and awesome, First we thought of balanced cap and which most of the system works but
we not changed the game-play or the game system of silkroad, We are working since 4months on this
project now we have done the most special system which people were awaiting and how they like silkroad has to be,

When we working at Lethal Project we first decided to ask people which is best and which is good. Because we know
that Silkroad is controlled by players, We bringing back the old times and the best way of silkroad gaming, Which
the main silkroad server lost to do them. Our main aim is to give a best server for people who really love
Lethal Online.

Happy to see 230+ online at the 1st week

Server Details : 
Rates Values 
Party Expx120
Item Dropx20
Alchemyx1(Better then ISRO)
Mob Spawnx2
Special Features :
* Auto Equipment.
* Job System.
* Alchemy Notice.
* Wanted system.
* Wedding system.(under progress)
* Legendary system.
* Special magic pop system.
* Special beginner system.
* Special end game system.
* Special Lethal Shop.
* Special Lethal Dead items Shop.
* Special Premium system.
* Custom job system.
* Custom honor system.
* Unique grant system.
* Unique title system.
* Custom title system.
* Union limit 4.
* Ip limit 3.
* Custom balanced stack.
* Custom skill balanced.
* Protected by hyper filter (HPP)
* Custom Trade Roots.
* Stones drop removed.
Much more. Special system we have done well when u test it you will be knowing...
Item changes :
* Reverse return scrolls: 60 seconds cool down ~Donators would have been too overpowered during jobbing.
* Resurrection scrolls: disabled ~Donators would have been too overpowered during jobbing.
* Stones&elements: disabled ~Simply annoying and useless.
* Tablets : disabled till 10D ~Simply annoying and useless.
Start items :

* 20 Instant return scroll.
* 20 Reverse return scroll.
* 10 Speed scroll (100%).
* 5 20% damage absorption scroll.
* 5 20% damage increase scroll.
* 1000 HP recovery potion.
* 1000 MP recovery potion.
* 7days Devil's spirit.
* 7days Premium.
* 3days Grab pet.(7 slots inventory).
* 1m SP.
* 800k gold.
Stacks : 

* Drug of Typhoon =50
* HP pots = 1000
* MP pots = 1000
* Special Universal pill (medium)= 1000
* Magic Stone of Luck = 100
* Magic stone of Steady = 100
* Vigor grain = 1000
* Magic tablet = 100
* Attr tablet = 100
* Elixirs = 50
* Arrow = 10000 
Special Lethal shop : 

Legendary Lethal dead items shop :

Auto Equipment System
Once you getting leveled your items will be automatically stack to your equipment : 1D ~ 8D ( Sun+5 ) & 9D ( +5 Normal )

Alchemy Notice system
* When you plus your items from +9 ~ +12 your name and item name will be notified by our system which all the active players could see them..

Special Beginner System

Job Systems
Old job system is the best think in silkroad online we don't liked to change them its the only system which makes the players active all time..
Reason : trading helps you get more gold!!!
* Job level increased up to level 40
Job level will be resetted monthly so that new players have the chance to reach the top.
Note: Level 8 to 40 is based on job kills. ~Increasing the amount of job wars and basic activity
* Anti cheat system for traders,hunters and thief's
The anti cheat system has been modified strangely that you could never cheat against the system..
* Job-honor buffs based on job kills.(Still in progress)
You could level up your honor buffs by job kills
* Automatic title granting for best traders and hunters in game.
The best trader & hunter will be named as Wanted and in suit #1 
* [WANTED] System! ~Yes we did it and made it better!
 The best thief's in game will be named as the below

* Job grant system.
While trading or jobbing if u kill a player you will get 1 job coins ~ works with anti cheat system.
* Custom trade roots.
Jangan,Dw and Hotan will be the only available trade roots opened ~ This will make the trade system much alive and make fun in game..
Unique System
Well the unique system works for all like even a STR could have them not only the wiz
*STR & INT Unique has been added.
* Unique title system.If u kill a unique u get the titles as bellowed
  • * Tiger Girl Slayer
  • * Uruchi Slayer
  • * Isyutaru Slayer
  • * Lord Yarkan Slayer
  • * Demon Shaitan Slayer
  • * Roc Slayer
  • * Medusa Slayer
  • * Morgoth Slayer
Much more.
* Unique item grant system.
Unique drops many silk items and also the legendary craft items
Silk system
You could get silks using many methods with our features...
* Unique grant system.
If u kill a Unique you will get 1 silk automatically loaded to your account.
* Job coins system
From this job coins you could get special magic card which only could by from job coins ~ Donater could not even by them from item mall
* Arena Coins System
Many types of silk items will be added in npc you could get them by arena coins
* Special Magic Card System
From this card you could get all types of silk items only few removed because to make the game clean : like global chat and some more. As well from this you could also get the new week avatars released.
* Special premium system
with this premium you getting
5 Reverse Scrolls
2 100% Res scroll
5 Zerk regeneration
Legendary System
To get final Lethal Legendary B Items you have to craft them. with our system...This system makes you to be active all the time.
* Token of Treasure : 20 Units ( Non Tradble ) - Dropped by Teasure box @ FGW
* Token of Serenes : 1 Unit ( Tradble ) - Dropped by Serenes @ FGW
* Token of Uniques : 100 Units ( Tradble ) - Dropped by All Uniques @ World Map.
* Token of Temple : 20 Units ( Non tradble ) - Dropped by only Temple Uniques.
* 100 Job coins : which u can get by jobbing.

Wedding System
Well this is a special system its still in under progress but when we finished it we will let you people know about it.
Img will be added when its done..
Up Coming Updates
* Lottery System.
* Hidden trader roots.
* Wedding system.
* Trader,hunter and thief's reward system ( After you finish trade you gets AC)
Server Rules
* In Order to maintain the game peaceful we have made anti GM system which are in three stages [GA],[GM],[AS]
- [GA] : Only the game admins have all authorities.
- [GM] : Well we don't have much GM's in game, also we don't need them couz we have many types of system which makes people to not get board, Ofc there will be event but [GM] will not have the power of( /makeitem, /zoe )
- [AS] : This guys are the language supporters and who helps to their countries players in game, [AS] will not have powers of (/makeitem, /zoe, /loadmonster )

* Server rules for players :
- Scamming is not allowed ( Banned ).
- Selling in game items,gold,chars for any kind of currency is not allowed ( Banned ).
- Abusing in game will get ( Banned ).
- Advertising other servers/websites is not allowed ( Banned )
- Reporting players are accepted but you should have the proofs like screen or videos..

* Website : Lethal Online!
* Register :Lethal Online!
* Downloads : Lethal Online!
* Forum : Up to come!
* Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/LethalOnline

Thanks to this dedicated peoples
* Nirav Mehta : Who helped us with most things
* King Dollar : Trusted guy. Really love his way of works ( Helped with many special system )
* Dragonz : A long life friend since 5years with sro ( Helped with pk2 and dev )
* Axmed : great guy and trusted, He is silly and awesome with his works and ideas ( Helped with Special system )
* Chernobyl : lazy guy but trusted and a lovable friend ( Helped with php,anti exploits, Server protections )
* Phoenix : The guy who works really hard in his life for success ( Helped with design and website design )
* CWS - Creative Web Solutions Team : Full website coding(except PSD). Best and cheapest on the market.

Hope you like our server and give a try...!!!

Server is under going inspection!!

Server will going in emergency inspection for 6 ~ 12 hours max (max mean max)..
Updates and fix's will be listed below..

* Adding more new Uniques from 100-110 ( which drops Token of Uniques ).
* Adding trader advance system ( after u finish trade you will get 5arena coins ).

* Fixing 12D ~ 13D items which dropping from mobs ( which is causing bug like inventory,pets and storage ).
* Fixing FGW ( Dropping of Token of treasure ).
* Fixing Alchemy which is bugged will be balanced.
* Fixing revers scroll cool down with a balanced time.
* Fixing anti cheat system ( which will be working fine ).
* Fixing silk/hr.
* Fixing drop of tokens ( will be working properly ).
* Improve legenedary system.
* Fixing crashing ( Now more crashes ).
* Improving shops to get ride of Auto equipment (Adding the sos in npc ).
* Improving item mall.
* Fixing the temple unique which drops the token.
* All the bugged character will be fixed and will working fine.

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