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Overdose Online | Cap 100 | Achievement System | New Dungeons | Balanced Game | Advanced Website Features | Ban Your Account | Login History | Vote4Silk | Secured System | Job System | Achievement System | Custom Events

Hello,We are glad now to announce Over Dose Online,After a year of hard work our combined team efforts aren't wasted,And here we are presenting our game!

I guess most of you knows us,TmN-TerminationNetwork was a great gaming network made of our creation back then when we had 2 gameservers 130 & 80's cap,All of TmN Players enjoyed it until we had server establishing issue we had to shutdown TmN project,At that exact moment we decided to start our new project OVD-Overdose SRO,We've bought 2x 32gb ecc ram Xeon power e3 1240v2 servers,And we started from that exact zero point to work daily on our new project!

Overdose Online Team
Nickname Role 
ProxyCEO,Server Dev,Designer

Opening Date : 16 Dec 2013
Time: 18:00 (GMT+1)

Follow us on Facebook!!
For the latest news and updates,Also to participate in Facebook weekly events especially for the first event "Opening Celebration Event"

Rates and other basic info

Info Value 
Race Eu/ChnBoth

Server files: vsro v.1.88
Server name: Over Dose
Server machines(root): 2x xeon e3 1240v2, 32gb ecc 1333mhz, 1TB with 128MB Cache
Protection:Hardware Firewall + Proxy,better than hyperfilter and others ofc
•Fortress : JG First couple of weeks
•Botting: Allowed,No goldbots ,Dropped Items sell rate decreased
•Regions Enabled: JG,DW,HT,SMR,CNST,Caves,Custom Dungeons (SOON),Same teleports & custom areas!
Spawn rate: Increased a bit in some spots
•Forgotten world:Enabled

Home Page Simple to use
Team Members
Ticket System Includes BBCODE
Player Stats full search tool
User Panel Set titles and other control
Character Search You can check his set +comment+ other stuff
Account panel 2 Logins for Web and other for game for security
Players statics There is more features u can see on our website ^^
Other Website Features

•Forums based on BBcode+ CHAT
•Facebook Register/Login
•Web Daily/Weekly Quest Will be explained later
•Your account is bound for 1 country,Cant use acc in different countries unless u add the country with a confirmation email! for ur security
•Auction House Unique Feature (Will be added next week,Its already coded)
•Web Inventory move to storage (Security issue)
•Unstuck char
•Secured system
•More features and functions most of them already coded will be uploaded every week

Job coins system Will be explained later
Achievement system quest As u an see its in FGW window also
http://imageshack.com/a/img706/7817/g9a2.jpg Achievement system and quests
 will be explained later
Reverse scroll Level Restriction and Cool down time
Custom teleports New areas u can see ingame ^^
Achievement NPC
Event area For low levels..etc
Alchemy -No X2 Lucky powder or other luck items
Skills edit edited some skills will be mentioned later
Item mall Each 2 weeks avatars changes

Other Game features:
•Sun items disabled
•Achievement quest click 'H' ingame for guide n info
•Resurrection scrolls: cooldown
•Stack-able items : Pills,Stones(0% bug fixd),Elixirs..etc
•Damage scrolls:10%
•Advanced elixir disabled
•Globals level restriction
•Purification pills: mbot exploit fixed
•Vigors removed from npc only drop-able
•Devil spirits disabled
•Uniques drops itemmall items
•HP,MP,Uni Pills added level restriction,prevent low lvls using X-Large pots
•Old PVP Capes enabled
•Reverse Scroll added a cooldown and lvl restriction at unique areas
•Winter Event Enabled,items (Santa sets with the option for blues,Rudolph is now faster with more HP so its useful
•Christmas Decoration
•Item selling rate to npc lowered
•Complete Cap 100 based Server for example oldschool cap 100 map, removed Level 100+ Guides and Quest description, D10 Stall network
•CTF,Arena enabled
•FGW enabled Will be explained later,Achievement quests to get talismans also
•New skills STR/INT Buffer skills ,Achievement system
•Force: Debuff chance decreased from 80% -> 70%
Bicheon: Bicheon Attack increased 1 Level
Lightning: Final grass walk speed increased to 98%
•More features..login to the game and u will see ^^ many i didn't mention

Some events,Will add others later and to explain more later

•Video Promotion will be explained on OVD forums!
•Several Daily/Weekly Events In website+ Ingame
•World Achievements Quests EVENT,First Lv 100 etc,First TG Kill, you can find the list in web news
•Christmas special event will be revealed later
•Facebook Daily/Weekly events ^^

alright Im done for nw,Follow us on facebook for more news and updates ,And to participate in starting event! Facebook Page!
this thread will be updated with a Getting started on OVD guide,also the last few days updates , Todolist ..etc thanks for reading.
Btw the dungeons are being tested will be added second week

Service Link 
OVD WebsiteOVD-Online
Facebook PageOverDose FB
RegistrationRegister HERE

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