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Rise Of Empire | Cap 110 | Free Silk/Hour | High Rates | Long Term | Hero Mode | Coin System | Beginner Quest | New Alchemy System | Survival Area | Job War System | Premium Npc | Stones Npc | Upgrade System | Auto Title System

Hello ,
I would like to introduce our new private server Underworld..

•Welcome Everybody To Our Project Rise Of Empire Online. After Hard Working In Our Database
Finally We Have Done Developing Our Database Our We Did A Fair System To Give The Players More Fun.
•First thing you will find is a Welcome Message from the Team.
•Next Thing you must take the beginner quest. from the taxav beginner quest manager.
•Wanted Mode
•Another Awesome Feature we have done is a Wanted Mode that will allow you to
•receive some certain buffs for killing enemy players from an opponent
•job union. The starts you will get are % physical and magical damage,% Parry
•Attack rate and % lucky increase. Also you will get str & int based on the wanted mode level.
•There are 5 kind of buffs:
•10 Kills in row = 1%
•20 Kills in row = 2%
•30 Kills in row = 3%
•40 Kills in row = 4%
•50 Kills in row = 5%
•Cheating ?
•You wont get any kills count from the same person more than 3 times.
•You can only earn points by killing players at Donwhang east
•You have to kill players 109+ in order to get points
•If you die while jobbing your hero mode skill will be taken away from you.
•Hero Mode
•Another Awesome Feature we have do a Hero Mode That You will allow to get the hero package for a day.
•The pictures will explain the system we have do.
•Silk Per Hour
•We do a feature to help the players, we added 4 Silk Per Hours you can get it
•automatically, Cheating? you cannot get the Silk before get lvl 110.

Basic Information:
Level cap 110  Chinese and European
Gear cap110
Skill cap110
Monster cap110
Slots 1000
EXP 75x
Party EXP100x
SPstart with 10m sp
Drop item rate 25x
Gold rate 50x
[silk per hour4 silks/hour (weekends 6silk/hour)
Opening date13/10/2014 - 8:00 PM GMT+2
Fortress War:
Hotan   Availability  Enabled

General Information's :
Start items
1x Santa avatar

Start area

Beginner Quest 
Some pictures will explain alot:

After finish your quest and deliver it you'll get :
1x grap pet
1x premium
20x moving speed scrolls
5x resurrection scrolls
10x reverse
50x repair hammer

New alchemy system:
Added 2 kinds of new elixirs (holly bible) and (Crystals) every kind of the elixirs have it's special ++ rate so you will need to use all the 3 kinds. we also had edited the (lucky powder) rates so the normal lucky powder have 10% prob and the magic lucky powder have 20% prob
now all what you need to know is the alchemy rates of each elixir that you have to do yourself

JoB System Is Disable Gain Gold From Mobs
Fortress war tax improve:
We have added the Fortress TAXs to all the special traders and thiefs NPCs so now when your guild occupy the fortress you will gain over 100 Billion
Edited mobs level:
(decreased defense and lvl to 110) and added some special drops to them which you can discover yourself

Edited uniques level: 
1- All the Arabian uniques2- [GM] Uniques
3- Roc and Bone Roc (With amazing drops)
4- All [SD] Uniques edited
5- Pharaoh tomb uniques edited and added teleport to Alex north
6- Added JobTemple teleport into jangan and it's uniques have lottery JC scrolls drop
7- Added new quests system for killing low lvl uniques like (Isy) for silks and titles

New areas:
1- Survival area
2- Uniques Arena (B1 - B2)

3- Uniques arena (B3)
4- Job arena:
Baghdad and Jupiter:

Advanced Features :
Job war system :
We have edited the gift silks (coin) to new coin called JC that you need to get important stuffs in the game like (Egy A) sets and weapons and some more things
To get this JC their are 3 different ways
1- Kill enemies in the job area

2- Kill the job temple Uniques (drops lottery JC scrolls)
3- Finish the job temple quests (kill players or kill mobs or gather items from mobs) and get x1 scroll for each kill mobs quest and x2 scrolls for each gather item from mobs x3 scrolls for each kill players quest

Champions system:
Their are only 5 champions in Under World
The greatest thief gets (Thief#1) title
The greatest hunter gets (Hunter#1) title
The greatest trader gets (Trader#1) title
Those titles depend on your job kills

Message System:
This system will give you free title
a small guide how to use that system
1- Send Message to char name: 'System'
2- Write : 1T "for example"
3- Teleport.

Available titles
 - 1T >>> Annoyed(>_<)
- 2T >>> Happy(^_^)
- 3T >>> Sleepy(Z.z)
- 4T >>> Starving(:v)
- 5T >>> Confused(: o)
- 6T >>> Serious(O_O)
- 7T >>> Laughing(*.O)

New npcs:
1- Avatars npc :
Have over 100 avatar

 2- Premium npc :
(JC items and some avatars and scrolls for gold)

 3- Alchemy npc :
Have lucky powders,stones,spirit's elixir and some more items

 Upgrade system
This system will allow you to get rare items like (Egy B Items) and (Wrath of god [A] and [B])
First the Egy upgrade system:
All what you have to do is to ++ your Egy A item to +11 using the alchemy system and put your item in the first inventory slot and use
This scroll if your item is [weapon or shield]

This scroll if your item is [armor]

This scroll if your item is [Accessory]

We also have upgrade system for the spirits
To upgrade your spirit you have to bump it up to +7
Devil spirit A + = Devil spirit S
Devil [S] or Angel spirit + = Wrath [A]
Wrath [A] + = Wrath [B]
You can find all the upgrade scrolls in the item mall

 Weekly Update (#1)
•Fix Reported Bugs (If you found any thing report it to help us)
•Job Limit Reset Scroll
•Change Character Name Scroll
•Enable CTF+Arena with lottery system
•Enable Hotan Fortress with 700B Reward for the winner guild
•Daily Quests,Dungeons(Under Developments)
•Scrolls to upgrade from nova to moon, moon to sun
•Holy Water Temple Reset Scroll
•FGW Remover
•Advanced Remover
•Increased Uniques Time
•Increased Purification Pill to Lv 11
•Added Job Suits
•Change some price in npc
Weekly Update (#2)
•Buy One Get One Refreshed
•Added Maximum Durability Remover
•Focus Stone Fixed
•Lags Fixed
•Added Holy Final Gender Switch
•Added More Ways To Get JC
Auto Title King Alchemy+Money Maker (#0)

First 30 Player Reach Lv110 Will Get Rewards 800silk (#3)
2nd 20 Player Reach Lv110 Will Get Rewards 500silk (#4)
2nd 10 Player Reach Lv110 Will Get Rewards 400JC (#5)
[EM]BucherJob! Events Unique+Pvp
[GA]Rise job! Lucky Crit H-s High Crit
[GA]EmpireJob! Events Weekly
Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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