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Tag-SRO | Cap 100 | Daily Events | Mid Rates | Disabled Functions | Coin System | Jewel Box Event | Pandora Box | Pet 5 Pages | Auto Notice System | Int&Str Area | New Quests | Old School Server | Custom Edits

Server Information:
EXP: x40
Skill EXP: x20
PT EXP: x45
Item Drop: x30
SoX Drop: x20
Gold Drop: x20
Job Rate: x120
Alchemy Rate: x1
High Performance Dedicated Server
Honor rank [DISABLED]
Magic Pop [DISABLED]
Job Penalty [DISABLED]
Fortress: Jangan
Guild Penalty [REMOVED]
Jewel Box Event [ACTIVE]
CTF Enabled *reward = copper coins*
All regions [ENABLED] + [WORKING]
Botting: Allowed
10th degree Astral/Immortal stones can be dropped from all Uniques.
9 new zerk quests with a more powerful berserker gage
Global chatting and Pandora boxes every 10 levels
Seal Of Moon weapons from 1st - 6th Degree
Grab pets with 5 inventory pages
Alchemy success notice from +9 and above

*more screenshots coming*

Starter Items:
Expanded 3 page Inventory
100,000 Gold
50,000 SP
1x Tag Premium Gold Time [3 DAYS]
20x Instant Return Scrolls
20x Beginner Speed Scrolls
3 Day Tab Grab Pet
Tag Outfit [M] & [F]
20,000 Reverse Return Scrolls

Key features:
No Lag and 24/7 Online Support
Great community, with many new updates
Custom Features
Clean and amazing game-play
Corruption Free
Helpful & Welcoming community
Bug-free professionally developed database

Additional Information:

 As you can tell the reason we've hit the peak of 202 players online within the first week of the server being online without any forum advertisement is the fact that we are truly PLAY2WIN! There are 2 things that are donated for, everything else can be achieved by simply playing the game and enjoying with your friends.
The 1st thing that must be donated for is a premium, of course to help you level up (which you can do without a premium in a fairly quick amount of time) and the damage difference which isn't much! Secondly Devil Spirit is donated for, which at both prices are really not that expensive if you put it that way, once those two things have been donated for everything else aside from that can be achieved in-game, pet ressers, avatars, reverses returns, globals, everything else can be achieved by playing the objective of the game and enjoying with your fellow mates!
There are a few new teleports that are added for areas that drop sun/moon items which you can find a party and farm there for gold and elixirs and etc.
There's also a specific area for INT players to be able to farm SOX items and STR players aswell, so we could balance the amount of items that may be farmed from INT players, as we all know INT players can KS an STR player in most of the mobs so we made specifically designated places for the attributes to be able to farm for sox items which will be in the spoiler below!

Additional Screenshots:

Every race is welcome! In our team is 2 people so far, we don't insist on inviting more people to the team, we are 2 developers who are mostly working on the server and striving to make the server a better community for our fellow players! Reminder this server was released 10/13/2014 [8 days from thread release date] and has already reached a peak of 202 players! Fortress war is coming up so join and enjoy your time here!
Best of luck to anyone who chooses to join our long and dedicated journey, if not you are always welcome at any point in time!

Yours truly,
Tag-SRO Administration

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link  

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