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Clash-Sro | Cap 110 | Free Silk | High Rates | Battle Arena | Magic Pop | Coin System | Premium Silk | Lucky Magic Powder | Special Stones | New Job System | Wanted Mode | Balanced Black Res | Daily Events | Pure System

There are too many private servers with this name " Clash-Sro "but we don't belong for any of this , Lets Start
Server opening time " 27/1/2015 " ( 12:00 ~ 2:00 AM GMT+2)
Clash Basic Information

Information     Amount
Race                EUR/CHN
Level                Cap 110
Mastery Level  440 for Chinese and 220 for Europe
EXP                  100x
SP                     100x
Drop Rate         25x
Gold Rate          25x
Alchemy Rate   1.5x
Towns                Jangan/Donwhang/Hotan/Samarkand/Constantinople/Alexandria
Fortress            Only Hotan enabled until we reach a satisfying amount of players
Battle arena     Enabled
CTF                  Disabled
FGW                 Disabled
Botting              Allowed
IP Limit              Closed

Clash Features
Start items
10 Damage increase scroll.
10 Damage absorption scroll.
10 100% resurrection scroll.
20 Beginner speed scroll.
Inventory 3 pages.
1m silk.
500k sp.
10m gold.

Sun items D1 ~ D9
We added sun items from degree 1 to degree 9 Weapon , Protector , Accessory Sun +7 FB by 1 gold

Magic pop
We removed magic pop from item mall and we added it drop from mobs
Drop rate : 10x ( 300 ~ 500 mobs = 1 card )
Drop from mobs 106 ~ 110
Success rate : 100% for items
Success rate : 50% for adv (B) & rare avatars

We using 3 coins Gold , Silver and Copper coins
What you can do with copper coin ?
1. You can buy lucky magic powder degree 11 by copper coin.
2. You can buy advanced elixir (D) degree 11 by copper coin.
3. You can buy special stones degree 11 by copper coins.
4. You can buy accessory egy (B) by copper coin.
5. You can buy weapon egy (B) by cooper coin.

What you can do with gold and silver coins ?
1. You can but protector egy (B) by gold and silver coins.

How you can get copper coin ?
1. Drop from Jupiter , baal , yuno (STR) and the earth (STR)
2. Drop from normal uniques like : tiger girl - uruchi - ..
3. Drop from holy water temple.
4. Drop from white knight and princess miyene.
4. Drop from job temple mobs ( Low rate )

How you can get gold and silver coins ?
1. Drop from uniques job temple like : Neith , selket , anubis and isis

Premium silk
New system " play to win "
What you can do with premium silk ?
1. You can get golden dragon flag str/int +9.
2. You can get special scrolls.
3. You can get premium plus.
4. You can get rare avatars.
5. You can get devil (S) M/F.
6. You can get honor buffs.
7. You can get god bless .

How you can get premium silk ?
1. 2 premium silk per 1 hour
2. Try to be the first one in unique ranking you will get 300 premium silk every friday
2. If you do 50 trades 5* you will get 300 premium silk
1 Trade 5* = 1 Job point

Cheating ?
Don't worry , premium silk items no trade ! as we said " Play to win "

Notice: You can check uniques point and Job point on our website section " ranking "

Alchemy rates
Premium , avatar lucky and lucky stone  will give you more possibilities to success. Max plus: +10 no advanced
+1 ~ +3 => 100%
+4 ~ +5 => 50%
+6 ~ +8 => 20%
+9 ~ +10 => 10%

Lucky Magic Powder
We added new system for lucky magic powder You can buy it from alchemy npc at alex (N) From +1 ~ +8 Success rate : 100%

Advanced elixir (D)
We removed advanced elixir (A) and (C) degree 11 and added advanced elixir (D) +4 degree 11 only You can buy it from alchemy npc at alex (N)

Special stones
We added new stones for weapon , protector and accessory You can buy it from alchemy npc at alex (N)

Item mall
Free silk items

Job system
We added new system for trades 5 star
Trader receive 500m gold +150 copper coins
Hunter receive 100m gold + 0 copper coins
Thief receive 0 gold + 50copper coins

Notice: you have to restart your account after completing sell trade to get this reward / char level must be 105 + ).

We added one pet only "White Elephant" you can get it from premium silk items

New system
We added new system to get premium silk from job After you completing sell trade 5* You will get 1 job point at website job ranking When you get 50 points you will receive 200 premium silk and your points reset to 0 to make it again

Guild emblem
Guild emblem fixed

Wanted mode
We have made a wanted mode that will allow you to receive some certain buffs for killing enemy players  from an opponent job union. The starts you will get are % physical and magical damage, % Parry and Attack rate and % lucky increase. Also you will get str & int based on the wanted mode level.
There are 5 kind of buffs:
5 Kills in row = 1%
10 Kills in row = 2%
20 Kills in row = 3%
30 Kills in row = 4%
40 Kills in row = 5%

Cheating ?
You wont get any kills count from the same person
more than 2 times.
If you die while jobbing your hero mode skill will be
taken away from you.

Black ress
Black res balanced

New uniques die by 1 hit
White knight and princess miyene Each one drop 40 copper coins Appear every 2 hours

Normal uniques
Normal uniques drop 100m gold and 20 copper coins ( Tiger girl , uruchi , cerberus ..... )

Nova items
We removed nova items from mobs , You can get it by magic pop only

Monster spawn ratio
We have increased the monster spawn ratio 4x 106 ~ 110 only

Purification pill
Bug purification pill fixed

Elixirs & Stones
We increased elixirs and stones drop rate

has been disabled, we think it's better that all guilds vs each others. it's gonna be fun

Battle arena
Reward for winner ( 75 Copper coins ) and loser ( 5 Copper coins ) Every one hour , Multi bot will get ban for ever with the real character

Fortress war
Register for fortress war in Saturday starting from "12:00 PM to 7:30 PM GMT +2 "
Fortress war in Saturday starting from  " 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM GMT +2 "
Fortress reward 100 premium silk for each player, Don't forget that " Hotan fortress only available "

First event uniques 28/1/2015

First event pvp 1/1/2015

If you guys like our concept feel free to join us and let’s have some fun
Sincerely, Clash of sro Team

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

6 التعليقات:

You dont have to play or continue here, [GM] Sasuke banned/reverse back town all players from Avengers guild to let Ultras guild players win the event, Not just that, when player name : FeelDaPain lost he let him watch and teleported all Avengers members in town, after that he let him play again although he is already lost hoping that his friends ultras guild will win the event cuz everyday Zeow get it, and then he banned Avengers member cuz they are telling him to be fair, Hes selling items to players, x8 got egy set before he start selling gold coins, its Corrupted server dont join it and if u playing just quit.[/quote]

That GM accepted 10$ from x8 for not ban him.
Here is some screenshots when he broke his own rules.
Here is a screenshot, when FeelDaPain plays again and guess what, he was lost already and killed by Agathodaimon. But what gm did? Let him watch, instead of teleport, and at the end, he let him play again and then he started to make excuses like "i didnt see, i didnt know he played". On the other hand, other members such as Yolanda, wanted to watch event after he lost and what gm did? Teleported him instantly. After we warned gm (he claims that he didnt saw but) he gave an answer, "just 1 time". He just a liar and unfair gm. If you gonna play on this server, i think you should think twice.

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