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Silkroad Private Servers

Eryx Online | Fiadora | Cap 80 | Coin System | Job Based | Low Rates | Auto Equip | Ip Limit | Disabled Features | Ctf | Battle Arena | New Uniques | Title System | Daily Events | Emergency Skill | Blood Weapons | Special Npc | Abyss Maze | Job Temple | New Quests

Server opening time Friday 20:00 UTC +01:00

Why Fiadora:
He is one of our players who tragically passed away, we decided to rename our server from Aetna to Fiadora to keep him in our minds and lives,
Yes it is a game but we meet good people in this game and we spend time with them either as a player or part of the crew so it was really bad to know that a good person like "Fiadora" Lanzendorfer died.

Game Info     Value
Level cap     80.
Gear cap     8th degree.
Skill cap     80.
Server files     VSRO.
Races     Chinese.
Sox Type     8D Moon & Star.
EXP Rate     30x.
Alchemy Rate     1x.
Job Rate     60x.
Gold Drop Rate     5x.
Silk Per Hour     1
Auto Equip     Until 7th degree.
Bot     Allowed.
IP Limit     2.
Opening date     15/Jan/2015

  1. Don't use magic pop to get sos 7D items before you reach lvl64 otherwise auto equipment system will take it away,
  2. Please download our full client,
  3. If you want to get rid of job penalty (Note: there is a delay added after leaving your job 1 hour you need to wait till it is finished so you can switch to other job) please leave guild or job and teleport more than 1 time or re-log, Especially when you leave job when you join back you will need to create an alias create random one press confirm & it will say name already exist teleport one time and put on your job suit & it will work,
  4. Auto equipment is clean items not FB, only first D has STR/INT.
  5. Pick pets aren't trade-able to prevent an in-game bug.
Server features:
  1. Fortress war (Hotan) & (Jangan) every Sunday (20:00 UTC+01:00)(duration:90 minutes),
  2. Disabled advanced elixirs,
  3. Disabled berserker potions,
  4. DMG INC & DEF INC scrolls removed from item mall,
  5. Disabled defense scrolls,
  6. 2 Guilds per union & 32 members per one Guild,
  7. Guild penalty 1 hour, Job penalty is 1 hour,
  8. Working CTF & Battle arena for silver coins,
  9. Bargain time is disabled,

Start Items:
Our sox items:
Seal of Eryx is +2.08 better than normal & they look like EGY A in term of weapons (these weapons isn't trade-able)(in term of set Rings, Foot, Shoulder, Hands are the trade-able items among the npc set and accessory) & it can be obtained or achieved by coins,
*Copper coins: You can buy them from Seal of Eryx shop (Hotan) every copper coin costs 250 millions, Attention copper coins is sold to npc for 1 gold and it is non trade-able coins,
*Silver coins: You can get them from CTF (Per each kill) or Battle arena or from minions or STR/INT uniques as drops, Non trade-able coins.


 *Gold coins: They are obtained from jobbing after you sell goods as a trader/thief/hunter restart your client and you will find them in the storage, Must be lvl 80 to get gold coins, Notice: Our coin limit per week is 80 coins restarted on Sunday 00:00, Non trade-able coins. 
""We decided to remove the Roc/Taklamakan Trade merchants because they used to give a huge amount of gold coins compared to other citys, in-which people used to do bargain trades from them with alot of traders and gain up to 50 coins per trade if succeeded,also we realized that if all the trades are between HT/DW/JG only it will be more fun in terms of Job wars since there will be less area to search for thieves. In-case someone asks there wasn't a way to reduce the amount of gold coin given from the roc/Taklamakan trade merchants without decreasing the gold coin gained from the rest of the merchants too""

 Weapons & Set obtained from Seal of Eryx NPC

Blood of Eryx is +2.08 better than normal & they look like EGY B weapons (these weapons are trade-able) & it can be obtained from uniques

1.Eryx (highest rate of dropping them it appears in all map every 6 hours),

2.Job temple uniques,
3.Abyss Wizard (Appears in jangan maze aka jangan cave).  Abyss Wizard
  Blood weapons
Seal of Oblivion is +2.08 better than normal & they are new weapons added in term of look & it can be achieved by FGW,
FGW keys will be available for arena coins, & arena coins are being dropped from the Berzerkers mobs which are located in the jangan maze aka jangan cave after collecting the 8 cards you can go to jangan so-ok (Oblivion Realm Collection Quest) and exchange the cards for 1 weapon (these weapons are trade-able).
Some people didn't like the coin system so much so we added another item which will be sostar, Sostar items will be dropped from job temple mobs & uniques which is located in taklamkan with a very low chance, These items will be +1 better than the normal 8D (these weapons are trade-able).
INT/STR Uniques:
So in 80 cap the upper hand in killing uniques is to int characters so we decided to add STR/INT uniques to be spawned same using normal uniques spawn points so str players would have a higher chance to own some uniques these uniques drop (Silver coins - Immortals & astrals - Silk items)
Devil/Angel Spirit:
I know that the idea could freak some of you out but it is just added as an avatar giving speed.
Devil / Angel spirit
 Eryx Hall:
It is a room contains teleports to all the known points in the whole map which will help you a lot in reaching uniques or botting and the opposite you can use these points to teleport back to this room so u can go back to any town you want easily, You can teleport to the Eryx hall from any city using the main teleporter.

Eryx Hall

Eryx Special Goods NPC:
This NPC contains many items (Immortals - Astrals - Silk items - All kinds of green stones) which could be purchased using all types of coins (Silver - Iron - Arena - Copper) so if you are not a donor you just need to work harder to farm coins.

Eryx Special Goods NPC

Trader 5 star from jangan to hotan = 400 millions, 3~4 Gold coins,
Hunter = 74 Millions, 2~3 Gold coins,
Thief = 400 Millions, 6 Gold coins.

Abyss maze aka jangan cave:
Here you farm your master skill 100mil sp,
The Abyss Maze includes a default spawn of Abyss Berzerkers & Uniques Abyss Wizard, Str/Int Uniques and the Underworld Spirit,
The Berzekers drop scrolls and silk items & arena coins,
To enter this area you must have 1 Copper Coin on your inventory at least. Once inside you will just need to survive along with whoever you team up with (as it's extremely hard to survive on your own).
Abyss Maze

 Master skills:
The Master Skills are skills available on every mastery thay are worth each 100m Skill Points to be farmed in the abyss maze because every monster there gives huge amount of sp, And this skill can be used once every 12 hours. These skills have high power and new visuals that will leave you impressed with the effects and damage..
The entrance to the temple is changed to the Abyss tunnels on Taklamakan with level restriction and job restriction as well,
Mobs inside it drops Sos items & silk items & iron coins (iroc coins can be sold in npc for 25 millions) and the uniques inside drop moon weapons.

http://i.epvpimg.com/C1zqc.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/F7rIe.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/LmXjd.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/iDz9b.jpghttp://i.epvpimg.com/bP2rb.jpgSo-Ok jangan quests:
A new set of quests has been created with different objectives that will earn you different reward types that range from Titles, to Avatars and stacks of special items. The Titles achieved through these quests are temporal and go along with a whole new title management system which is completely automatic. Within the titles for these quests are: Ghost Busters, Soul Reaper, Maze Champion, Eryx Slayer,
These 3 titles need to finish first to unlock the one after it, Novice Hunter, Unique Seeker and Unique Hunter.

SO-OK Jangan
http://i.epvpimg.com/5iMWe.jpgThe Red Queen's Room:
Minions spawn in this room automatically, It is job restricted, It can be reached using Donwhang main teleporter.

The Red Queen's Room  http://i.epvpimg.com/SluQd.jpg


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