ft Nasus Online | D11 | Auto Events | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Free Silk/Hour | Wanted System | Hero Mode | Auto Alchemy Notice | Job Honor | Special Shop | Legendary System | Auto Equipment | Murder Punishment | New Job System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Nasus Online | D11 | Auto Events | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | Free Silk/Hour | Wanted System | Hero Mode | Auto Alchemy Notice | Job Honor | Special Shop | Legendary System | Auto Equipment | Murder Punishment | New Job System

Hello , we would like to present you our server (Nasus) that will give you amazing gameplay with awesome job system and fair playing with out pay to play our server
i based in free to play system , that you wont pay to be strong , you need to play and make your char strong by your self .. we hope you enjoy with us .

Opening Date is 3/23/2015 7:00 PM GMT+2

Rates              Values
Cap                110
Race               Eu/Ch
Exp                 x100
Sp                  x100
Party Exp      x120
Gold              x15
Item Drop     x20
Job                x40(Balanced)
Alchemy       x1 (Better than ISRO)
Zerk                 x2
Mob Spawn    x2
Honor Buffs     By Jobbing
IP Limit             5x (1x)

*Silks per hour
*Mid rates
*Honor by job
*Auto equipment
*Alchemy notice
*Wanted system
*Legendary system
*Union limit:4
*Custom Trade roots
*Custom skill balanced
*Hero mode
*Untradeable reverse cool down "1 min"
*Reward for first 250 players reach level 110

Drug of Typhoon =10
HP pots = 500
MP pots = 500
Special Universal pill (medium)= 300
Magic Stone of Luck = 100
Magic stone of Steady = 100
Vigor grain = 250
Magic tablet = 100
Attr tablet = 100
Elixirs = 100
Arrow = 5000

* 20 Instant return scroll.
* 20 Reverse return scroll.
* 10 Speed scroll (100%).
* 5 20% damage absorption scroll.
* 5 20% damage increase scroll.
* 1000 HP recovery potion.
* 1000 MP recovery potion.
* 7days Devil's spirit.
* 7days Premium.
* 3days Grab pet.(7 slots inventory).
* 1m SP.
* 800k gold.

Once you getting leveled your items will be automatically stack to your equipment : 1D ~ 8D ( Sun+5 ) & 9D ( +5 Normal )

* When you plus your items from +9 ~ +12 your name and item name will be notified by our system which all the active players could see them..

To get final Legendary B Items you have to craft them. with our system...This system makes you to be active all the time.
* Token of Treasure : 20 Units ( Non Trade-able ) - Dropped by Teasure box @ FGW
* Token of Serenes : 1 Unit ( Trade-able ) - Dropped by Serenes @ FGW
* Token of Uniques : 100 Units ( Trade-able ) - Dropped by All Uniques @ World Map.
* Token of Temple : 20 Units ( Non Trade-able ) - Dropped by only Temple Uniques.
* 100 Job coins : which u can get by jobbing and from survival quests

You can get Hero title when you kill Saphira which will appear every 12 hours.
Who gain this title his Def will be increased when he use zerk , once he login to game there will be notice with his name and his silk per hour increased to be 3 silks instead of 1

You can get honor points by delivering,stealing,protecting trades
Hunter Get 7 point for each trade he protect..
Thief get 7 points for each trade he steal ..
Trader get 10 points for each trade he deliver ..
P.S: You must restart to get you points ..

-[WANTED] Status
Now, you can earn a special and colorful [WANTED] tag added to your job name after having a Kill Streak of 50 without dying during the job activity.
Additionally, you will get a reward for killing a [WANTED] in the job mode.
-Simplified Anti-cheating system for Job Kills :
If you tried to cheat on the system by killing your own characters, you'll have a limit of 1 hour before getting a reward from the same character you killed.
If you repeated on killing your own characters, you'll be banned for a period of time.

Old job system is the best thing in silkroad online we don't liked to change them its the only system which makes the players active all time..
Reason : trading helps you get more gold!!!
* Job level increased up to level 40
Job level will be resetted monthly so that new players have the chance to reach the top.
Note: Level 8 to 40 is based on job kills. ~Increasing the amount of job wars and basic activity
* Anti cheat system for traders,hunters and thief's
The anti cheat system has been modified strangely that you could never cheat against the system..
* Job-honor buffs based on job.
You could level up your honor buffs by job
* Automatic title granting for best traders and hunters in game.
The best trader & hunter will be named as Wanted and in suit #1
* [WANTED] System! ~Yes we did it and made it better!
The best thief's in game will be named as the below

* Job grant system.
While trading or jobbing if u kill a player you will get 1 Arena coins ~ works with anti cheat system.
* Custom trade roots.
Jangan,Dw and Hotan will be the only available trade roots opened ~ This will make the trade system much alive and make fun in game..

LMS Event
You can join LMS Event once you see notice like [Last Man Standing Has Started In Pvp area] you can teleport to pvp area from jangan Reward= 20 Silk!
$Money Maker Event$
The Richest One in our server will get this title and he will automatically get 3 silks per hour
Notice: if someone got gold more than him he will get the previous title and the title will go to the another one

Max Lvl Event
We are going to add an event that first 100 character reach level 110 will receive 20 silk + rabbit automatically + 11 Global Chat + 11 Reverse Scroll to his character name

Kill The GM Event
When this event starts, you have to kill the GM that appears.
The one to kill him will receive 15 silks. There will be
many rounds on this event

Silk per Hour
You will receive 1 silk per hour.
Note : You have to be above level 110

*How to get arena coins?
-you can get it by jobbing (1 coin per kill) and also from survival B3 mobs drop rate : 1%
*How to get Egy A Weapons?
-FGW Like iSro
*How to Get Egy B Items?
-Legendary system..
*How to get job coins?
-There is scroll drop from osiris appear in survival B1 will give you 50 job coins
*How to get free silks?
-you can get 1 silk per/h from lvl 110

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Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
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