ft Amphibius | D10 | Chinese Only | Pvp Cap 100 | Long Term Server | Blanaced System | Free Silk | Auto Events | Daily Backups | Coin System | Job Cave | Honor Buffs | Stones Npc | Special Shop | Custom Edits ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Amphibius | D10 | Chinese Only | Pvp Cap 100 | Long Term Server | Blanaced System | Free Silk | Auto Events | Daily Backups | Coin System | Job Cave | Honor Buffs | Stones Npc | Special Shop | Custom Edits

Welcome ! After long tiring work we want to present you the new server, which will be called Amphibius Online.
It is not our first server. We've been working on V-SRO files for 3 years.
If you are looking for a better game which you'll make a lot of fun, you're in the right place you don't need to donate like the other servers now ,
Server we created is just for players who are able to play and enjoy. (Play2Win). What is more to say?
Feel free and check our project and we will try to take care you were happy with your choice !
We hope to see you in game !

Grand Opening Date : 1st of July !

Game Status :
Game Protection :

Vinbardia screenshot's #1
Mobs drop Gold coin in Samarkand
Max Stack
Oldschool PvP capes

Server General Info :
Info    Value
Cap    100
Skills Cap    100
Mastery Levels    CH 360
Silk    1M FREE
Degree    10
Race    Chinese
Drop Rate    x1.0
Drop Gold    x1.0
Items     NPC Sell Price: 1 Gold (avoid gold botting)
Auto Events     Yes! We got Auto-Events.
ReSpawn Rate     Uniques 2 times faster; normal mobs 4 times faster
Silk     Start With you
Resolutions    All available
Uptime    99,9%
Bots    Sbot/Mbot/Phbot etc work.
Alchemy    Disabled .
Daily backups    Every 2 Days
Protection    Our Server is protected well

Why Simple you should join our server?
  • it's free to play
  • no donation items
  • everything totally for 1 gold
  • once it's not easy server
  • donation is only coins
  • max premium is 10% it's at npc for gold coin
  • there automatic events so nice!
  • it's long term
  • as well all members are the same

Seal Of Amphibius

Job Cave

Jangan Cave
We'll explain how to get all of this above,

That's For 1 Gold

Set & Acc's is +10 In NPC
Weapon is +11 In NPC

Donate/Scroll Goods

Global chat cool down

Reverse cool down

-Q: How to get? Amphibius(s) Seal
A: you will have to earn Amphibius job points and buy it from NPC,
-Q: How to get Amphibius silk point & Arena Coins & Gold Coins
-A: you can get arena coins from battle arena, SO-OK, Main Uniques, Automatic Events,
-Q: What is trade(s) reward?
-A: we've been changed trade reward ,like we're forcing you to make a trade. you will earn job amphibius points, arena coins,
-Q: how i can earn arena coin(s) -
-A: CTF now 1 killing, gives you 1 arena coin. also, battle arena win will get 7, lose 2.
-2nd Q: why you activate battle arena, it's s1ck system?
-2nd A: basically the coin system is the most active game play system instead that we got for sure, job trade system! , at all if we didn't disabled - arena from mobs then we wouldn't become another botting server.
-Q: what if i seeing your game sucks!.
-A: wish for us a sweetie grand opening. put a good comment or do not, just try to not flaming' we not forces anyone to join izildor. it's free game play.
-Q: what is donation? what you guys selling basically?
-A: coins just coins
-Q: can any game master create items? - kill uniques with drop?
-A: none can. actually we're removed from Game masters , to create items to his selves even, to avoid cheats. etc

Name   Role
Roberto Manole        Owner
Gummies      Designer & Security & PHP Coder
EdwardTeach         Developer

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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