ft Nordex | Cap 80 | Chinese Only | Automatic Events | Ip Limit | Low Rates | Ctf | Battle Arena | Lottery Event | Auto Equipment | Disabled Functions | New Scrolls | Long Term Server | Job War Event | Alchemy Event | Wanted System | Free Silk/Unique | Lucky Buffs ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Nordex | Cap 80 | Chinese Only | Automatic Events | Ip Limit | Low Rates | Ctf | Battle Arena | Lottery Event | Auto Equipment | Disabled Functions | New Scrolls | Long Term Server | Job War Event | Alchemy Event | Wanted System | Free Silk/Unique | Lucky Buffs

First of all, Welcome to our topic and thanks for giving us a chance to introduce our server
Are you searching for a silkroad private server brings you to the old days ?

Okay, you have done a good choice by clicking on our topic.
so we did our best to make that server which brings you to old silkroad days
and to do that server we have decided to create a clean server
from the terrible edits which appeared since the vsro released,
we will do that by creating polls before every update to know your opinion about it and we will take your suggestions
to improve the server to a server that every player dreams to join.

Basic Information
 Information  Value
Cap                80
Degree           8
PC Limit         2
Races            Chinese
Mastery         300
Server Capacity     1000
Server Files            V.SRO
Fortresses              Hotan
Battle arena
Automatic Equipment    Degree 1-7 [Star]
Available towns              Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan

 Information  Rate
Exp rate         x40
Party Exp       x45
Alchemy rate    Explained below the powders
Gold rate        x5
Berzerk Rate  x2
SOX Rate       Custom

Schedule[GMT +2]
 Information Time
Battle Arena     Every 2 hours
CTF     Every 2 hours
Question And Answer     Every 6 hours
Fortress War     Friday [00:00 PM]
Lottery Event     Every Day [00:00 PM]
Unique Event     Every Day [00:00 PM]
Alchemy Event     Every Day [00:00 PM]
Job-War Event     Every Day [00:00 PM]
Kill The GM Event     Every Day [00:00 AM]
Last Man Standing Event     Every Day [00:00 AM]
Re-Arrange Event     Every Day [00:00 PM + AM]
Re-Type Event     Every Day [00:00 PM + AM]

•Max Stack

 -[11] Reverse Return Scroll
-[1000] Hp Recovery Potion(x-large)
-[1000] Mp Recovery Potion(x-large)
-[20] Instant Return Scroll
-[20] Movement Speed 100%
-[x1] Grab pet 3 Days
-[x1] Beginner Package[Able to open at level (20)
-[x1]Nordex Outfit

Automatic Equipment:
-•Automatic Equipment
-It's a simple system and many of silkroad players knows it so we don't need to explain it much it will help in power leveling in our game you will receive your equipment from degree 1 till degree 7 star, Plus: 3 with clean stats to make more fun in the power leveling.

Small Changes:
-We have done few changes in silkroad game play to do it more suitable to our old school server.

 Information            value
Resurrection scrolls     Disabled
Academy                       Disabled
Jangan Cave                 Disabled
Magic POP                   Disabled
Grab Pet                      4 Pages
Seal Of Sun                Disabled
Elements                    Enabled
Sabakuns elixir         Disabled
Guild Start level       Level [5]
Purification Pill bug      Fixed
Guild Emblem              Fixed
Vigor                       Decreased to 10%
Glows                       Isro Glows
Gold Premium       Decreased to 5%
Normal Premium     Decreased to 3%
Damage & Absorb scrolls     Disabled
Global Chatting       Cool down 2 minutes

 Scroll Name       value
Guild Penalty      
Job Penalty      
Name Change Scroll      
Stats Reset Scroll      
Skills Reset Scroll      
Blue Remover Scroll      
Premium Remover Scroll      
Advance Elixir Remover      
Silk Scrolls      
PK Remover      
JP Limit Reset Scroll    

Sox Items:
-We decided to disable sun equipments and keep star,moon items to get more fair for the new players
-How to get Seal Of Star Items?
-Okay,it's too simple to get seal of star items you have to collect job points,gold from the JobWar,Wanted System[explain below]
-How to get Seal Of Moon Set/Accessory?
-Okay,about the set parts and accessory, we made it for the uniques lovers so we made str and int uniques that spawns inside the job war area they drop a Sox Lottery, you can gain accessory or set lotteries by killing those uniques.
once you use it you will get a random part of set or accessory.
-How to get Seal Of Moon Weapons?
-We had to give the forgotten world a place in our server, so we activated the flame abyss forgotten world. once you collect the books you will receive an upgrade scroll as a reward, you can upgrade your star +5 to a clean moon, just put your star weapon in the 1st slot and click on the scroll.
 Automatic Events:
Automatic Unique Event:
-Surely all of silkroad players knows that event well, We made few changes on it to make it better than the old one. you will find an automatic notice before the event tells you about the start time, Then you should prepare your self and go to downhang south until the event begins. the [Bot] will spawn titan uniques
you should kill them and collect points the player with the highest amount of points will be the winner.
•Reward : half of the collected points will be turned to silk
•Event Location : Downhang South
•Points :
 Unique    Points
Tiger Girl      5 Points
Uruchi          7 Points
Isyutaru        9 Points
Lord Yarken     12 Points
Tai Sui        30 Points
 Automatic Kill The GM Event:
-You will see a notice called "Automatic Kill The GM Event Has Started" its will be 5-10 rounds and the winner will receive 20 silks as a reward, when the event has finished you will see a notice called as ' Automatic Kill The GM Event Has Ended'
Event location : Downhang South.

Automatic Lottery Event:
-It was made for the lucky players and brave ones, the event is easy and simple don't need any requirements, just wait the event to start then send a message to the bot with Lottery Event(Silk) you will lose 25 silks, the bot will collect the silks from everyone has registered in the event, you can pay more than once to increase the chance of being the winner of the event, bot will shuffle the names and will choose one lucky name from the registered players.
this lucky player will receive half of the silks that the other players paid as a gift and the bot will write the winner name in a notice.

Automatic Question And Answer Event:
-in this event we will test your information. the bot will ask the players many questions everyday, you must answer the bot correctly and you have to be the fastest. we have prepared many questions, the bot will choose one question randomly you can answer the bot by message so you can't copy and paste from Google

Automatic Re-Arrange Event:
-This event will let your brain work and prove that your brain doesn't need Google to win the bot will write a notice called as Auto Re-Arrange event has started,
we have prepared many words to the bot, the bot will choose one word randomly and shuffle it then write it in notice, for example : the bot chose the word silkroad he will shuffle the letters to be (k,r,s,i,l,o,d,a)
the first player send message to the bot with the re arranged word will be the winner just use your brain try to guess the word then you can be the winner of the event.

Automatic Re-Type Event:
-We just want to test your keyboard typing speed. the bot will write a notice called as (Automatic Re-Type Event Has Started) then the bot will write another notice with a random word For Example : N#Or$De@X
we have prepared many words to the bot, the bot will choose randomly one word, the first player retype the word with the correct way to the bot will be the winner.

Automatic Job-War Event:
-You will see a notice called "Automatic Job war Event has started"
you have to equip your job suit to join the survival room (Job Room),
you have to be level 70 or higher to be able to join the job room,
you can kill your enemy 4 times per event only.
how to win the event ?
the first one gets 300 kills count in row will receive 200 silks as a reward,
when the event finish you will find a notice with the winner name of that event and another notice called as 'Automatic Job War Event has ended.'
Event location : Downhang South

Automatic Alchemy Event:
-Its a simple event,there's no rules or any thing else,
you don't need to sign up to the event,just wait the event to start and go to donwhang south then you will find the bot there
the bot has dropped alot of staffs +7 you should collect some of them then use your elixirs to fuse it to +10,
the first one success in fusing the staff to +10 will be the winner,you can't use the staff and it will be removed after the event to have a fair Alchemy King champion in our game,the winner will be rewarded with 150 silks and his name will be announced by our bot.

Automatic Lucky Party Number Event:
-Its one of the events which depends on your speed and luck, the bot will say a party number and you have to create parties till you reach that number once you reach it you will be the winner.
-Schedule: Random time during the day
-Reward:25 Silks

Automatic Last Man Standing Event:
-its one of the pretty events you will find a notice before the event to call you to register on the event, then when the event starts the bot will teleport you to the event area, the goal is to be the last man stand in the room everyone will be teleported with pk points when someone kills you, you will be teleported automatically and you can't join the area again.

  Automatic Events
Wanted System:
-We have finished another system to give the jobbing more fair in our game play now you can earn gold by killing the enemies jobbers in [Downhang East]
you should be level [70 or more] and have [10 millions gold or more], when you kill someone you will get 5% from his gold and when you die you will lose 5% from your gold.
Anti Cheat:
if someone killed you and you have less than 10 millions you'll take a warning for 5 times then you will be banned for 48 hours.

Anti Cheat(Job):
-Yes,Hello cheaters we have a surprise for you we have found a great idea to stop your cheats in job. No More Cheats,lets give a fair jobbing to everyone. we have created this anti cheat system to give a fair game play.
let us explain how have we decreased the cheats, for example: some players open 2 characters and try to kill themselves to get extra job points by farming.okay we found a solution for that,if you have been damaged from one character that wears a job suit with your mac address you will be disconnected automatically.

Job Skills:
-Job skills are special skills which are automatically added to your skill window, when you wear your job suit, it will help all of you to make the jobbing more tactical and diverse.
-Skills will be removed when you take off your job suit.

How to collect Job Points (Job War Room):
-its a simple feature from our features, we did a simple and fair system to collect the job points
-You have to be inside the job war room
-You have to be level 70 or higher
-You have to equip your job suit
•How to collect the job points?
-by killing the enemy players in the job war room
(you will receive 1x job points per one)
•Limit per day :
-You can gain job points from the first 150 kill (other kills wont get you job point), it will be refreshed every day at 12:00 PM [Server time]
•Things you don't have to do:
-Don't kill your enemy more than 5 times because you won't get any job points from the same enemy if you killed him more than 5 times(Will be refreshed Every day at 12:00:00 PM)
-Don't try to kill your chars that has your same mac address because you will be disconnected automatically.
•Location : (Job War Room)

Our Champions:
-We have decided to choose 6 different champions to be our Champions,
They are:
-Money Maker : The Richest player in the game.
-Alchemy King : The player that has the highest item Plus in the game.
-Tremendous Jobber: The player with the highest amount of job point will gain that title.
-Once another player has gained more gold/higher plus or higher amount of job point than the champion the title will be removed and the new champion will appear.
-Trader#1,Thief#1,Hunter#1 : the best job killers in Nordex
•The kills will be refreshed every month to give the new players a chance to improve themselves.
•When one of our champions has logged in or logged out from the game
his name will be written in a global by the bot.(We will have more champions later on).

Silk Per Unique:
-Okay most of silkroad players love the normal uniques and enjoy finding them, So we didn't forget that, now when you kill one unique of the normal uniques you will receive an amount of silks as reward.
•Rewards :
 Unique  Silks
Tiger Girl       4 Silks
Uruchi          6 Silks
Isyutaru        8 Silks
Lord Yarken     10 Silks

-We have done a new system called as title storage, Title Storage !!! yes Title storage,first time in silkroad history.
let us explain the system, as you know you cannot get more than 1 title for the character and if you got a new title, you will lose your old title and you will say i have spent silks for no thing,so we did a rare system to fix this problem, now you can store your titles and get it again when you want to get it for free,at the first let us explain how you can get the titles
you must call the [Bot] with a message called as Buy Title, then the bot will answer you automatically, and will show you the available titles, choose one of them and send a message to the bot with the one that you liked, you will be teleported automatically and you will receive the title.
once you buy the title it will be stored in your character title storage. now if you wanted to change your title from the new one to the old one just Send a message to the [Bot] with Title(Storage)
the bot will answer you automatically with the guide after you have called the bot with the message: Title(Storage) now write to the bot message with your old title name
for example : General(Storage), then teleport by your self and you will receive the title with out to spend any silks, so i can say we did an amazing system and fixed old titles regaining problem in our server and for the first time in silkroad history.

Stall & Exchange Bug:
-Most of silkroad players know that bug,for the ones who don't know about it its an attack bug that increases your skill speed, We have added a delay on the exchange and stall so you can't do that bug any more.

Plvl Skills:
-These skills are helpful skills, we took them from cleric mastery and edited them, you will be able to use it till the level 60 then it will be closed and you won't be able to open it again.

Honor buff system:
-We have done a new way to gain honor buffs. since the academy way is cheat-able by opening multi clients, so we decided to give the job war more importance, You will get honor points from the job war kills. we will reset the honor ranks every month to give the newbies a chance to gain honor buffs.

Capture the flag/Battle arena:
-We have gave those events a chance to be alive again. so we have changed vigor price to arena coins, You can gain arena coin from capture the flag or battle arena.
if you tried to kill your character you will be disconnected automatically and you will gain few coins if you was a loser or a winner.

Lucky Buffs:
-We have added those buffs to give u a higher chance in enchanting items, there are 3 buffs 2%,3%,5% luck and there are 3 ways to get them:
1-You can get the 2% buff by being the Money Maker of nordex.
2-You can get the 3% buff by being the Tremendous Jobber of nordex.
3-You can get the 5% buff by being the roc killer.

  Launcher & Loadings

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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