ft Experior Online | Cap 140 | Job Based | Special Edits | Long Term | Arabian Patch | Ftw | Automatic Events | Awaken System | Referal System | Account Protection | Achievement System | New Uniques | Job Based | Unique Ranking | CTF | Free Silk/Hour | Lucky Room ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Experior Online | Cap 140 | Job Based | Special Edits | Long Term | Arabian Patch | Ftw | Automatic Events | Awaken System | Referal System | Account Protection | Achievement System | New Uniques | Job Based | Unique Ranking | CTF | Free Silk/Hour | Lucky Room

Experior online is a one of a kind server, with a lot of custom edits which will bring both joy and entertainment to the community.
The server is running vSRO files with Arabian upgrade patch. The server has been built from scratch with personal edits therefore there will be no beta period needed.
The server has an end game which will entertain people after they are max level.

 Official release date:
2015-10-25 18:00:00 UTC + 01:00 TIMEZONE

 Experior | General

Last degree is 14dg
Chinese and European available.
Pet inventory
Char inventory
CH Mastery
EU Mastery
Forgotten world
Arabian dungeon
Jupiter temple
Capture the flag
Fortress war
Under Fortress war you cannot trace
IP Limit

Experior | Start items

Every new char get
20 return scrolls
5 protection scrolls
5 damage scrolls
5 Pegasus pet
100 HP potions
100 MP potions
5 drug of typhoon
5 reverse scrolls
5 recurrent scrolls
1 Chinese avatar
1 grab-pet (golden pig)
1 Day Beginner's Buff

Experior | Rates

Exp ratio
Party exp ratio
Drop ratio
Alchemy rate
Job rate
Magic pop rate
Alchemy Max +15 without Adv elixir

Experior | Auto events

Unique event: Notice will appear and 5 uniques will be spawned @Random location, when the 5 uniques is killed more will appear.
Hide & seek event: Notice will appear, a stall will be created @Random location, the first one who finds the stall and buy the item wins.
Lucky number event: When the event is started, the only thing you have to do is generate parties and the bot will choose the winner (party matching system).
Seek & Destroy: The event bot randomly spawn lv1 uniques @Random location and you have to find it and kill it.
Trivia: The event bot asks a question, and the first right answer (in pm) will receive a reward.
Being Prepared...
Last man standing event: You need to apply to the bot by sending an (private message) at the start of the event. When the event has begun 2 random people will be teleported to an arena, the one who wins stays and the one who loose gets teleported outside. The last man standing when the event is completed will win.

Experior | Referral system

When you are registered / login on the site and at the "more options" you will see an "invite friends" url.
If you share this url and players register by your url, they will be listed as your referrals.
When these players buy silk in-game you will get 5% of their purchased silk as a bonus.

Experior | Account protection

On the website you can make your account's items bound.
As and example if your items are bound and your account information is leaked, nobody can trade/sell/drop these items (cause they are char binded).
You can toggle the binding of items on our website for 200 silk one-time, when the purchase is done you may bind/unbind them how much as you like too.
IMPORTANT!!! You must have the registered secret answer, which you select while registering to our server. If you loose it we cannot replace it.

    Experior | Tutorials

    How to get items...

    12 dg nova - dropped by mobs at Mirror
    12 dg moon - forgotten world 1*
    12 dg sun - forgotten world 2* or gold coin (from job system!)
    13 dg nova - dropped by mobs in Baghdad (Kirk and Phantom Desert too.)
    13 dg moon - forgotten world 3*
    13 dg sun - forgotten world 4*
    13 dg moon, sun accessory may get from Arabian Uniques
    14 dg sos,som,sun - You can get from our 14dg awaken system
    14 dg special (experior) weapon you can get at Arabian Dungeon from cards
    Awaken System d14
    The required elements can be gained on different things (daily quests, events, job coins, drops)
    The 4th element can be bought on the item mall for silk.
    One can be bought in Jangan at the Experior Job shop at the "other" tab.

    Rewards, achievements and so on...

    Achievement System (automatic)
    You don't have to specially do something for that, just play. The more you play, the more achievements will be active.
    Everything counts, pvp, job, enchanting, fortress kills, and basically everything about the server.
    When you reach a certain level, you get more skills, which are permanent.
    On the website, you can check yours and other's achievement rank.
    The daily reached goals are rewarded also, the best daily achievement are rewarded daily.

    Unique ranking
    The monthly top 5 ranked will gain a reward.
    Reward: Silk
    The unique ranking on the website refreshes automatically, and it shows the ranking in real time.

    Online silk system
    We have silk/hour system on the server.
    Only chars which is lvl 140 will receive silk.
    The silk you receive can be used to buy items in item-mall(there is a few which cannot be purchased)

    Job based system
    People receive a lot of things on our server, if they work for it. Botting is allowed, but our systems are built to bot characters will not prevail.
    For example: elixirs are only dropped by npc thieves and hunters (and uniques, based on their level).
    Traders, hunters and thieves get the same gold rate:
    For example: If a trader sells the goods in town, they get x amount of gold. If a thief sells it, they get the same amount of gold, not its percentage.
    For better items you should do daily quests, which will grant you pieces on the awaken system.
    New job suits with level restriction (level,and job level too).

    New towns, teleports, dungeons, rooms, npcs... mm

    New town: Magic city
    Daily quest NPC exists here!
    You must be atleast level 135 to obtain the daily rewards.
    NPC name: Daily Quest Manager Jurij
      New Dungeon: Arabian Dungeon
      It's works like Forgotten world.
      You can enter only if you are in a party.
      You will find normal mobs and 4 uniques.
      Hard mode exists, recommended to have a full party.
      The dungeon has a 5 hour cool down.
      If you get disconnected or logout inside the dungeon you have to wait 5 hours.
      The uniques drops cards which will be exchanged later at baghdad (by the minister Abshad).
      In order to get cards you must accept the quest at (minister Abshad) in Baghdad.
      Reward: will be the last Experior weapon of your choice.

      Lucky room
      You must wear a job suit to enter this room.
      Lucky boxes appears randomly, which drops d14 lucky powders.
      Remember to bring HP/MP potions because there will be a lot of fights!

      Event rooms
      Teleports exist from Jangan.
      There is 3 teleports so-far.
      Low-level players(1-90)
      High-level players(90-140)
      Guild-pvp room
      In the guild pvp room, guilds will fight against each other (pvp). The guild with the most kills will receive Donwhang's tax money will be splitten fairly to all guild members.

      Everything you need to know about Jobbing

        Job coin system
        When you completed a trade or supporting(hunter)/stealing(thief) the goods you will receive contribution. This points can be exchanged on our website for gold coins which later can be used at our special shop @Jangan.
        Honor buffs
        Is based on job kills, you will receive honor by the daily most job kills.
        The system will refresh daily with new stats.
        However the buffs can also be granted by the academy system.
        You cannot graduate people, because its based on jobbing.
        Anti cheat
        If you try to cheat near towns(drop goods) inside the wall etc. Our system will automatically delete the goods from your transport pet. The thief teleport scroll is only expendable to 1 (to prevent cheating).
        There are restrictions from the kills as well, so do not attempt to abuse our system.

          Experior | Pictures

          Special thanks to:
          [*]Old Mirage Online Team for basic database,website and client
          [*]Our C# programmer

          Homepage: Link
          Download: - Link
          Register - Link
          Facebook Page: Link
          Facebook Group : Link
          Forum: Link

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