ft TeraSro | Pvp D11 | Job Based Server | Free Silk | Devil S | Ctf | Battle Arena | Ip Limit | Max Plus | Alchemy Notice | Special Npc | Coin System | Custom Edits | Bug Fixed | Balanced System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

TeraSro | Pvp D11 | Job Based Server | Free Silk | Devil S | Ctf | Battle Arena | Ip Limit | Max Plus | Alchemy Notice | Special Npc | Coin System | Custom Edits | Bug Fixed | Balanced System

Server Launch Date : 06/11/2015
Server Online


Partition #1 | Basic Information
Information               About
Degree                        11
Cap                             110
Server Type               PvP
Races                         CH&EU
Free silk                    100000
Server files                vSRO 1.192
Capacity                    750
Fortresses                Jangan/Hotan
Fortress                   Once a week
Alchemy                  Rate 2x
Academy Buffs       Disabled
Botting                    Allowed
Protected                  Yes
Zerk time scroll                     Increase zerk time by(10Sec)
parry\Hit ratio scroll             Increase parry\Hit ratio by(100%)
Knock back chance scroll     Increase Knock-back Prob.(20%)
Hp scroll                           Increase Hp by(15000)
MP scroll                         Increase MP by(15000)
Gold ratio scroll             Increase Gold ratio by(25%)
Damage scroll                Increase Damage by(20%)
Abso Damage scroll      Increase Abso Damage by(20%)

Partition #2 | Server Rates

• Items Drop Rate : 50x
• Coins Drop Rate : high
• Gold Drop Rate : 35x
• Trade Rate : 2x
• Alchemy Rate:2x
• Stones Success rate:100%

Uniques Spots

Partition #3 | Server Features

Start Items

• START Level 110
• Free Silk
• Races : EU/CH
• Fortresses Enabled : Jangan,Bandit,Hotan
• Uniques (INT) and (STR).
• Uniques Appear Every half an Hour.
• New Avatars.
• New Edit, New Effect and New Coin System.
• New Premium 20% With New Edits.
• New Devil (S) With New Blues [ Str & Int & HP & MP ].
• New Honor Buff Scroll Enabled.
• Towns Available : All

Devil S Full Blue
Battle Arena\CTF (Capture the flag)

 We've enabled random arena matching only, party\job\guild are disabled because strong players creates parties vs newbies, result is : strong party will win 100% .
Arena rewards : 20 Job coins for winners
10 Job coins for losers.
CTF: who hates CTF? everybody loves it ! so we've enabled it.
CTF Rewards: 1 Job coin per kill

Purifaction pills bug

Everybody knows that boring bug , we've fixed it so players can have a fair pvp !

IP Limit

We decided to make it 4 , some ppl may open lot's of characters to join arena\ctf or bot.. making ip limit is the only way to stop them


Plus  Rate
1     100%
2     100%
3     100%
4     100%
5     100%
6     100%
7     100%
8     100%
9     100%
10     100%
11     90%
12     85%
13     80%
14     80%
15     75%
16     75%
17     70%
18     70%
19     65%
20     55%
21     55%
22     55%
23     55%
24     55%
25     55%

Max Plus is 25 |

Alchemy Notice

We've made alchemy notice system, it's working from +16 above.
Max Plus is 25

Partition #4 | Advanced Features

Start Item npc
Nova For 1 Gold +10 Max blue

EGY A Item npc

EGY B Item npc


Special NPC

How Can i get my weapons and gear ?!

Nova : From Normal Npc Of jangan. by 1gold.
Power : by tera coins // events.
Fight : by tera coins // events.

Nova : Normal NPC
Destruction//Immortality : by silver/gold coins

Myth//Legend : by Tera coins

How can i get tera/silver/gold/job coins?!

Tera coins : Dropping From Mobs 106 107 108 109 a medium rate
Silver/Gold coins : Dropping From Mobs 103 104 105 106 a medium rate
Job Coins : From Battle Arena/CTF (Capture the flag) And Scroll30 Job Coin For 600M

Partition #5 | Simple


Server Rules
Selling items for real money is forbidden
Racism is forbidden
Writing globals in any language other than english is forbidden
Advertising for another servers is forbidden
And of course , scamming a player is forbidden
you may take ban up to 1 year !

Server Launch Date : 06/11/2015

Server Staff
All team members speaks English.
[GM]Tera | Administrator-Owner-Seller-Developer-Designer-Crew manager-Security Officer.
[GM]Smith | Administrator-Owner-Seller-Developer-Crew manager-Security Officer.
[GM]Xian | Event Manager-Moderator
[GA]Alexius | Event Manager

- This is an English topic, so all replies must be written in
English. Any replies written in a language other than English
are not welcome.

- No "flaming" or "badgering" -- writing hostile or insulting
messages aimed at other users for their views, comments,
status, or any other reason. You can disagree with someone's
views and still be polite about it.

- No "trolling" -- posting controversial (sometimes off-topic)
messages with the intent of baiting other users to reply.

- No discussions of software piracy, hacking, illegal material,
or linking to these activities will be tolerated.

- Do not post material that is hateful or mean towards race,
religion, sex, or any other offensive nature. You can debate
religion and politics in the WEPR forum, but you can do so
WITHOUT being mean or hateful about it.

- Do not post lewd or offensive content, or links to lewd or
offensive content. Keep everything safe , and remember that
also kids visit the topic.

- No excessive swearing or language. If you're that angry about
something, take a break for a while, or confront the other user
directly instead of in the topic.

- Please do not change the subject. If you want to change the
subject, please start a new message thread.

This topic is not completely done , more server information will be added soon !.

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