ft Kecero Gaming | D11 | Cap 110 | Low Rates | CH/EU | Free Silk/Hour | Pc Limit | Max Plus | FGW | Battle Arena | CTF | Job Temple | Balanced System | Magic Pop | Special Scrolls | Rank System | Trade System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Kecero Gaming | D11 | Cap 110 | Low Rates | CH/EU | Free Silk/Hour | Pc Limit | Max Plus | FGW | Battle Arena | CTF | Job Temple | Balanced System | Magic Pop | Special Scrolls | Rank System | Trade System

Welcome to Kecero Gaming. We are proud to present you our 110 Cap Server. After months of developing and researching we are happy to introduce you our Server. are known for their stability, its team and a lot of fun

Grand Opening : Sunday 19:00GTM+2 PM Date 02/4/2017
Downloads : Coming Soon, Friday 31/3/2017
Main Information

Starter Equipment
You can buy SOS +5 Items untill DG9 ( for Gold ) in the NPCs. As the lvling is fast we didn't want to make auto equipment as it would be literally almost useless and a lot of work, when you can just buy everything from npc.

You'll also receive the following Box
reach level 30
reach level 60
reach level 90
reach level 110

Top 300
You 'll receive 100silk as gift when reach level 110

We have our own Kecero Gaming Specialty System this system is loved by all the Kecero Gaming players and to be honest that's why we have a lot of players and we survived for so long:
The system is very simple. The Alchemy Rate is 1x like Isro but if you reach +5 you can do up to + 7 with a 100% chance. The same after you reach +8 you can reach +11 with a 100% chance.

After a lot of players have complained about not having max plus we decided to make some kind of max plus but Kecero Gaming style. the start we are having a max plus as +14 it should be easily achievable as you can get easily +13 with the alchemy system that Kecero Gaming has to offer.

Silk Per Hour
You'll receive the Silk if you are over Lv. 110 and not AFK. You can't just leave the account inactive for example stalling in town or just standing for hours this was made to prevent people farmin silk.

Egyptian Equipment can be obtained through Gold and Silver coins. You get them from the HWT or Job Temple.

We developed a rare, special and simple Balance Buff for all the Chinese Characters which is totally balanced against European Characters.

Magic Pop Cards
Magic Pop Cards cannot be bought through the Item Mall!
You can only get them from Uniques drops.
With the Magic Pop Cards you can win: Flag Only.

Special Scrolls
We invented some helpful Scrolls. With these scrolls you can Reset Skill,Stats, PK Status, Job , Silk Scrolls

Special Uniques
you 'll get stones immortal or astra degree 11

Forgotten World
Forgotten World Collection Book System is the same as Isro System.

Medusa Drops
50-100 Silk Scrolls

Uniques Medusa Drops.
each unique drop 1x scroll zerk.

Uniques Drops
Normal Uniques ranging from Tiger Girl to Demon Shaitan will drop the following drops!

Tiger Girl
5 Silk | Magic POP Cards

5 Silk | Magic POP Cards

Captain Ivy
5 Silk | Magic POP Cards

5 Silk | Magic POP Cards

5 Silk | Magic POP Cards

Lord Yarkan
5 Silk | Magic POP Cards

Demon Shaitan
5 Silk | Magic POP Cards

Job Cave Uniques
Players can obtain Silver and Gold Coins , Silk scrool , in Job Cave. The times are specified below and you can follow them through the server time. You can view the server time on the website.

Rank Systems
We have edited the gift silks (coin) to new coin called JP that you need it to get important stuffs in the game We’ve added Honor Points on Trade System , Rank refresh every 1hour

Trade System
The trade system is only active between the three cities and the gold ratio is set as 10x
Trade System will be available between Jangan – Downhang - Hotan

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link
YouTube: Link

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