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Silkroad Private Servers

Empire-Sro | D11 | Cap 110 | Free Silk/Hour | New Events | Job Based | Mid Rates | Coin System | Auto Equipment | CTF | Battle Arena | FTW | Ip Limit | Custom Edits | Special Npc | Daily Events | Special Scrolls | Balanced System | Free Silk/Unique

Our Game servers are protected by HyperFilter , Protect Programs to lower the downtime's and enabling us the possibility to offer 24/7 Game play.




In our server, for every degrees you will get auto equipment which help you to pass your degree faster.
The equipment will be Normal Set +5 full blue, and you will stop getting new equipment at 10 degrees.

Special Items NPC :-
Super scroll ( Evasion 100% ) * add 100% of your max parry rate for 3600 sec .
Super scroll ( Accuracy 100% ) * add 100% of your max attack rate for 3600 sec .
Lucky magic powder * gives your 2x change of the normal luck powder .
Holy Bible elixirs * This elixir has a higher success rate then the normal one .

Special Scroll Store :-
Egy A Weapons & Shield Upgrade Scroll :- This scroll will upgrade your Egy A "Weap Or Shield" To become Egy B with the same Stats & plus .
Title name Scrolls : - This scroll will add a special yellow title name
Another useful scrolls : -
Maximum durability Remover * Removes your item maximum durability .
Avatar blue Remover * Removes your avatars blue (" Attention : you must be wear it") .
Advance Remover * Removes your items Advance elixir .
Blue devil scroll * Advance your devil with 7STR , 7INT , 1300HP , 1300MP .
Change name scroll * Changes your character name
Premium Remover Scroll * This scroll will remove your premium (" You need To teleport") .
PK remover scroll * Sets your PK level to 0 .
Skills Reset * This scroll will set your skills mastery to 0 .
Stats reset * This scroll will bring your stats point back .
Gold lottery scroll * This scroll gives you the chance to win from 1m to 2b gold .
Silk lottery scroll * This scroll gives you the chance to win from 1 to 25 Silk .
Silk Scrolls * this scrolls will give you it's amount of  silk (" we take some Tax ") .
Luck Scrolls * this scrolls will add you some of luck chance in plus & fusing .

1-Gold&Silver Coins Drop from mobs 101-110
2-Arena Coins , Arena Manager
3-Global Chat, CTF
4-Job coins, Trade Job


Honor Based in Job Kills How TO Use?
when You Kills Thief / Hunter / Trade you will get +3 Points Each Kill that’s will add to your points and when you die the point will be -1 each die will decrease form our points .
Attention: We add Anti-Cheat system , Same IP doesn't count the points , Honor system refreshed every day in ( 12:00 AM )

5 Star Trade Gets (10)Jop Coins After Restarting Your Char.

Jangan Fortress Available
Bandit Fortress Disable
Hotan Fortress Disable

Name Event                                           Time
TRIVIA Everyday,                                 11:00 AM
LUCKY PARTY NUMBER Everyday,      12:00 PM
ReType Everyday ,                               13:00 PM
HIDE & SEEK Everyday,                       14:00 PM
KILL THE GM Everyday,                       15:00 PM
SND Everyday,                                     16:00 PM
LAST MAN STANDING Everyday,        17:00 PM
PVP Everyday,                                      18:30 PM
UNIQUES Everyday,                             20:00 PM
Lottery Everyday,                                 21:30 PM

we added Auto Events to make our Server more FUN
Trivia: Everyday 11:00 AM Server Time .
(3 rounds).
Trivia is a question and answers, puzzle game , there will be a random question and you will need to
PM the [AutoEvents] bot with the right answer.
Silk reward : 5 Silk each round.
LUCKY PARTY NUMBER: Everyday 12:00 PM - Server Time.
(1 rounds).
The bot will global a certain party number, players have to create parties till a player reaches the required party number and wins the round.
Silk reward : 5 Silk .
ReType: Everyday 13:00 PM - Server Time.
(3 rounds).
It's one of our best&simple events it will begin automatically One time per day giving you a random word all You on should retype the word with the Same way to the [AutoEvents] this event is automatic so no one control which word you will get its always random you need to focus and of course u need some luck to win.
Silk reward : 5 Silk each round.
HIDE & SEEK: Everyday 14:00 PM - Server Time.
(3 rounds).
H&S is a very well known Event The bot will start the event hiding in His Spots, waiting to be given an exchange request by any player.
The player who sends the request win the round. people know most hiding spots. But don't worry, we put over 200 point on each town , so it wont be that easier any more.
Silk reward : 5 Silk each round.
Kill GM Event: Everyday 15:00 PM Server Time.
(3 rounds).
[AutoEvents] will spawn at Jangan south gate and you have to kill him.
Be noted that last hit counts as the winning blow so anyone can join and win!
Also every consecutive round will be higher than the previous one since players will be stronger as
time .
Silk reward : 5 Silk each round.
Search And Destory: Everyday 16:00 PM Server Time.
(3 rounds).
A Battle Golem level 40 Unique will spawn somewhere and if you should be the first kill it you will be
rewarded with silk.
Silk reward : 5 Silk each round.
LAST MAN STANDING: Everyday 17:00 PM - Server Time
One of the beloved events for the players on SRO Private servers. How does it work?
It will be announced that the event will start in 10 minuets. You will have 5 minuets to register.
Then pm [AutoEvents] With Register , you will get a message with successful registration.
You cannot register if you are in job mode.
Once you have been teleported to the event area, you will be in PK mode and last man to live will win the event.
Silk reward : 10 Silk each round.
PVP: Everyday 18:30 PM - Server Time
One of the beloved events for the players on SRO Private servers. How does it work?
It will be announced that the event will start in 10 minuets.
Then pm [AutoEvents] With Register , you will get a message with successful registration.
You cannot register if you are in job mode.
Once you have been teleported to the event area, you will be in PK mode and The PLayer Who Kill Higher Number Of Players will win the event.
Silk reward : 10 Silk each round.
Uniques: Everyday 20:00 PM Server Time.
A Uniques will spawn In jangan Gate For Unique and if you on should be kill The Unique .
you will be rewarded with silk And Unique Drop 2 sCroll silk To the Killer .
Silk reward : 5 Silk each round.
Lottery: Everyday 21:30 PM Server Time.
every one already knew about that one but let's explain once more.
Lottery will announce about the event you'll need to pm [AutoEvents] with Register within 5 minutes.
you will lose 15 silk . the bot will collect the silks from everyone has registered in the event .
you can pay more than once to increase the chance of winning the event .
after bot he will shuffle the names and will choose one lucky name from the registered players.
this lucky player will receive the whole silks that the other players paid as a gift and the bot will write the winner name in a notice.​

Earn 6 silk easily by doing a few simple clicks every 24 hours.
By voting for us, you help to promote and advertise the server, which is a great way to bring new players to the game, and therefore you benefit from it in the long run as well, apart from the silk reward.
Currently, there are 3 voting sites, for every vote site you're voting, you receive 2 silk ( 3x2 = 6 ).

All you have to do is click on the vote Now, make a simple button click on the website that opens afterwards, and Click on Vote when you finish the vote in Website you Got 2 silk for 1 Vote .

When You Reach Level 110 You Can Gets 1silk in Hour So You Can Gets 24 Silk In 1 Day .

Unique Silk       Reward
Tiger Girl                    2
Cerberus                     2
Captain Ivy                 2
Uruchi                         3
Isyutaru                       4
Lord Yarkan                 5
Demon Shaitan           5
Neith                         15
Seth                          15
Selket                       15
Anubis                     15

Information Time
Fortress War Registration Everyday, 01:00-21.00
Fortress War Friday, 19:00
Battle Arena Every 1xHour
Capture the Flag Every 1xHour

You can buy our virtual currency "Silks" through*superrewards* in different payment methods in mean and reasonable prices. Our selected list of items is fair and practical.

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