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Silkroad Private Servers

Volex-Sro | Cap 110 | Balanced System | D11 | Alchemy Notice | Free Silk/Hour | FGW | Battle Arena | Free Silk/Uniques | Coin System | Auto Equipment Coupon | Custom Scrolls | God Bless Scroll | Special Titles | Uniques Rank System | Special Npc | Auto Events Bot

Welcome To Volex Silkroad Online
At first,let us talk about Volex-Sro

*After a long time, and a huge amount of time invested, we proudly introduce a new Volex-Sro Online server,Where a large number of players can be accommodated without any defect
The most innovative private server~ with a good system work without any problems like (bugs~lagg~low protect~hacked) where we have a strong protection ,of course we promise volex-Sro will stay for a long time
and we are trying to back old-school days And of course we know that everyone misses these days so we will be happy to invite you to Volex-Sro Online and also we have more ways to the fun we balanced it (play2win) not (pay2play)
Where in Volex-Sro server you can enjoy with your favorite build we balanced it Ch like Eur and STR too will have fun like INT
be ready to start your journey in Volex and have the best moments with us..

Welcome To Volex Silkroad Online

Happy to see +300 players online at first 20 hours.
-Uniques Event

-Event Lucky-Crit

Official Date Opening
13.10.2017 20:00+GMT
About Team
* we are a Team Consists of 2 members

There will be reward for the New Players ?
we made this system for top 300 players rewards
you will get auto notice when you reached lvl 110
rewards for first 100 ( 300 silk )
rewards for second 100 ( 200 silk )
rewards for Third 100 ( 100 silk )
Then 300 players will be Just(free plvl & Title Knight)
and of course if you late Join us and Visit FB peage will found many events for you

About Fortress War
(Reward will added to Fortress War Winners)
1- Fortress war 2 Times a week Every Friday & Tuesday Time:16.30GMT+2
2- Guild Limit now 25 member
3- Fortress Now Hotan Only for more Fun
4- Reward Hotan 1250 Silk each player will get 50 Silks
5- This Rewards for the winners Only !!!

-First Fortress War

Start Items

 *10 Reverse.
*20 Instant Return Scroll
*10 Speed 100%
*1000 HP recovery potion.
*1000 MP recovery potion.
*7 days Devil's spirit.
*3 days Grab Pet.
*1M SP.
*1000 Vigor Recovery Grain
*Santa Avatar
*Auto-Equipment Scroll

Auto-Equipment Coupon
*You allowed to use this scroll for dg 9 only
-if you have dg 11 items and will use this scroll your items will change to dg9 so be careful please
-so when you have your dg9 items sell it in Npc

Server Rates

Server Features
 *Nova System.
*Auto Charge Payment on website.
*Auto Equipment System.
*Auto Notice System.
*Anti Cheat System.
*Job System.
*Silk System
*Coin System.
*2silk/1hour " when you get level 110 ".
*Silk Scroll
*Auto Events
*Weekly Events For STR & INT Players
*Special Start Way.
*Chn Skill Balanced (Def 15% & Dmg 20%)
*Forgotten World.
*Holy Water Temple.
*Battle Arena.
*STR/INT balanced.
*Exchange/Stall/Zerk bug disabled.
*Speed 250% at item mall.
*Reset MP/HP/Skills/Job,Guild Penalty/Change name Scroll/Honor Scroll/God's Blessing Scroll/Silks scroll
*Custom trade route " from alex to salt desert "

Volex Scroll
-Inventory expansion its open 3 page in your inventory

-you will have 4 page when you have a new pet from item mall

-Devil S

-God's Blessing ExTra

-Change Name ~ Honor Scroll we add Honor to be more fair for all

-Skill Reset ~ Job Reset ~ Guild Reset ~ Silk Scroll

Medusa B5 Drop ?
 *Medusa Drop Egy A- EUR-CH(Set & Acc's) 2 Parts drop 100%
-Medusa Killer Win 100 Silk Automatic

 How can I can get Special Title
You have to write for BOT titles will found more than 20 titles
and replay with any title you want from list will get auto teleport with your title
*Title Price= 300 Silk

About Coins
*There is in our server 5x Coin
 Coin                                                        Place:
[Silver&Gold HWT & Temple                Uniques
Arena Normal                                        Uniques
Iron Mobs                                                 109
Copper Mobs                                           109

Chinese balanced skill
 *We made skill balanced for Chinese lovers to be more fair server
-It opens with character create automatic ~ you don't need SP to up it.

 How i Can get Copper/Iron Coin
 *Mobs 109 Only drop Copper ~ Iron Coin

How to get arena-coin ?
*Killing normal uniques
Each unique drop 10 arena-coin " Spawn every 30 ~ 40 "mints "
 Winner reward = 8 arena coin
Loser reward = 2 arena coin
 *Battle Arena
 Winner reward = 8 arena coin
Loser reward = 2 arena coin

How i can get Silver&Gold Coin
 *You have to enter holy water temple and kill uniques to get your drops
1unique drop = 5 Silver & 5 Gold

*From Temple Uniques
Selket/Neith-Selket/Neith each Unique drop = 10 silver&10 Gold

  How i can get SILK-Immortal Stone ?
 *Silk per h
1-Unique Rank 1st-2nd-3rd
2-Auto Events
3-Titan Uniques Drop Immortal Stones with rate 30%
-Each Titan Unique give you 2 Silk.

Tai-Sui~BattleGolem Drop ?
-Tai-Sui Unique drop 5 Ice Trophy 10 Zerk Scroll/Global Chatting Spawn every 1h

-BattleGolem Drop 5 Ice Trophy 10-Global-10-Zerk Scroll spawn every 1h 

 Plus                   Rate
+1 ~ +7               100%
+8 ~ +10             40%
+11 ~ +12           30%
+13                      15%
+13 ~ +15     Advanced B

 Uniques Rank
*You can get your points From normal Uniques & Titan Uniques only because it will be Fair to (STR & INT)
 Winners Reward:
1ST 500 Silk+Title:Best Unique killer IN-[Volex-Sro]
2nd (300 Silks)
3rd (150 Silks)
  Forgotten World
 *There is no set B,but there weapon egy A and you can get it from forgotten world by picking up forgotten Talisman Cards

There is Another way to get Egy A Wepon ?
*you Can trade 1k ice Trophy from the admin for any Egy A wepon you want Tai-Sui and BattleGolem both drop 5 Ice too

Shield Egy A & Set/Accs Egy A 

White Knight / Princess Miyene
 -Each unique drop 1 reverse.& Global Chatting & Zerk scroll,
-Princess & white spawn in normal uniques place's lv 20 to 60

 STR Yuno/INT Jupiter
-Yuno for STR Players drop FGW time reset

-Jupiter for INT Players drop FGW time reset

 *PC limit = No Limit
*Zerk = every 20 sec
*Stall/Exchange = every 60 sec
*GlobaL Chatting = every 90 to avoid full Spam
*Exit/Restart = every 80 sec

 Fortress war Hammer
 *Deputy & Commander & Military only can be use we are want to back old school days .
-Price = 1500 silk.

  Special Npc&Avatars
-Page 1

-Follow Pets

-Item Mall Avatars

-Npc Avatars

Auto Events Bot
 -Trivia = Reward this event 10 Silk to winner
-Lucky number party = Reward this event 10 Silk to winner
-Uniques = Reward this event 2 Silk each Unique Killed
-Alchemy = Reward this event 50 Silk to winner
-Hide and seek = Reward this event 20 Silk to winner
-Hide and kill = Reward this event 20 Silk to winner
-Re-arrange = Reward this event 10 Silk to winner
-Search & Destroy
-Kill the GM Event
*And there weekly uniques STR/INT event and weekly pvp event.
Upcoming Updates
*will add Magic pop drop from titan unique to get rare items
*Will add change weapon style you will can change your weapon for any weapon style you want

Server Rules
To insure a better gaming experience following things are NOT allowed:
(Reason for ban - duration depending on the severeness)

- Racism towards other players/ Insulting their Religion - 15-30 days.
- Sharing account information's, Doing this is at your own risk - we won't help if people get scammed.
- Cheating, impersonating a GM, abusing bugs, Scamming - 7 days-permanent.
- Advertising other servers - permanent.
- Selling items for real money or silks , coins,characters, or accounts = ban / you can sell gold only for real money.

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Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link
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