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Silkroad Private Servers

Relevation Online | Cap 115 | Old School | Job Based | Forgetten World | Free Silk | Mixed Rates | Devil Alchemy System | Start Items | Auto Title System | Free Silk/Hour | Auto Equipment | CTF | Max Plus | Job War System | Coin System | Lottery System | Special Shop | New Scrolls | New Uniques | New Glows | Balanced System

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - Relevation Online (Cap 115)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with a lot of fun and amazing features.
Who we are ?
We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.

ِA passage to the future.

Partition #1 | Basic Information

 Partition #2 | Server Rates

Experience | Mixed Rates
Exp rate is not too high and not too low, it is the most
appropriate exp rate. It doesn't take ages to level up to the
maximum level. But in the other hand you can't reach the
maximum level in just 1-2 hours as well.

Level             Difficulty
Lv1~101          Easy
Lv101~105    Medium
Lv105~110    Hard
Lv110~115    Very Hard

Skill points experience | Rate 40x
This skill point experience rate is high enough to help you level
up with small gap, we're also giving 1m sp on the start of
the game, so you will really not have to worry about being
Full Farmed when reaching 115,
plus you can buy some skill points for some silks from Relevation Shop [Hotan]

Gold drop | Rate 3 x
A good gold drop rate to help you get enough gold to be
able to buy equipment from npc and other important things
such as pots/pills etc. We made gold drop rate pretty low
because trades are important.

Drop | Rate 15 x
Our drop rate promises to not let you down. Its not the
rate that will give you everything you were expecting to have
in just a day, but it won't disappoint you as well!

Trade | Rate 2 x
We've completely changed the trade rewards. Its like we're
forcing you to make trades.

Alchemy | Mixed Rates
The most appropriate alchemy rate. It is difficult enough to
keep you trying your equipment and not reach a satisfying
plus value in a small amount of tries. It won't drive you mad
as well since its not being that terrible as well.  
Plus      Rate
+1     100%
+2     100%
+3     100%
+4     100%
+5     40%
+6     25%
+7     15%
+8     100%
+9     10%
+10     6%
+11     3%
+12     1%
 Keep in mind that premium, lucky stones,lucky avatar and lucky buff
will give you more possibilities to success.
Partition #3 | Features

Devil Spirit alchemy system
 a system which enables you to adjust your devil spirit using those stones
they are for extra mana,extra health,extra damage on uniques and also extra blocking rate.

The Red Stone [ Devil's Spirit magic stone ]
It gives you more extra damage on uniques.

 The Purple Jewel [ Sabakun's Jewel ]
It upgrade devil spirit [ devil elixir ].
  Powerful start items
There's a powerful start items. which help you to reach max level as soon as possible
5 damage absorption/Increase Scroll
1 Avatar [ 2 Magic Options ]
20 Movement speed scrolls
10 Reverse Return scrolls
1 Monkey ability pet (3D)
10 Fast Return scrolls
20 Hwan scrolls [Zerk]
1 Devil Spirit (7D)
1 Wolf Attack pet
20 Return scrolls
1000 HP / MP

1 Million Skill Point
3 Pages Inventory
Full set sun +5 degree 1
Additional Features
Automatic Title System
Top Unique killer will get a Unique Champion title.
Top Honor rank will get a Honor Champion title.
It Refresh every Friday 3:00 PM CET

Silk per hour
You will start to get silk per hour when you get level 101+
all low levels chars won't get any silk per hour

Auto Equipment
D2 ~ D9 You will get full set seal of sun +5 full blue 100% stats
D10 you will get full set seal of sos +5 full blue 100% stats
You will start getting Auto Equipment from level 13 to level 92
every time you reach new degree, restart your client
[ level 13, 21, 29, 37, 47, 57, 69, 81, 92 ]
for CH it based on char level
for EU it based on Skills mastery level

once logout and login again new equipment will be on.
keep in mind after level 92 system will stop working for you.
System won't change your item while leveling up
expect on levels 13, 21, 29, 37, 47, 57, 69, 81, 92 it will upgrade to the new degree

HTTPS Connection
Our server website using https protocol
[ Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer ]
for secure browsing connection is fully encrypted

Carring backup
There is automatic backup system each 5 minutes which automatically uploaded on our specific ftp server.
to prevent the lose-items / rollback just like the all other servers went to.

Capture the flag
12 times per day. every 2 hours
-Who doesn't like CTF? We think everyone does, that's the
reason we have enabled it. From ctf you will receive ice trophy, will give further information later on.

Battle Arena
you will receive arena coins from it
24 times per day. every 1 hour "Different Type Arenas" 24hrs a day! & more

Max Plus +14
The max plus is +12 and you can use Elixir Advanced to add [+2]
The alchemy powder available only at Hotan Jewelry Shop

Magic Cube removed
Since no one using it, we removed it from item mall.

Exchange Delay
To avoid exchange spamming.

Stall Opening Delay
To reduce bugs.

Guild & Union Emblem Working
Like the old days!

Jupiter Enabled
You can teleport to jupiter from Lv105
To enjoy getting exp from high level monsters

Disabled D12 Sun Drop
You can get Seal of Sun Degree 12 from completing " The Sea of Resentment Collection " Quest ( Forgotten world book collection )
But at the same time you still can get Seal of Nova D12
Keep in mind that
Sereness's Tears / Commander's patch was removed from Treasure box
You can obtain them from killing Ghost Sereness Unique Only

STR Uniques Added
To give opportunity to STR's to face INT's

Egyptian Set A ( Power ) Weapons
We didn't miss the importance of power weapons
you still can obtain it by collecting [ The Greeb Abyss Book Collection ]
you can find the books at Special Shop
It's powerful than Seal of Sun D12 Weapons

Changed Your mind about your Mastery?
You can reset Skills & Mastery by only one click
[Skills and Mastery Reseter] Can be found at Special Shop

Holy water temple Reset
No more waiting, and keep fighting.

Low Level Immortal/Astral
Were removed, no more scam on low level stones.

Global Chatting Restriction
To avoid chat spam, it's require level 110+ to use Global's

Union Limit
We've set Union limit 3 guilds per union

Anti Spam Registration System
We've included mail confirmation to avoid spamming accounts register.

Trade disabled at all towns except HOTAN and JANGAN to avoid cheating
Partition #4 | Advanced Features

Job war rewarding system
 Kill to reach | Trade contribution
1.Kill to reach: Improving the job war system wasn't that easy for SRO.
but now, we have improved it a lil bit. killing uniques and having fun
will be such a good thing to do.
Moreover, there's some good inserted fun in this one..
Earn a job coins for each quest you will complete! (Ofc its limited.)

2.Trade contribution: Each trade run is epic.. but you'd wonder if there's any other reward
than just a gold.. Don't worry!! You'll earn some job coins. [ 15 job coins ]
(3+ Stars trade required / char level > 101 / Job Level 7).
Once you finished your trade restart account to receive your job coins,
then you are have to wait for 12 hours to gain any job coins from trades again
This system keeps the server active with jobwars and trade runs,
also you can buy much more items.
To avoid bugs we removed all gold trans pets " only silk trans pet available
one of them is available for gold
only Jangan&Hotan Merchants available

also don't forget to use Job Reward Scroll to get the Job coins
Kill to gain silk
 Every unique you kill you gain silk
  Lottery system
 Oh, it's ordinary.. but it's not here. Our lottery system is other way to get job coin
so it makes sure you will enjoy every single opportunity in our server as well as you shall know. it's only given in events.

  1. Relevation Shop [ Hotan ]
 It sells d11/d12 stones / forgotten world dimension
uniques scrolls / old job suit for chinese / skill scrolls
also it have new quests for job coin and zerk scrolls

 Magic stone
 Attribute stone
2. Special Shop [ Hotan ]
 It sells un-tradable Items for Job Coin / Silk and Books to get Power D12
special avatar / fellow pet / silk scrolls [ tradable ]
devil stones [ Devil's Spirit magic-stone - Sabakun's Jewel ] and more..


Premium gold PLUS Disabled
EU/CHN Skills Balance
We've balanced chinese skills with eu skills
New Area & Teleports
In Jangan town, there are many teleports which are really got some profit for player himself.
Which makes the gameplay easier and more funny than have ever been.
You shall set back and enjoy the new teleports & new area.

1. New Job Area [ Colosseum, Desert, Palace ]
you can't teleport If you aren't wearing a job suit.
A. Colosseum

B. Desert

C. Palace

2. Event Arena & Unique Arena & New Teleports
A. Event Arena

B. Unique Arena

C. New Teleports


New Scrolls
1.Silk Scroll ( Special Shop )
2.Skill Point Scroll ( Relevation Shop )
3.Stat Reset Scroll ( Special Shop )
4.Mastery and Stat Reset Scroll ( Special Shop )
5.Holy water temple Reset Scroll ( Special Shop )
6.Forgotten wolrd Reset Scroll ( Special -> Item Mall )
7.Unique Scrolls ( Relevation shop )
New Uniques
There is new uniques drop some special items
1. The 5 Uniques
Difficulty : Easy
Level 100 Uniques, drop immortal, coins and global.
1. Rage cloud
Location : Jangan

2. White Knight
Location : Jangan

3. Battle Golem
Location : Constantinople

4. Princess Miyene
Location : Hotan

5. Senior General
Location : Donwhang

the red point is the spawn spot

2. Job Uniques
Difficulty : Hard
11 of Level 110 Uniques which drop job coin,
Also some new quests require to kill some of them [ Teleport from jangan ]
 I)Left Side 3 Uniques - II)Right Side 3 Uniques - III)Middle 1 Unique

Left Side Uniques
Arabia ( Penon ) at X:21415 Y:1430

Arabia ( Ong ) at X:21415 Y:1350

Arabia (Mage) at X:21415 Y:1270

Right Side Uniques
Arabia (Guard ) at X:21210 Y:1430

Arabia ( Hunter ) at X:21210 Y:1350

Arabia ( Knight ) at X:21210 Y:1270

Middle Unique
Arabia ( Planar ) at X:21312 Y:1351

 I)Left Side 1 Unique - II)Right Side 1 Unique - III)Middle 1 Unique
Left Side Unique
Arabia (Koko) X:19560 Y:1440

Right Side Unique
Arabia (Solide) X:19415 Y:1440

Middle Unique
Arabia (Berserk) X:19485 Y:1455

 I)Middle 1 Unique
Arabia (Demon) X:20320 Y:1400

3. Kidemonas
Difficulty : Hard
 Level 110 Unique drops immortal, coins and global.
Location : Unique Arena [ Teleport from jangan ]

4. Jupiter Uniques
Difficulty : Hard
Baal - Yuno - Jupiter - Zielkiaxe
Working Events
Our Events Managers are offering you a bunch of amazing events
which keeps the game fresh and keeps you entertained.

Rise of The Uniques
Events Managers will spawn alot of uniques in game
The one who kills Over Powered or strong Uniques
will get a reward he and his party members.

Search and Destroy
Event Managers will spawn a unique at a location
they will give you some hints and you have to find out where
the unique is.

Trivia Event
Our Event Managers will ask some questions
and you will have to reply in globals.

Hide and Seek Event
Our Event Managers will hide in some where around the map
give you hints and you will have to find them.

Alchemy Event
Our Events Managers will ask for a random weapon or set piece
they will state the degree and + they want
first one to deliver the stated piece will win.

PVP Event
the pvp Event will be held every 2 weeks
Every race got its own event.
Partition #5 | Special Features

Forgotten World Time Reset
you don't have to wait 5 hours between every forgotten world anymore
Forgotten world time reseter can found in item mall

Pet with 2 pages
You may forgot that pets have 2 pages because most of the
servers are just enabling 1 pet page. We proudly inform you
that the pets on revelation will have 2 pages of inventory so you will not feel full!

Stall limit 500b
We have changed stall limit to 500 billion gold to avoid scamming.

New Quests
There is new quests which gives you [ job coin, hwan scroll or job lottery ]
you will find them on relevation shop [ hotan ]

NPC Items
Sun Items +7 in NPC's From Degree 1 To Degree 9
Also weapons degree 10 sos +5 At Alexandra NPC's

Angel Spirit
We've added angel spirit to item mall for 250 silk only.
New glows
We've change the plus glows to better glows
Lately glows on several servers have been
edited to a level that makes you sick, we think everyone
will like our new glows..

Updating Image
Max Stack
Also Vigor & Speed Drug & many other items have high max stack
Ultra Lucky Buff
Alchemy is important, we've added Ultra lucky buff available for all builds at level 110
it gives 10% of lucky and 10% of Alchemy probability

List of Unique's Coin Drops
These uniques also drop globals, job tablet and job elements
and gives silks

Partition #6 | Simple Features

Server specifications
#                                        #
Ram                                 32GB
DDos Protection                 ☑
Internet Down/Up link     1Gb/s
Location                         Europe/Berlin
Processor                   Intel Xeon E3 v3
Language Support
Language      Availability
English                  ☑
Arabic                   ☑
Spanish                 ☐
Portuguese           ☐
Dutch                    ☐
Turkish                 ☐
German               ☐
Romanian            ☐
Fortress War
 Event              Time
Register       Everyday
Tax                Everyday
Fortress          Saturday
Time           20:30 ~ 22:00
Time Zone        UTC+2
 Keep in mind that fortress war duration is only 1 hour and 30 minutes
Every member in the winning guild earn a immortal stone degree 12 " Untradable "

  In game rules
 WARNING! Knowledge of the Rules is MANDATORY for every player! If you say "I didn't know it wasn't allowed", etc. it will NOT be any excuse! You will be punished/banned/kicked!
Bot Rules :
start your bot in allowed places only
  • Punishment up to ban 100 years
  • Chat Rules :
    1. Spam is forbidden
    2. Speak English on globals
    3. Insult is forbidden
    4. ِAdvertising for another servers is forbidden
    5. Racism is forbidden
  • Punishment up to chat block or ban depends on which rules you didn't follow
  • Server Rules :
    1. Job Cheating, Exploiting is forbidden
    2. Scamming is forbidden
    Read more : Click here
    3. Tips to protect your account Click here
  • Punishment up to ban 100 years
  Kknowledge Base
 Q.How to get Job coins?
A.There is several ways to get job coin,
 The most common way is special goods trading
Traders,Hunters and thief's earns 15 job coins every time they finish a trade
Keep in mind that,
-Minimum level to get job coins from trades is 101
-You have to be level 7 trader/thief/hunter
-The trade must be 3 stars or more

The **maximum** amount to earn per day is 30 job coins ( two trades )
one trade every 12 hours

The second way is hunting Uniques
There is some uniques which drop job coins
1. Ghost Sereness
2. Arabia (Berserk)
3. Arabia (Koko)
4. Arabia (Solide)
5. Arabia (Goat Demon)
6. Arabia (Guard)
7. Arabia (Hunter)
8. Arabia (Knight)
9. Arabia (Mage)
10. Arabia (Ong)
11. Arabia (Penon)
12. Arabia (Planar)

The third way is job coin lottery
Job coin lottery is a scroll gives you a random amount of job coins
the only way to obtain this scroll is
Tablet of Job
when you fuse the tablet of job it generates job coin lottery scroll

How to get Tablet of Job ?
It drops from 4 Uniques
1. Neith
2. Selket
3. Isis
4. Anubis
Drop rate : Up to 70%
also drops from STR type of same uniques

How to get Tablet of Job Elements ?
There is 4 Elements to fuse Tablet of Job
1. Element of Wisdom
2. Element of Enlightenment
3. Element of Darkness
4. Element of Brutality

These elements drops from these uniques
1. Arabia (Berserk)
2. Arabia (Koko)
3. Arabia (Solide)
4. Arabia (Goat Demon)
5. Arabia (Guard)
6. Arabia (Hunter)
7. Arabia (Knight)
8. Arabia (Mage)
9. Arabia (Ong)
10. Arabia (Penon)
11. Arabia (Planar)
Drop rate : up to 70%

The fourth way is Special Quests
There is 8 special quests that gives you job coin rewards
you can talk to Relevation Shop NPC
to start these quests
1. Desert Unique Quest
2. Berserk Unique Quest
3. Planar Unique Quest
4. Colosseum Unique Quest
5. Palace Unique Quest
6. Hunter Unique Quest
7. Ong Unique Quest
8. Knight Unique Quest

You can repeact each quest 4 times
and every time you complete a quest it gives you 50 Job coin as a reward

The fifth way is purchase job coin
Since job coin is untradable,
you can purchase job coin from Special Shop NPC
it's absolutely very expensive and inefficient way
but you can use when you are in need of small amount of job coins

It's costs you
100,000,000 Gold
1 Iron Coin
1 Arena Coin
1 Silver Coin
1 Gold Coin
to get 1 Job coin

we don't recommend using this way alot
since it's resource consuming way

About us
 Team Members
 Greeting Mortals,
It's [GM]Terriom, the owner of Relevation
I have been in the Silkroad community for 10 years now.
I have been in the vsro develop community for 5 years now.
My main goal is to give you the best silkroad gaming experience
I will not disappoint you, i will work hard to keep the server working
perfectly with 0 bugs, 0 downtime.
Have a good day
 About Relevation
We're a team of professional/experienced guys that promise you the best possible services .As a team we can comfortably tell you that each of us gave his best to make this server the best silkroad experience you will ever have on your silkroad trip. Providing an extremely fun to play server with features you will never forget.
 * Warning * Thread still under construction keep in touch with us for updates

 Coming Updates
• A̶l̶c̶h̶e̶m̶y̶ ̶N̶o̶t̶i̶c̶e̶
• Fix Purification pill bug and reduce the cooldown
• Fix Mirror Dimension " Jupiter ", Palace, Colosseum and Desert monster disappear problem
• Upgrade elixir drop rate

Will be added to thread
• Information about silk scrolls.
• Information about balanced skills.
• Information about donate list and the special title system
• Information about our website features
• Add popular Questions & Answers
• G̶l̶o̶w̶s̶ and in-game pictures
• M̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶d̶e̶t̶a̶i̶l̶s̶ ̶a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶F̶o̶r̶t̶r̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶&̶ ̶F̶o̶r̶t̶r̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶r̶e̶w̶a̶r̶d̶

• HWID Limit
• Disable STR Uniques Spawn
• Double STR Uniques HP
• Advanced filter protection

• Guild/Union Emplem back to work
• Added 200% Speed at Jewelly NPC " Drug of Wind "
• Fortress Registration open until Saturday 6:00 PM
• Fortress starts Saturday 7:30 PM
• Fixed Auto Equipment (NO MORE Bugs)
• Alchemy Notice ( Plus 10+ without adv or Plus 12+ with adv )
• 1.It's now automated process
2.If you have any issue with the automated process
you can do it manually by two methods
A) from Auto Equipment Coupon
you can find it at "Relevation NPC"
B) also you can do it directly from our website ->
manage account * scroll down * -> Auto Equipment
insert your charname and press OK then teleport ingame.

•HP / MP Stack to 5000
•Vigor Stack to 5000
•Speed Drug stack to 50
•Return scrolls stack to 500
•Pet Recovery Kit stack to 5000
•Fixed Phy Def in STR Uniques
•Fixed Skill point scrolls
•Website Update
-Added Job Statistics to show percentage of each job type
-Added skill point feature
-you can get 50,000 skill points for free twice a day ( every 12 hour )
-check manage account page

•Stack of Vigor ( Large/ X-Large ) to 5000
•Changed cooldown of Traps ( Zerk Quest ) to 25 seconds instead of 60 seconds
•Fixed Captcha bug at login specially while using bot ( Captcha removed )
•Auto Alchemy Notice working now fine after +10 without adv or +12 with adv
•Server must be working smoothly without DC now

• Silk Mining,
Now you can mine silk and earn free silks from our website
* Manage account tab *
• Upgrade System,
Now you can upgrade any degree 12 seal of nova +8 to degree 12 seal of moon +0
with the same stats and blue
also you can now upgrade 3 of degree 12 advanced elixir class A to 1 of degree 12 advanced elixir Class B
Upgrade scroll can be found at Relevation Shop, Scrolls tab
• Coins Rate,
Increased Isis/Anubis/Neith/Selket Silver/Gold Coin Drop Rate
• Books Rate,
Increased Commander's Patch/ Sereness tear's Drop Rate
• Added Protector/Accessory Shop to Hotan ,
Selling Seal of Sun D12 Protector/Accessory for coins
• Fixed Auto Equipment Coupon
• Add Arena Coins Drop to Holy Water Temple Uniques
• Changed Chinese Force Skill Source Therapy prevention from level 113 to 120
• Fixed Uniques Scroll cooldown [ 6 hours ]

• Added D12 Gender Switch to Item Mall,
• Added Avatar,Devil, Angel Spirit Gender Switch to Item Mall,
Now you can switch gender any avatar/devil/angel
• Added New 2 Uniques Level 125 (Karkadann & Khulood),
Drops ( Global, D12 Immortal, Gold Coin, Silver Coin, Arena Coin )
Silver Coin, Gold Coin, Arena Coin, Global Drop Chance 50% ( max amount 5 )
D12 Immortal Drop Chance 50% ( max amount 1 ),
Karkadann Spawns at Forbidden plain ( Alex South ) Every 12 hour
Khulood Spawns at Abu Mena Ruin ( Alex South ) Every 12 hour
• Added Countess Avatar to Item Mall [ Available for 15 days only ] ,
• Added Job Reward Status for Trades at Website * Manage Tab *

• Fixed Trader Teleport Bug & Alexandria Teleport
• Added Vote4Silk System
• Added Automated Events
 Automated Events List :
Search and Destroy, Time : 00:00:00,Everyday
Kill the GM, Time : 01:00:00,Everyday
Most wanted, Time : 02:00:00,Everyday
Search and Destroy, Time : 03:00:00,Everyday
Kill the GM, Time : 04:00:00,Everyday
Most wanted, Time : 05:00:00,Everyday
Search and Destroy, Time : 06:00:00,Everyday
Kill the GM, Time : 07:00:00,Everyday
Most wanted, Time : 08:00:00,Everyday
Search and Destroy, Time : 09:00:00,Everyday
Kill the GM, Time : 10:00:00,Everyday
Most wanted, Time : 11:00:00,Everyday
Search and Destroy, Time : 12:00:00,Everyday
Kill the GM, Time : 13:00:00,Everyday
Most wanted, Time : 14:00:00,Everyday
Search and Destroy, Time : 15:00:00,Everyday
Kill the GM, Time : 16:00:00,Everyday
Most wanted, Time : 17:00:00,Everyday
Search and Destroy, Time : 18:00:00,Everyday
Kill the GM, Time : 19:00:00,Everyday
PVP, Time : 20:30:00,Friday
Most wanted, Time : 20:00:00,Everyday
Search and Destroy, Time : 21:00:00,Everyday
Kill the GM, Time : 22:00:00,Everyday
Most wanted, Time : 23:00:00,Everyday

Rewards Per Round:
Search and Destroy [ 10 Zerk Potion ]
Kill the GM [ 10 Reverse ]
Most Wanted [ 10 Globals ]

PVP [ 50 silk ]
Kill GM 5 Rounds 5 minutes each round
Search and destroy 3 Rounds 10 minutes each round
Most wanted 3 Rounds 10 minutes each round
PVP 10 minutes each round

• Added untradable globals for 25 silk to item mall.
• Fixed holy knight avatar color
• Changed required level to use global to 90 instead of 110
• Adjusted stats of seal of moon items to be more powerful than level 115 normal items
• Fixed some in-game bugs

• Automatically fortress reward distribution.
• Increase Coins/Talismans drop rate.
• Fixed trade reward system
• Edit Job/HWT Uniques/Treasury box/Ghost sereness level to 110
• Fixed Taese summon scroll [ the current one max level is 110, you can upgrade it to level 115 by upgrade scroll ]
• Fixed accessory 100% stats bug
• Fixed D12 shields blocking rate / weapons critical rate
• Fixed Auto Events [Trivia / S&D / Most wanted / Kill the BOT / Uniques]
• Updated Warlock division to level 12
• Added Angel Wing Avatar to Item mall valid till 1 of Feb. 2018
• Removed Countess Avatar from Item mall
• Enabled Academy / Honor ranking again

• Added Job Reward Scroll to Relevation Shop ( Scrolls tab )
• Fixed D12 Protector/Accessory Sun NPC
• Fixed drop rates for coins/talismans

•Upgraded Warlock/Force to Lv 12
•Fixed Auto Event Bug


Feel free to leave any comment/suggestion below.
We really want to hear your voice. Make us Better!
We even accept bad comments
Your Sincerely,
Revelation Team.

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