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Silkroad Private Servers

Obsidian Network Gaming | Cap 110 | Long Term | Play2Win | Pc Limit | Ip Limit | Devil Lucky Powder | Holy Water Temple | Mid Rates | Capture The Flag | Free Silk/Hour | Max Plus | Fortress War | Start Items | Start Area | Auto Equipment | Honor Buff | Forgotten World | Custom Scrolls | Survival Arena | Unique Rank | Coin System | Balanced System | New Quests | Silk Scroll Quest | Magic Pop | Custom Npc | New Vehicles

Hello Everyone,
welcome to Obsidian-Network!

Obsidian is a long term game which is based on teamwork and cooperation between players we know that some players like drop system others like coin and trade system so we decided to make a multi system in order to make players extremely excited.We Created this system specialty for you in order to participate in the battle and to make a name for your self in the game .

About the beta version
I would like to explain to you that the server was opened for the experiment from 31/1/2018 to 11/2/2018
♦ The amendment was as follows:
A- Done Fix emblems guild and union
B- Done increase rate Exp solo = 70x Exp Party= 80x
C- Done Decrease rate drop items EGY A in mobs Alexandria
D- Set Pc Limited= 3 ( you can only open 3 Characters in same Pc
E- Set ip Limited = 10
F- Add Drop Devil lucky powder in Holy water temple
We started testing and tweaking the server quite a while ago but now finally we can proclaim that the Server will officially open on 13/02/2018!
-But we must direct your attention that it will not be erased
During the previous trial period. In order to have justice. And not wasting the efforts of others during the experiment
We hope you will like what we offer you
When we decided to set up Obsidian , we took great care to protect him from childish intrusions
So we have decided to close all gaps that can be exploited in the penetration
It also protects the server with the most powerful protection files ever released from hyperfilter company
-So I would like to reassure your customers that you will enjoy your safety
We gave you helpful items in order to help you to start your journey in the game

Start Area
Here Where Characters Start Their Journey So we added two new areas one for ch and other one for eu in order to start the beginner's quest
Beginner's Quest
There are two teleports one for ch the other for eu and you enter this room via key
there is key for Europe and key for China and this room you enter it one time only

Key of China

Key of Europe

This keys is added in start items according to your char
  Beginner's Quest
 Auto Equipment
Auto Equipment items will help you in your journey from DG 1 ~ DG9
you will get every degree Seal of moon +6 with 41% stats

New Job Temple For Lv 110
We created new temple for job players inside this temple you will find crazy murder mobs which drop job coin and magic pop card
Honor Buff Forgotten World
You Must Collect 8 Cards And deliver them to guild manger in hotan

Useful Scrolls
 Survival Arena

Holly Water Temple Teleport

New Mastery For Ch

♈ Explain About [GA]Helper and [GA]System

♈ How you can get Gold coin by your Job

♈ How you can Win ( Silk or Gold ) From PVP

As has been Added Unique Rank
The Reward are weekly in an automatic manner

Link Unique Rank

This System Specially for the first 300 players which reach 110  https://i.imgur.com/Ryw03WK.png
► How i can get Normal items D11 ?
→ When you reach Lv 110 you will find NPc in Alexandria North Town
you can buy nomal items D11 by 1 gold

► How i can get Nova items D11 ?
→ you will Find NPC in Alexandria North town have all nova items D11
you can buy it by 30 Millions

► How i can get EGY A items D11 ?
→ Egy A Items Drop From All Mobs in Alexandria with medium rates

► How i can get EGY B items D11 ?
→ You can get Egy B Set And Accessory With Coins
Each part in set you can buy it with copper coin & silver coin & job coin
→ For the accessory each part you can buy it with copper coin & arena coin & gold coin
→ Egy B weapon you can get from forgetten world collection
and you can get it from Upgrade System too
→ When you Success in making egy A weapon +12 No Advance you can use upgrade scroll and you will receive egy B weapon +9 you ust wear the weapon before using this scroll

► How i can get Coins ?
Gold Coins from :
1- Daily Quest in new Job temple Lv 110 you will reward 50 Gold coins
2- From Battle Arena & CTF match
3- Soon We will add System Trade Each star will get Gold coins too

Silver Coins from :
it's Drop from Mobs 109 in Alexandria Map with Medium rate
Job Coins from :
From New Job temple Lv 110 with High rates
Arena & Copper Coins from :
All unique Lv 110 Like ( Giant demon - Mad general - Jupiter ..... )

► How i can get Magic & Attribute Stone ?
→ it's Drop from all mobs Alexandria Map with good rate

► How i can get Free Silk ?
→ You can get Free Silk From :
1- Quest Daily you will finish it when you reach Lv 110 will be get 10 Silk
2- You will get 2 silk per hour online
3- Soon we will Add unique rank system Automatic reward

► How i can get ADV +2 & +3 ?
→ ADV+2 From NPC with gold and you can destroy items D10 to get it too
→ ADV+3 it's Drop from Unique Job temple 105 Like ( Isis - Anubis ..... )

In Order to increase the activity we created 5 new quests
Gold Coin quest
Honor Buff Fgw quest
And 3 Title Name quests
Obsidian Magician (Lv 105)
Invincible (Lv107)
Emperor Of Obsidian (Lv 110)
10 Silk Scroll Quest (Lv 110)

 Gold Coin Quest
 In this quest you have to collect 100 quest items from mobs in new job temple lvl 110

 Honor Buff Fgw Quest
 This Quest you will make it to get honor buff forgotten world dimension hole in this quest you have to kill 1000 Slyakneth mobs which appear in salt post
We found that the basic system on which Obsidian depends on is to increase the efficiency and activity to the maximum extent.Therefore, we decided not to put the Title name scrolls like the traditional way so we created three quests for each lvl 105 & 107 & 110

Obsidian Magician (Lv 105)
In this quest you have to collect 50 penon's soul and kill 2 sphinx and osiris

 Invincible title (Lv 107)

in this quest you have to collect 100 tenen's blood & kill 1 panda kung foo in survival arena palace & kill 1 babilion in survival arena and kill 5 normal isyutaru

 Emperor Of Obsidian (Lv 110)
 In this quest you have to collect 300 akeru stone in mobs 109 alex and kill 1 medusa in b4
1 isis and collect 1 emperor's crown in 105 job temple in mobs 106

 Silk Scroll Quest
 In this quest you have to collect 300 Niya Hunter's Bow

Reward 2 5Silk Scroll
Uniques have important role in any game also our game uniques are one of the most important things that will help you to become top player
All the uniques Drop 15 Copper and 15 arena Coins they spawn every 4 hours each unique has 3 places which when the unique is dead it can spawn at one of the 3 places randomly


Magic POP c nowadays became useless and no one uses it but we revived this system again to help the players you can get Magic POP cards from new job temple Lv 110 drop in mobs there

You can play on avatars and immortal stone


◕ Last Informations
◕ Main Town: Alexandria
◕ Fortress War : Hotan
Register Date: Wednesday and Thursday From 10 Am to 10Pm
Fw Time: Friday At 7 Pm (GMT+2)

This is only the start we promise you that we will keep developing and creation of new features

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link
YouTube: Link

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