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Azgard[PVP]»110CAP»FreeSilks»FGW»System»FW»Coin»Join US!»»

Hello,I'm glad i could introduce you the PvP Server(Azgard-SRO)
Well , here we go
(Special thanks to Legendary for helping us with this banner)


This Server is lv 110 cap PvP server(PlayerVsPlayer)
featuring new things.
Which is:
[*]Coin system,
Explain :
You go to Kill Tai-Sui infront of jangan south gate, it drops about 10 AZ Points.,also, you can go to Job Caves, And temple of water. and kill uniques and mobs to drop Az Points(P.S=Rate for Mobs is alot lower than uniques.,then you can go to NpC's of Jangan and get your desired item with AZ points.
Accessories :
Weapons :
Armors(CHN+EUR) : 
No screens available ^^
New Avatars
Screens :

Type : PvP
Lv Cap : 110
Skill Cap : 110
EXP rate : 3X(PvP)
 DropRate: 120X.
GoldDropRate :120X.
Magic POP rate : 100% 
No Job Penalities.
Job Rate : 250X


[GM]Knight : Web Coder+Designer
[GM]Death : Pk2 Editor,Database Editor
[GM]Borat : Server Manager.


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Hope to see you there Any comments suggestions, would be completely accepted if its nice enough Regards,  

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