ft SX SRO Cap 120 / D12/D13 Custom items / New maps / New mobs / Vote 4 silks / 1 silk per hour / 20 silks per full vote ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

SX SRO Cap 120 / D12/D13 Custom items / New maps / New mobs / Vote 4 silks / 1 silk per hour / 20 silks per full vote


Hello Everyone! After a lot of work and testing we have finally finished Developing SxSro Online.
It is a High Rate PvE/PvP fun server that is not based on donations only. I am sure you will have a great time.

AMD Athlon™ II X4
Quantity Quad-Core
Clock Rate 4x 2.3 GHz
Main Memory
Capacity 24 GB
Hard Disks
Quantity 2
Capacity 1,500 GB
Type SATA II, 5,400 rpm, 8 MB
RAID RAID 1 by software
Chipset AMD 785G
Network Broadcom BCM57780
Data Transfer unlimited
Type Flatrate
Switch Port 100 MBit
External Connections over 150 GBit

Website: Sx Offical Website
Register on SX-SRO here
High speed download on FTP /Multiupload and many others:
Media fire in parts :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
PArt 6
Part 7
Part 8
1 Link !
Media.Pk2 : (better to have the full client to not be under crash mood !)
Part 1
Part 2

Good evening everyone. I would like to present my server that is finally finished. During the next 4-5 days we will be in BETA testing, but after that we will NOT reset the accounts, you will keep your accounts, and free silk will still be applied. We are not like the other servers out there, I have a 18 month contract with my community, so this is planned to be a long term server, not a short term server like most of them around. This is not going to be our only server, just the first out of many others.
Dedicated Lag-less hosting and 24/7 Online Support
120 Level Cap & 120 Skills & Fellow Pets & New Maps & Custom Quests & Custom mobs.
Good and Friendly Staff Members
Great English Speaking Community
New Content added all the time
Custom Features
Clean and amazing game play

Level Cap : 120
Skill Cap : 120
Exp&Sp Rate : 100x
Party Rate : 125x
Drop Rate : 30x
Gold Drop Rate : 20x
SOX Rate : x5
MagicPOP Rate : x3
Alchemy Rate : x2
Gear Cap : D13 - D12

ITEM D13 can selling it for a Gold - Silver coins can be geting from Unique's hunting Jupiter Cave's and Job Cave also u can get D13 buy collect the 8 books of the FGW ShipWerck

Tip For Spam about Free Silks:
Vote4Silk for First 200 Players can get 20Silk per 12Hour + 1Silk per Hour+ Randomly selecting on 10 silk every an hour !
Vote 4Silk - Every 12h u can get 20Silks
7 New Towns
New Fellow Pets
All the latest avatars
Battle Arena | CTF | Fortress War | Snow Event
Custom Titles
Custom Client
Stackable Elixers and Stones
Custom Glows From +10 to +18
PvP Map[Zone]
Job Map[Zone]
Unique Map[Zone]
AFK/Stalling Map[Zone]
KideMonas Map[Zone]
                       Now i leave you with some Pics of Game Side


Daan- Website Designer
Div - Developer/ Media.pk2 Editor

Div - Tech Support
Force- Event Manager
Cronos - Game Master - Customer Support
Nuclear - Community Manager - Customer Support

Force - Arabic

Cronos - English & Serbian

Daan - English & German

Nuclear - English & Romanian

Q & A:

Q: How can you afford this server for a long term?
A: I have my connections to dedicated servers, I am just trying my best to make sure that there are stable free servers, since on every advertising thread there is someone posting "free silk?".

Q: After the BETA testing are you going to wipe the server?
A: No. It is not a beta server. Never going to wipe DataBase. We even do back-ups every hour to make sure nothing is lost.

Q: How long is this server going to be out? I don't want to play any short term servers anymore!
A: This server will be out there for a long time, don't let that be your worry.

Q: Are you going to update this server with new things?
A: Yes, I will develop my own new things, and if there are cool things released, of course I will update this server daily with new updates.

Q: Are there weekly server inspection like iSRO? Or is there random update times?
A: There will be a time set weekly to update everything and back-up the data. New avatars will be added weekly. (custom) and/or (previously released on iSRO).

Q: Do we have to donate to be the best players in the server?
A: No you do not. There are plenty of other ways to become top players in the server. We are selling Top Coins, with which you can buy you cool avatars etc. Battle Arena is always the second option for getting Coins.

Q: Do you guys have any cool types of events in mind? Unlike unique's 24/7?
A: Yes we do, we have a nice team that can discover/develop our own types of events. Our Staff will make sure you will have lots of events and a great time.

Q: Are there custom titles for doing such things in-game?
A: Yes there will be, for the players who donate 50€ and above will be able to pick their own custom titles, as long as it's not past 12 characters, and not racism or anything against the rules.

Q: Can we sell in-game items for real money? Or for in-game currency only?
A:I wouldn't like any of you to get scammed, so for the sake of not making trouble for everyone I will forbid that.

Q: Do you guys allow botting?
A: We do allow bots. We disallow bug abuse through third party programs though.

Q: How can we be sure there won't be any corruption in the server?
A: Every Staff Member is an Experienced Person with a Moderating History. You don't have to worry about that. I personally check their moves every once in a while.
Q: How do we know you won't corrupt your server?
A: I have many other things to do rather than play my own server, I am beginning development of my second server right now as well, but I'll crash along sometimes to see how things are going.

Q: How long does it take until we receive our currency?
A: Normally minutes to hours, but depends on the payment option you use, ( as you all know Paypal takes the longest due to charge back issues ).

Q: Are you guys recruiting for support?
A: We might begin recruiting for in-game support later on, depends how the server does.

Have Fun
Hope u going to Enjoy Our Game Sx SRo Online
Try to invite ur Friends there more things coming xD
if u wanna Contact Sx SRo Online on skype: Div.sro
Edit : about donation system its working 100% payment wall alot of methods ! u can found there


Developer(Asro-Jae Sro)
VsroFiles - Pk2Edits - Php Edit's
Under Development
Put our logo in ur Signature if you one of our player of Sx-Sro if u wanna see the server become of the best server's

Atlantis Sro just click on Here$#!@!@$#

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