ft EpicRoad(Gaia) - 80 Cap - only CH - PVP server -instant lvl 80- epic battles - great features - Join us! ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

EpicRoad(Gaia) - 80 Cap - only CH - PVP server -instant lvl 80- epic battles - great features - Join us!

Website: UNDER CONSTRUCTION (under construction, as soon as it's done, Prvsro backlink will be added)
Registration: EpicRoad registration
Mirror 1 (FTP):
Mirror 2 (HTTP): http://www.epicroad.eu/EpicRoad.rar

Basic information:
  • Level cap: 80
  • EXP rate: you start at Level 80
  • Drop rate: 20x
  • Gold drop rate: 20x
  • Races: Chinese
  • Slots: 1000
  • Based on VSRO 1.188

You start with:
  • Level 80
  • 3 million SP
  • 5% Devil Spirit
  • 1 billion gold
  • 3 page Inventory

Notable features:
  • New quests have been added. Example: for killing Lord Yarkan, you will receive the "Bone Lord Slayer" title.
  • Special title system: we have added over 100 new titles (such as Assassin, Templar, etc.), and you can get them by exchanging 25 Epic Tokens at our special NPCs.
  • You start at a special PVP zone.
  • You can purchase Degree 8 last tier items for free from the NPCs. They are +5 and full blue, with 50% white stats.
  • Degree 8 Seal of Moon and Sun items can be purchased for Epic Tokens, which can be obtained from Battle Arena, uniques, events and by donating. You can easily get a full Seal of Moon set in a few days, just by playing Battle Arena.
  • There is no free Silk. However, most of the Silk items (Reverse Return Scrolls, Global Chat, Avatars, etc.) can be purchased for gold. Premium and Devil Spirit can be purchased for Epic Tokens.
  • You can also purchase Elixirs from our special NPCs. However, the alchemy rates are not increased, as we don't want +20 items on a PVP server.
  • Grab pets, clocks and Devil Spirit Extension are free. You can enjoy full time grab pets and permanent 5% DS at all time.
  • Battle Arena is every 4 hours (random, party, job / CTF and Score).
  • Fortress war is once a week.
  • We keep our client up to date. All the latest avatars, pets are added.
  • Active ingame GMs, with great support.
  • Daily events with nice rewards.

Note: the skills are added up to Level 120, because soon we will open 100/110/120 servers too. The mastery shows as 360, but the mastery limit is 300 for chinese characters!

Some screenshots:

Server team:

Name Age Sex Country Role Ingame name 
Wong23MChinaProject manager-
Marcel19MGermanyDB admin-
Feng18MChinaPK2 editor-

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