ft GalaxySRO - FornaX | Cap 140 | Special Server | Free Silk/Hour | New Special Quests | New Special Effects | New Avatars | 140% Speed Scroll ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

GalaxySRO - FornaX | Cap 140 | Special Server | Free Silk/Hour | New Special Quests | New Special Effects | New Avatars | 140% Speed Scroll

Basic information!
(Indicators : Free silk,New Unique,job quests,Classic Gameplay,New "Legend" Weapons,Job Cave,Coins]
Cap : 140
Exp/Sp: 300
Party Exp/SP : 350
Drop : 25
Gold drop : 10
Corrupt gms ? : No
Stall Limit : 500.000.000.000 ( 500b)
Exchange limit : Default
Skill Cap : 140 !
Level 125 -> 140 custom skills totally new animations !
Mastery Limit : Ch/420 Eu/280 (with nornam skill levels.. like lv123,lv136 etc.. not only lv120 like other shit srv..-.-")
Free silk: Yes
Arena-s : Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Cons.,Jangan and Hotan,Alexandria,Jupiter,Baghdad,GM Room
Alchemy from 1 to 7 70-100%, 7->12 50% 12-16 isro rate

Website : GalaxySro - FornaX
Register : GalaxySro - Andromeda
Download : GalaxySro - FornaX

Login screen

Why this server? Is it better than others? WHY?
- 0 corruption! Our game admins dont have /make item authority! + We have a new better log system!
- We have avarage ~ 1000 online players (Pegasus + FornaX)
- We are "here" more than 1 year

Starter items:
Depend you class what you created Seal of Sun Items
example.. if u created garment blader ur starter items will be :
Seal Of Sun +12 Garment sett + Sun +12 Blade/Sword
(you can use after u finished the "starter" quest)
Avatar for CH characters -> Ch wedding dress
Avatar for EU characters -> Eu wedding dress

All cast(character)
120% 15Hours speed scroll
3days grab pet
2 Page inventory
7days Spirit
+150 sett (100% stat)
20% damage scrolls
instant return scroll
500 hp / mp potion

Starter room
You char will start here

You need accept the quest, and need kill 10 "starter" mobs


and you will receive ur rewards (gold + 250k sp + Level up to lvl 57!

Tons of new avatars added

Totally new Sox Effects
Totally new Glows

Only Seal of Moon available (sun effect) ! NO SUN AVAILABLE !

New skills between 120 and 140 !
like Meteor Rain

or thunderbolt

and new imbues (ch)

of course more skills....
-Totally new skills (new animations too ! )

and others.. like
- new strongbow,heaven,new hawk summon,new knockdown,down attack,new force skills
-new recovery, new wizzard skills, totally new effects ! , new bless, noise over lv140,
-new warrior,crossbow,dagger,xbox skills!(old skill up to 140! )

Old skills can be up to lv 140(both cast) ! ( 130-140 effects ! [stun,bleed, etc.. ]
ofc debuff skills too!

Each skill has new "colored mode"
( check it if u interested !)


- Angel spirits available too

and a special angel spirits called "Spirit of God, Spirit of Chaos, Spirit of God of War"

This server is Arena based!
You can buy : Magic powders,Tablets from npc (NEED ARENA COINS!) +1 -> CTF 1kill 1 arena coin

- New wings available too

- ALL Fellow pets!! ( With working attack + Ride + special effects)
[ The fellow pets have special NEW animation ]

- And special fellow pets, with special skins
Blue Phoenix

Light Phoenix

- Premium Super WITH Vip "Effects" over ur head (like gm effects)
(don't have "unfair" stats!)

- New funny grabpets

and Inventory increaser for Grabpet

- Special "Hunt the Ghosts" event

rewards :
- special avatars,lucky stone d14, magic powder C, str int stone d14

And the other event is the "FORNAX" word event

Rewards: avatars,grabpet,lucky stone/str/int/stone, angel spirit

We have fully working Arabian place
What does it mean?
- Giant / Champion spawn
- D12-D13 drops (sos som sun)
- Kalia Unique Spawn

We have 2 special elixirs too
Holy bible

Crystal Elixir

Where can u get it?
From Lv 140 elite mobs / 120 + uniques and Unique quests reward (under this line)
Elite mobs:


NPC Have +11 weapons

Lv 120 / Lv 140 Horse with special effect

+ Have Lv 75,90,120,140 trade pet too!

140% Speed scroll 5Days

What About D14 Weapons?
Yes we have d14 weapons
WITHOUT FCKING BUG! We are fixed the "Right hand" d14 bug! So no more bug with d14 weapons

How can obtain?
We have a craft systen..

You need kill the mobs from lv1 to 140, mobs will drop 3 type of elements
You need 250 piece from each elements
And you need awaken stone. You can obtain it from Item mall or 120+ uniques or Elite room(accursed room)
We have a "Guide" NPC too =)

New Titles?
Ofcourse! We have over 120+ Berserker Title!
Unique titles can be earn by quest (HERO Rank)
Other Titles can be change on the website!

-> You : "fck i want custom title..."
Ok! You can ! We are working on this system !

If you want donate, we have mmomat system too

And the question.. Why this server?
+ All time events(unique event,hns,pvp,trade run events)
+ Hour / silk
+ Custom items / always new updates!
+ We are listening! If you have problems/ideas/ etc.. we are listening + Very Very Cheap silks! [you can buy silk from Egy. Too!! )
+ GM-s will answer you !
+ We are trying to do the BEST! We are not a hardcore,professional team! But we are trying to do our best
+ We will NOT sell Sun items for real money!

If u want this / or u like this DO NOT JOIN! PLEASE!
- If you like this : "GM PLYY IM NEW HERE NEED 5000000SILK!"
- PLSS 10000m free silk

We are want a totally balance gameplay!
We are want a cool,friendly community!
We are want a cool server,without problems =)

Other information's
-Purification pill mbot bug fixed
-Baby Lord Yarkan lv 20 (auto spawn) tiger Girl spawn !
-Hero rank Quest [Easy and Hard] (Hard = 120+ )
-New Teleport links(teleport from jg to hotan,ht to jg cave.. etc...)
-Over Lv80 Wolf new skin
-Very very cheap silk prices
-Uruchi/Tiger girl pet
-Mangnyang Unique! Around Jangan
-Dead Roc Lv 140 will drop D14 Sox Items/Silk items!
-All jupiter unique spawn other elite mobs(like isro..)

- We will add legend weapon ( Default stat -> Som +2 )
- Custom berserker titles
- New website design
- Stat/Skill/Level Reset
- Character Name change service

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