ft Mystical-Online | Cap 80 | Only Chinese | Low Rates | Pvp Area | Disabled Honor | Silk/Hour | Start Items | OldSchool ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Mystical-Online | Cap 80 | Only Chinese | Low Rates | Pvp Area | Disabled Honor | Silk/Hour | Start Items | OldSchool

You are sick of degree 11/12/13? You are bored by the monotonous Berserker Quests?

Then this is the right server for you! We want back to the roots by focusing on the main purpose of Silkroad - Job War! Through cap 80 the main goal is not becoming max lvl any more! Our main goal is the Job system. The increased Job rates causes people to go trading/hunting/thiefing again!

  • 8th degree sun Items deleted from the droppool, 8th dg sun is now created via an alchemy system
  • Alchemy items for 8th degree sun drop during jobwar and from uniques in the job cave
  • 8th Degree seal of moon items drop only from Death Bone (teleport from Hotan; reachable lvl. 70+)
  • PvP-Area
  • Unique-Area (teleport from Hotan; reachable lvl. 70+)
  • Jobcave Open (all mobs adjusted; reachable lvl. 70+)
  • Roc mountain Open (all mobs adjusted)
  • Special Unique on the usual spawnmap
  • Only Jangan Fortress activ
  • Disabled Honor
  • Macic Pop removed
  • IP-Limit: 3 Clients
  • Silk per hour system

  • Exp/Sp Rate
  • 2.0x
  • Party Exp/Sp Rate
  • 2.5x
  • Golddrop Rate
  • 1.5x
  • Drop Rate
  • 1.0x
  • Alchemy Rate
  • Custom
  • Job Rate
  • Custom (Trade from Jangan to Hotan gives you 144m Gold)

Beginner items
  • Grap Pet
  • Reverse Return Scroll
  • Movingspeed Scrolls
  • HP/MP Pots
  • Damage Increase/Absorb Srcolls
  • Resurrection Scroll
  • Steam Punk Dress
  • 5000 Skillpoints
  • 1000000 Gold

Some Rules
  • Botting in Unique Area forbidden
  • Botting in Job Cave forbidden
  • Botting in Job forbidden
  • Farming Job alchemy items by Spawnkilling forbidden
  • Take a look for our other rules on our homepage

  • Core i7-2600K
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 3x 1,5 TB SAS (Hardware RAID 5)
  • 2x1 Gbit Ethernet
  • More than 150 GB backbone internet connection
  • outsourced downloadserver
  • outsourced databaseserver
  • Lag and incidentless gaming experience because of performant hardware
  • DDoS Protection ( no hyperfilter )
  • Uptime 99%
  • Early announced and speedy maintenance
  • Professionel managemant secures a controlled gaming over a long time


The Mystical Online team presents their first Server with Lvl80 Cap. The young startup-corporation, consisting of players with a long gaming experience, is proud to be able to offer you this Cap 80 Server. Individuell expansions of the content, new Uniques and Items guarantee a varied and fresh gaming experience and are only waiting for you to be discovered.

A performant Hardware guarantees a top-quality Performance. Based on innovative Features which are new in this scene and with your help, there should arise a community in the web, which outshines every comparable existing Communities.

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