ft Vehalla Online | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | Start-Bonus | FGW | Survival Arena | Start Items | Silk/Hour | DDoS Protected ~ Private Sro

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Vehalla Online | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | Start-Bonus | FGW | Survival Arena | Start Items | Silk/Hour | DDoS Protected

Hello ,
I'd like to introduce our server - Vehalla Online
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice gameplay with alot of fun and amazing features.

Who we are?

We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.

General Information:
Server Information:
  • Server Cap: 110
  • Skill Cap: 110
  • Race: Chinese/European
  • Mastery Limit: Chinese - 330, European - 220
  • Experience: x40
  • Party Experience: x45
  • Item Drop: x15
  • Gold Drop: x10
  • Job Rate: 40x
  • Alchemy rate: 1.2x
  • Fgw Talisman drop rate: 1.5x
  • High Performance server
  • DDoS Protected
  • Stable server.
Server is currently
Server Features:
  • Honor rank disabled
  • All regions working
  • Vote for Vehalla Coins (Under constuction)
  • Fortress war enabled (Jangan, Bandit, Hotan).
  • Fortress War Time: Sunday 19:00 GMT+1 - Server time.
  • Working Guild/Union Icons.
  • Jewel Box event.
  • CTF enabled (Reward changed to Arena Coin).
  • Battle arena enabled.
  • Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount.
  •  Disabled Magic Pop.
  • Forgotten World enabled, reuse time has been changed to 2 hours.
  • Removed Job penalty.
  • Weekly updates.
  • Daily Events.
  • Nice web features (Under constuction)
  • Botting: Light Botting allowed
  • Unique spawn time decrease to 30min~1 Hour.
  • Elixirs can be dropped only from uniques and purchased with Arena Coins.
  • Arena Coins can be obtained in Battle Arena, Capture the flag, Survival Arena.
  • 11th degree Astral/Immortal stones can be dropped from all uniques.
  • 9 new zerk quests with more powerful beserker.

Wizard damage has been decreased (due balance between eu and chn race).
Survival Arena.Level 30-70Level 50-100Level 80-110Seal Of Moon weapons from 1 Degree to 6 Degree.
Global chatting, reverse return scrolls every 10 levels.
Fortress taxes has been added in downhang,samarkand,constantinople.
  • Survival Arena Store, which selling item mall items for gold and arena coins.
1 VC per hour system.

Start Items:
  • 3 Inventory Pages
  • 100.000 Gold
  • 50.000 SP
  • 1x Vehalla's Premium Gold Time 3 Days
  • 5x Reverse Return Scroll's
  • 20x Instant Return Scroll's
  • 20x Beginner Speed Scroll's
  • 1x 3 Days Vehalla's Grab Pet
  • 2x Vehalla's Outfit M/F
Vehalla's Outfit M/F

Server team:
Nick name Job Name 
[GM]HardyServer Admin/DeveloperRimvis
[GM]SanjoDesigner/Server admin/Web developerSanjo
[GM]SvarleyEvent manager/Community managerTomas

To do list:
Survival arena
Stones stackable
More uniques
Vote for VC
1 VC per hour system

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