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Class Online | 100Cap | Ch/Eu | Coin System | Low Rates | Bot Allowed | CTF | FTW | New Grab Pets

Hello, Welcome to Classic Online. Before I start this thread I want to say Thank you to everyone that helped me. Thanks Getz, Tomb, Victor, GAINER, and SlimShady. Ok Well here it goes!

Server Info

• Server Capacity: 500
• Level Cap: 100
• Race: Chinese And European
• Exp Rate: 40x
• Party Exp Rate: 50x
• Gold Rate: 10x
• Drop Rate: 10x
• Alchemy Rate: 1x
• Job Rate: %60
• Botting: Allowed
• Multibotting: Not Allowed
• IP Limit: 5 

Server Features
• Working Guild Icons.
• Working Union Icons.
• Working CTF.
• Working Hotan Fortress, And Jangan Fortress Every Sunday at 2:00Pm Est Time.
• Old School Trading only Jangan, Hotan, Donwhang Trades Work.
• Custom uniques In JG Cave.
• Working Jangan Cave, With Rooms and Medusa.
• Uniques Spawn Time Changed To Every 2Hours.
• Vigors Are dropable, Not Buyable From NPC's.
• Original Avatars and New Avatars.
• Potions and Pills Stackable to 500.
• Stones Stackable to 50.
• Tablets and Alchemy Materials : Enabled
• Stones,tablets and Elixier drop Increased.
• Academy / Honor Buffs : Removed.
• Forgotten World: Enabled.
• Disable 10D Sun Items from drop.
• Advance Elixirs: Enabled.
• Coin Systems : Working.
• JG Custom NPC 10D Sun Set and Accessory
• Forgotten world quest gives Seal Of Sun Weapons D10 intead of D10 Seal Of Moon.
• Silver Coins Dropped by JG Cave Uniques.
• Gold Coins are obtained by CTF.
• New Grab Pets.
• New Fellow Pets, And Custom Fellow Pets.
• Battle Arena: Disabled.
• Bandit Fortress: Disabled.
Here are some Q&A people have asked me while waiting for upload,

1. What makes your private server different from other private servers?
1a. Here at ClassicSRO, we will be providing a fun, friendly and safe gaming environment. Also, on ClassicSRO, we have GM's from diffrent timezones, this means that there will be a GM online almost 24/7 so you can report scams,bugs and so on. Secondly, there will be Daily Events to keep you guys entertained. We will also be making bigger events probably every week-end. (Server trade runs and more)

2. What Makes this server different from other 100cap servers?
2a. Here we are providing a even level playing field, Those who donate will not overpowered, only those who play many hours to work for their set will. We are providing a server that needs to be active not AFK botting. We will make sure that we provide the best gaming experience.

3. How can I get a last degree Seal of sun weapon? *D10*
3a. The first way to get a seal of sun weapon D10 is by finishing the talisman collection from forgotten world and then deliver it to Hotan Guild storage Manager. The second way to get a seal of sun weapon is with the coin system we added. To buy sun's from our custom npc in Jangan you need : Silver Coins and Gold Coins. The silver coins are dropable from the Jangan cave uniques & the gold coins are obtainable by killing people in CTF.

4. Do GM's Have friends Ingame? Are GM's Gonna give items? Most importantly how can we trust the GM's?
4a. Yes I (BlackAngel) have friends in game, and so does GAINER. Does that mean we will give items? HELL NO! GAINER has been with me for many years, He knows I would go to his place and kill him. I (BlackAngel) made sure to get trustable people in the team, people that I know for a long time, this means there will be no corruption on ClassicSRO.

5. What do we have to look forward to?
5a. We planned on moving the level cap to 110, then to 120, While doing this we plan on customizing the server and items. But for now we are starting with this.

6. Will this server be offline 20hours a day?
6a. No. I will make sure I have a dedicated server and Protection on DDoS attacks. If anything does happen I work 5min from where I live so I can run home and fix it.

7. How to donate with server?
7a. For now we will have just a few basic Payment methods : Paypal, Moneybookers, in due time, I will add more.

Well enough is enough, Let me post the links and look for yourself. Please all I ask is give us a chance, download and play just a little. if you dont like you can leave
Custom Glows
+3 - +4 
  +8 , +9


+12 (White And Gold)

Home Page : http://www.classicsro.com

Download links :
#1 : http://depositfiles.com/files/oayidlru0
#2 : http://naki.do/t0RW
#3 : http://ul.to/b802rm25

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