ft Final-Sro | Free Silk | 110 Cap | Egy Weapons | Job Based | Coin System | New Uniques | Events | CTF | FTW | Adv ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Final-Sro | Free Silk | 110 Cap | Egy Weapons | Job Based | Coin System | New Uniques | Events | CTF | FTW | Adv

Hello Guys,
we're love to introduce to you Final-Sro hope you guys try our new updates for the server you'll have great fun with our game,GMs,and Players

Video trailer

General information

Website: FinalSro - Back To Fun Time
Register: FinalSro - Back To Fun Time
Download: FinalSro - Back To Fun Time
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FinalSro/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FinalSro

Server information
EXP Rate: 90x
Party EXP: 92x
Gold Drop: 22x
Item Drop: 18x
Alchemy: 2x
Skills cap :110
Skills Mastery: 330
Race: CHN,Euro
Job rate: 150x
Magic Pop: 90x
Botting allowed

  Starter items
Server Features
→ New Weapons Glows
→ Arabian Uniques
→ Vigor in NPC
→ FTW Enabled (Jangan, Bandit) every Tuesday and Friday
→ New Job events
→ Battle Arena Enabled
→ FGW Enabled
→ Guild Icon working fine
→ New Teleports
→ New PVP Event Zone
→ New Uniques Event Zone
→ New DMG Scroll 20% and 10%
→ Job Temple
→ Monster Spawn ratio increased to 2x
→ Devil spirit 20% with stones
→ 3 Days Job penalty
→ 1 Day Guild penalty
→ Adv Elixir (+1,+2,+4)
→ HP MP Stones Elixirs Vigor pills can be stacked to 1000
→ Daily Events
→ Active GM's (no ignore)
→ GM's team Supporting ppl 24/7
→ English, Arabic, Turkish, German Speaking GM's

  Special Features
→ New Zone for Medusa (Cave jangan Closed)

→ New Unique Deathbone and his new Area

→ All Avatars, Hat, Accessory in the Shop

→ Socket, Devil stuff,Elixirs in the shop

→ Stones, Special items, Coins=Gold for exchange all in the shop

→ Premium, DMG Scrolls in Item mall

→ All Egy B,A in shop at Hotan

  How to get Coins
 First way,
Silver from temple mobs coins drop is high
Gold from Temple,Egypt uniques

Second way,
This uniques appear at Cave DW and it drop GoldCoin,Immortal stone

Third, Events
there is some events reward is coins

  How to get Adv +4
we changed the reward of ctf to Iron coin

GM Team information
Admin: Shiko--->DB editor-
Admin: G_H_0_S_T--->DB Editor+Events
Admin: Crispy--->Events+Supporter
GA: Hurricane--->Supporter+Events+Multimedia

  Hope you guys come check our server you will have great fun.

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