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RoC Online | Cap 110 | RoC Web-System | 5 pages of Inventory | Vote For Silk | Send Silk to a friend

ReignOfChaoz Online - Cap 110

Server Information:

-> Homepage: Click
-> Register: Click
-> Download: Click (To prevent Client Crashes, you should download our Client 193)
-> Forum: Click

Cap: 110
Based on vSRO files
EXP/SP Rates: 30x
Party EXP/SP Rates 60x
Droprate: 20x
Alchemyrate: Very Easy
Jobrate: 3x
Botting allowed

Start Level 1
40k SP
0m Gold
Beginner Items like (Grab-Pet, Attack-pet, reverse scrolls, instant returns, 1000 stack of pots.

Admins: Silence | Moonwalker
GMs: Tao | Moonwalker | Tala | Chaoz | SenYa | Redefined

This server was released at December 2012.
And got a relaunch at januar 2013

Root Info:
Dedi. Server:
Quad Core AMD Phenom 3300+

The Server uses the RoC-Web-System
The RWS includes following features:
  • Silks can be purshased via Gold !
  • Skillspoints can be purshased via Silk
  • Web-Rank-system/Rewardsystem (Top Player, Top Guild, Top Job, Top Uniques)
  • Rewardsystem gain a Top position on the web-ranking to gain weekly silk
  • Ingame-Ranksystem (Player-Title, -Zerk-titel- can be earned by diffrent actions)
  • Web-Mall with special offers

Additional Web-Features:
  • Web-Interface to manage your account
  • Stat Point reset
  • PK Point reset
  • Send Silk to a friend
  • Vote For Silk-System (Daily 20 Silks per day)
  • To get Silk, you can exchange your Ingame-Gold or you can easilie donate a small value to get some.

Server Features:
  • SoX - Only Server until lv 90!
  • Shaitan, Medusa, RoC got the chance to drop lv 85 Items!
  • New Pet System
  • Some Basic Skills for Pets available
  • New Armor-Set Lv 85! (RoC)
  • Two new Weapon Sets Lv 85
  • Acc-Sets lv 85 !
  • Customized Uniques added (Lv 37, Lv 40, Lv 55, Lv 60)
  • Nearly all Item Mall Items can be dropped ingame while hunting monster.
  • Max Inventory for all Chars!
  • Grab-Pets got 5 pages of Inventory!
  • Working Honor-System
  • Stack Limit has been increased of all populair items
  • Some starter Items for new Chars (including pets / scrolls / tickets)
  • Event-Cave at Jangan - Event Mobs got a higher chance to drop Item mall Items and highest Astral / Immortal grade
  • At lv 75 free globals by hunting mobs...
  • Fake Hunter-/Trader Suits are dropable


We are providing our own Rev6 System. You can check the items of all players on our Server:

Currently we're using a reward-system that's related to the web-statistic. Every Top placed Player will get every week a free amount of RoC-Points (Silk) as Reward.
For Special actions or archievments ingame you can earn a player titel...
For Example ->

Reaching Trader lv 3 -> Titel: Trader
Reaching Trader lv 4 -> Titel: Expert Trader
Collecting 10000 CP -> Titel: Teamplayer

The diffrent titles can be collect and can be managed via the control-panel on the website. 
  Devil Spirits...
It's possible to drop fuse-material in our event-cave to fuse upgrades for your devil spirits

Gold Exchange to Silk

you can exchange your gold into roc points (Silk) by following the next steps.

1.) login to your account on our website.
2.) click on the left on "Character manage" and select "gold exchange" for the prefered character
3.) now logon with your selected character (It's important that you logon with the character, you have selected, otherwise it won't work!)
4.) put the amount of required gold on the storage of your character you can find the currenty prices on the website.
5.) if you put your gold on the storage select the amount of roc on the website and press "save"
6.) Now you will see a green window in the left of your screen, confirm with ok!
7.) Now it's nearly done, you'll get the message "Exchange failed" -> just logout now and press "refresh" after your character is offline
8.) Now you will see that the fail message is gone and you'll see the success message... At this step your silk has been charged.
In order of progress you will be banned for 5 minutes.  

Short Server Discription!
You can drop on our Server SoX until lv 90! At lv 90 you will get normal drops also the sox dropratio is normal at lv 90. We got a nice and friendly community of currently 240 Member (07.02.13)
All the Item-Mall Items are dropable at normal mobs or in the event cave in jangan.

You don't need to purshase any silk on this server... You can gain silk by exchanging gold or the reward system every sunday! Otherwise you have the chance to get Silks by voting for this server (20 silks per day)

Featured - FREE SILK FOR NEW PLAYERS We're providing currently Promotion Codes, which you can exchange on our Website for silks / RoCs! If you wanna try out our latest Version of ReignOfChaoz Version just write a message to me and you'll recieve a promotion code
Server Times:

Fortress War Every Wednesday and Sunday 8pm GMT+1 / Register every day 

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