ft InFusion Online | Cap130 | Arabia | New areas | Free Silk | New Uniques | New Title System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

InFusion Online | Cap130 | Arabia | New areas | Free Silk | New Uniques | New Title System

Infusion-Online, is a system that is made to surpass other's. We Try to create and make thing's enjoyable for our player's each, and everyday. We try to make it enjoyable and fun as much as we can for our dear player's. No one in our team is corrupted and no one will be, because we are all managing our community. We the TEAM of Infusion-Online, will make the time you spend with us in the server as enjoyable and best as possible.

Server Information
Experience rate : 130x
Party Experience Rate : 150x
Gold Rate : 10x
Job rate : 25x
Alchemy : 3x
FGW Card drop rate : 4x

  Start items
  with 1k free silk as a start

  Server Upgrade System
You can get a new weapon Following the next steps
step 1

  thief avatars
  New Title System
New Unique Bone Roc

  New customized pets
  New areas
  Team Application
So Since We Are Only 3 members in the team .
we are looking for
Pro( developer-PHP Editor -Codder)
You Have only to send me Private massage with you'r info
  Begining Event
Since we are starting fresh, we decided to make a new event for the 1st 30 player's to achieve lvl 130, and receive a reward for it. That reward is going to be one of these choice's : a special donate title, a thief avatar, or a devil spirit avatar.
  Server Links
Forum:Under Developing

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