ft CnGN SRO | 14d | PvP | Nova +5 Itmes | Instant lvl 1 | Coin System | New Avatars ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

CnGN SRO | 14d | PvP | Nova +5 Itmes | Instant lvl 1 | Coin System | New Avatars

12d 13d 14d All item & Stones NPC Addes. item is not for sale

* Best Only 14d Silkroad online pvp server.

* 7/24 Dedicated server slot:1000 server open on 15 October 2011 last update in 05 September 2012

* Level cap:120 skill cap:120 no bugs everything works fine job rate:1000x auto potion:works Free nova +5 items in npcs

* Server start 1 level.. item is not for sale

* Vip Coin added 100-120 Mobs + All normal unique + All Titan Unique

* Full 13d & 14d Nova+5 NPC

* All 13d & 14d Stones Jangan NPC & Alexandria NPC 2011-2012 All Dress item Mall

daily events will keep your adventures and more more fantastic you'll earn 1m free silk which will help you get some item mall items without donating for example dress etc..


14d glavie

14d staff

Download & Register

Server GM Contact

VipSrOPLuS | Facebook

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