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Ludoworks Olsta | Overlimit Sro | Cap 135 | Professional Team | Special Quests | Achievement System | Lottery Scrolls

Introduction, small briefing included



#General Server InformationServer Name:      Olsta
Level/Skill Cap:      135
Solo EXP/SP rates:      555x
Party EXP/SP rates:      655x
Item Drop rate:      150x
Gold Drop rate:      30x
Enabled Races:      Chinese & European
Fortresses:      Jangan, Bandit, Hotan, Constantinople
Capture the Flag:      Enabled
Battle Arena:      Enabled
Merchant rate:      Customized
Magic Pop rate:      3x
Alchemy rate:      Customized

#Start Items & misc information
Pictorial Overview

  • Items
    • Start Items ( Package ) ( This package will give you start items into your storage permanently to enjoy your stay at ludoworks online , Items ? : Berserker Regeneration Potion ( 10 ) , Ludoworks Ghost Monkey Start Pet ( 1 ) , Beginner scroll of movement ( 20 ) , Reverse Return Scroll(Ludoworks Start) ( 3 ) , Thief Scroll ( 1 ) , Hunter Scroll ( 1 ) , Trader Scroll ( 1 ) , Fire Bull ( 5 ) , Can Trade ? : This Package Can Not be Trade or Drop or Put in Storage , Same for the items given from this package )
    • Key Of Your Race Room ( Based on your Race )
    • Starter Dress ( Based on your region )
  • 500 000 Skillpoints
  • 5 000 000 Gold
  • Degree 1, SoS +3 Gear Full Blue
  • Underbar freed from icons
  • Job Scrolls
  • 500 000 Skillpoints
  • 5 000 000 Gold
  • Degree 1, SoS +3 Gear Full Blue
  • Underbar freed from icons
  • Job Scrolls
Joins your character by use to the job you've picked the scroll from.
After a teleport you'll be in jobstate as well as with a jobitem with 5 STR/INT equipped.
The first use counts, if you've already a job the item will be simply spawned into your storage.

 #Special Features
  • SRO-R Skills up to level 135
SRO-R New Skills System
  • Constantinople Fortress enabled
Customized Startup
more Although you start on level 1, you'll notice that it takes only few minutes to jump from level 1 to 61 which can be clarified by the following.

Start location


Special NPC
Teleport to the Unique Room

Unique Room


Take the quest and kill a unique

Complete the quest
You'll automatically advance to level 61+
Use a job scroll if you want to and teleport back to your hometown.
You'll find yourself automatically dressed in D7 ( Full Blue ).

Auto-Equipment up to D12
Your gear will automatically change on the following level stages seen on the pictures below.

Level 69, SoSun+6

Level 81, SoSun+6

Level 92, SoSun+6 


Level 101, SoN+6

Level 112, SoN+5
 Those gears will be automatically equipped, as you've experienced it already at the beginning, when you reach the stated level, please relog or teleport immediately to avoid disconnects.

  • Silk/Hour-System, gain 2 Silk per hour online time, and 50% more on fridays and saturdays
Job Statistics

  Guildwar Statistics

All Guildwars are detailed logged. Ranking on the homepage will be added soon.

The Ranking includes Wins, Losses, Kills, Deaths as well as Contributions of the players.

New Currency (Jobcoins)

#How to obtain JC?
  • You may gain JC through fights against other players in jobmode
  • Currently the amount of JC per kill is set to 1
  • As soon as you validly killed an opponent JC will be booked on your account which you may see through a notice on the right hand side

#Restrictions (in order to avoid farming of coins and to keep the gameplay fair)
  • You've to be level 115 or higher
  • You may not be higher than 10 levels than your opponent
  • Your opponents and your IP must be different
  • Maximum 50 JC usually per 24 hours
  • At the maximum 5 JC per 24 hours from the same opponent
  • If you didn't kill an opponent in the past 24 hours you'll gain 1 JC, no mater if you reached already 50 JC in the past 24 hours
 Fancy items buyable with JC, Gold and Ludo Coins
 Please note, do not buy items with JC if you've an insufficient amount - in case you try it anyway you'll be disconnected and your gold will be lost.

Jobcoins (Items = D13 SoSun)

Ludo Coins (Items = Degree 13 SoSun , Degree 14 Soulless ( SoSom ))
 Powders & Elements at NPC's

Various of new items, pets etcetera (e.g. Lottery Scrolls)

Please read the description of special scrolls before you use them.

Plenty of (new) Avatars

 Title-Achievement System
The major part of the titles you'll ever receive will be added to your char so you can switch between achieved titles as often as you want.

Press U -> Community -> Message Box and follow the steps below.

Send the message and relog, open then the mail you've received.

The message should look like that, the numbers are the ID's the titles are written behind their ID's.

Choose your desired title and send a mail with the following content - teleport afterwards and you'll have your title.

Special Quests

-> All titles achieved through titles will be booked on your character and saved as achieved

You may send us directly messages from ingame to the database.
  • Suggestions
  • Bugs
  • Complaints

Please stick to that forum and write your concern after the [...]:,
e.g. "Suggestion: Add more uniques to the auto spawn"

The way to upgrade the items is well explained in the NPC itself, please read it carefully.
 New Areas, Map changes
Changed Spot of the pharaos temple entrance..

New Level of 135 ( Baghdad Town )..

Automated title rewards

As for example (gets updated automatically approx. every 30 minutes)...

MoneyMaker (the top five player with the most gold on the server)
Trader#1 (top 1 trader of the jobrank)
Hunter#1 (top 1 hunter of the jobrank)
Thief#1 (top 1 thief of the jobrank)

Several +Glows

  • Black res (Cleric) Cooldown to five minutes increased
#Random Pictures In game Screenshots
Misc. Pictures


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