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OverLimit-Online/Cap 130/Skills 130/Auto Equip Item/Job Based/Lottory System/And More

Small Briefing Before the Topic Starts 

First Lets Discuses The Ordinary Stuff

OverLimit Online Server Info

[LIST][*]Level Cap : 130
[*]Skills Cap : 130
[*]Solo EXP/SP Rates : 450x
[*]Party EXP/SP Rates : 500x
[*]Drop Rate : 150x
[*]Gold Rate : 50x
[*]Degree 13
[*] CH & EU
[*] Auto Potion Working
[*] Register : OverLimit Online
[*] Fortress Working
[*] CTF Working
[*] Arena Working
[*]Job Rates : Custom Rates
[*]MagicPop Rates : 3x
[*]Alchemy Rates : 3x
[*] Website : OverLimit Online
[*] Download Link :http://www.slingfile.com/file/OWdHsPduA6

Start Items

  • Grap Pet 11 Days ( 7 Pages)
  • Free Avatar
  • Free Globals
  • Free Reverse
  • (Hunter , Thief , Trader) Scroll
  • 5 Fire Bull to Start Job Activity
  • Title
  • 5 Million
  • Directly To Level 60 ( When you do the Quest at Welcome Town )
  • 100k Skill Point to Start with
  • You will Automatic Be wearing Degree 7 Full Sun Set + 6
    ( Weapon and Acc. included )
    ( Depends on the Gender you Choose and the Class you choose In the Char. Creation )
* Small Note : You Start Level 1 In a Welcome Town , There is a simple
Quest you will do then when you Move to another map
you will find all those start item
In Your Inventory Automatically .

The Server Features List ( Which Not Ordinary )

  1. Online System ( Each Hour you stay Online You Get Free Silk )
  2. Lottery System
  3. Welcome Massage System
  4. Job Coins
  5. Hunting Coins ( OverLimit Coins )
  6. Cap 130 With Full 130 Skills Working
  7. Pvp Map
  8. Shopping Map
  9. Elixirs Hunting Map
  10. Events Map
  11. Upgrade System For Weapons
  12. Quests System
  13. Report System ( You can Report From Inside the game )
  14. New Honor Point System
  15. New Job Ranking System
  16. New Glows
  17. DG13 Suns In NPC
  18. Some Silk Items In NPC
  19. Job Based Server
  20. Custom Drop System ( To Make everything Much Easier For You )
  21. Maximum Fun
  22. Maximum Pvp
  23. Maximum Job wars
  24. Maximum Server Activity
  25. Some Events Prize Are Real Prizes ( IPad / IPod / Money )
  26. Server Runs By A Group Of Talented Admins And Team
    Who already got alot of experience in Managing the server
    Also Had Our Publish Company .

Screenshots ( That Is A Fast Brief )


Small Guide 
I'd like to go into detail with some mentioned features - but at first, personally I loved playing iSRO when the jobbing were pretty active. So I am, or rather we are aiming on a pure job based server - that's why we'll add as much custom stuff for jobs as possible to bring you back the enjoyment of older days.[/SIZE]

I'm gonna start with the Messaging System ingame.

I know that some people might have awesome ideas out of the blue ingame while playing, and most of them won't bother visiting the forum, so I decided to give you an option so send us suggestions or ideas of future improvements for the game by using the Mail system ingame (U -> Community -> MSG Box).

For Suggestions:

For Bug reports:

You'll be able to receive ingame titles as rewards - those will be logged at the DB and can be changed ingame by using the following commands..
For complaints(About us or other players):

Please state your concern after the ":", you'll receive a confirmation mail after sending it correctly - also you'll be rewarded if we'll implement either suggestions or fix bugs you've sent us.


You'll be able to receive ingame titles as rewards - those will be logged at the DB and can be changed ingame by using the following commands..

--> Response by a mail with all your achieved titles (At startup = 2 different ones) + their title ID which you'll need to retrieve your desired title.
--> Here 5 = the title ID which you can state in the brackets, when you sent the message teleport and you'll have your title.

It's probably at first some kind of overcharging but I bet you'll get used to it
Gameplay & especially Startup

You'll gain up to lvl 101 a full SoX equippment at specific levels of each Degree.
lvl 57 -> D7
lvl 69 -> D8
lvl 81 -> D9
lvl 92 -> D10
lvl 101 -> D11

I recommend you, when you reach that level to teleport or relog - then you'll find yourself dressed in the new degree already.


You'll start with lvl 1 SoS+3 Gear equipped.

Make sure to buy potions (pretty cheap) before you proceed. Teleports are either on the left hand side or right hand side (EU left/CH right).

Take the quest from the girl and kill one of the uniques

I totally recommend you to skill up to the maximum, since you might loser some SP due to the teleporting
Grab the key and proceed.

You might have seen those little items already, choose your desired job before teleporting to the next stage and you'll gain a little present.

After the teleport you'll find yourself dressed in D7 with 180m gold and eventually also in a jobmode if you've clicked on one of the job items before.

So why don't you start jobbing immediately 

As you've seen at the topic already, we've replaced the academy stuff with pure jobbing rankings. But same as you had a chance on getting a buff for academy activity you'll be able to receive buffs for jobbing activity.
Means in general, the ranking is based on player kills.

For every jobkill you'll receive 1 kill, 1 Jobcoin, 750 SP and 100k Gold after the next logout.
Jobkill Restrictions: You won't receive kills when you either have the same IP as your opponent, or if you're more than 10 levels higher than your opponent.
If the system will be abused somehow I'll add more restrictions to it to keep the game fair.
For Jobcoins you can buy various highgrade items and equipment pieces to benefit the active jobbers.


We're logging pretty many things, primarily the online time, job statistics, IP's and we've got a dedicated table which will log exchanges in detail.
Means if someone scamms you, write a message through "Complaint:" to us or at the forum or through an ingame supporter.
If we find it suspiciousy your item/gold will be restored and the scammer at least warned (Ends up into an IP ban).
We want our players to feel safe on our server to primarily enjoy the game itself
Some Guides

1- OverLimit Online
2- OverLimit Online
3- OverLimit Online
4- OverLimit Online
5- OverLimit Online

That is Just A Preview Of The Server , If you want to Fully Know about if you should try it . We Believe That Testing it yourself is the best way to know how unique it is and how good it is than making topics , Actions Talks Louder than Words .

Again To Join :
*Note : At Register Page , PIN code must be in numbers only and over 6 Numbers , Also Dont Forget it / Share it ! It is the only way to change your password .

Update List :

Update List :

- Gold Rate is Increased to 100x
- Stack XX Potion to 250
- 500k SP Start
- Holy Water Uniques Defense and HP is decreased .
- Dg13 Sox Drop Rate Is Increased ( Even Normal Mobs )
- OverLimit Points Prices have Decreased .
- Items In Job Shop Prices have Decreased
- Items In Over Limit Coins Shop Have Decreased
- New NPC to Sell SOME itemmall Stuff with Gold or Job Coins
- Holy Water Temple can be Entered Over 10 Times
- Fixed all the Skills that got reported
- Added Dg13 Suns + 5 Accessory at the Shops
- Fixed Most of the bugs got reported .
- Added Fire Bull Lvl 80 , 100 at Hotan ,Jangan , Europe Stable


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