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Silkroad Private Servers

Izildor-Road | Chinese Only | Cap 90 | D9 | Low Rates | Ip Limit | Free Silk/Hour | Vote4Silk | Facebook System | Hero Mode | Mercenary Scrolls | Daily Events | Suits Of Fame | Custom Edits

Server Information
Level Cap :90
Gear Cap 9th dg.
Skill Cap 90.
Monster Cap 85~100
Server Based files: Vsro v188
Race: Chinese
Slots 1000.
Rate, read it.
Exp: 30x
Party Experience: 40x
Gold Drop: 15x
Drop Rate: 10x
Job rate: High
Alchemy Rate Read

1~4 : 60%
4~7 : 20%
7~11: 5%
11~12 0%
max is +11.
IP Limit 3 each PC.
Server Status:
website status :
Mastery Limit: 270.
Regions Enable downhang, Jangan, Hotan, DW Cave (Job Cave),
Silks per Hour: 2 you have to reach level 90. [Anti Cheat]
Skill Points: 50k
Increased the monster spawn ratio to 2x
Decreased item selling by 30%
You get less gold by selling items to NPC. Just to discourage botting for gold
Capture the flag will start every hour
You receive arena coins from CTF now.
Academy & honor buffs are disabled
To prevent farming for honor buffs.
Elixir & stone drop rate has been increased
Seal of sun items has been disabled
Purification pill bug has been fixed
 Information                 Amount
Race                           & CH
Guild Icon :                Working
Cap                            90
Forgetten World       Disabled
Honor Buff                Disabled
Official Coins           Daily Coin &Gold Coin& Arena Coin
Server files               vsro v188
DDOS Protection   Yes
Fortresses               Only Hotan enabled until we reach a satisfying amount of players.
Towns                       Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan,
Exp Rates               35x
Maximum plus          11.
IP Limit                     3
Advanced B             Disabled
Devil S & A              Disabled
Devil B                      Enabled
 CTF                                                            Enabled getting Arena coins from it
Battle arena                                               Enabled
Modified the vigor to be                          10% instead of 25%. at NPC.
NPC Resp-waned                                      Hotan - Jangan
All new avatars                                           Added
Events                                                         Daily In game
support in following languages                English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic
Mercenaries                                                Working!
Modified map                                             (removed alex,)
following the instructions given by the      GMs whenever a Event is started.
global f*ck you gm , b1tch , f*ck game     prema ban
New Seals are added                                Seal of Orgasm you'll have to done a quest. to get it out keeping you active play hard
Old pvp capes                                            work when you are in PvP mode !
 New                                                            normal zerk, title zerk, and title party zerk
FAQ [Questions And Answers]
-Q: How to get? Orgasm(s) Seal
A: you will have to earn the cards and the cards based at NPC, for different groups of coins. that will make the server activate. more. and will encourage all players to participate in jobs,
-Q: What is trade(s) reward?
-A: we're changed trade reward ,like we're forcing you to make a trade. 2 star gives for trader 4 gold coins, 2 for hunter - 2 for thief.
-Q: how i can earn daily coins,
-A: will there much ways to firstly, when you kept, playing in our game for 1 day you will rewarded with 2 daily, for 1 week, another reward 8, 2 week, 16, and you can get it by killing uniques.
-Q: how i can earn arena coin(s) -
-A: CTF now 1 killing, gives you 1 arena coin. also, battle arena win will get 7, lose 2.
-2nd Q: why you activate battle arena, it's s1ck system?
-2nd A: basically the coin system is the most active game play system instead that we got for sure, job trade system! , at all if we didn't disabled - arena from mobs then we wouldn't become another botting server.
-Q: what if i seeing your game sucks!.
-A: wish for us a sweetie grand opening. put a good comment or do not, just try to not flamin' we not forces anyone to join izildor. it's free game play.
-Q: what is donation? what you guys selling basically?
-A: silks. all you can donate for just " SILKS" we keep the game clear and fair.
-Q: can any game master create items? - kill uniques with drop?
-A: none can. actually we're removed from Game masters , to create items to his selves even, to aviod cheats. etc
Hero mode guide :- Hero Mode Continue reading...
Suits of Fame guide :- Suits fame guide continue reading ..

- seal of moon.

Seal of Star

Orgasm Seal(s) are now sold for different couples of coin & points amounts that will mean
that you will have to work hard, to get it , and will, always keeping you active on enough systems
at once to keep everyone doing something.
Orgasm Seal, pictures.

-- Update Log --
Vote System Read
We've been added vote system to our website gives you per 1 day 1 silk, if you cheat you will get a prema ban.
Update - 2014/09/21
- EXP Bug - Fixed
- All Chars stats reseted.
- Guild - job penalty removed
-Added Transports pet trades - for 1 gold
-Added Arena coins for 1000000000 gold.
-Added Gold Coin each 1 = 5 arena coins
-Added Green stones Dg9 at npc each 1 for 1 arena coins
-Added Advanced A At NPC for group of arena - gold coins
-Advanced B Disabled
-Added full masks hat
-Added Drop at all Cave uniques Drop Daily Coins 5~10 max.
-Added Old unberbar - Beta -
Update 2014-09-22
-Removed all dg10 drops,
-Dg9 sos drop from normal uniques - Lord - Demon ,
-Dg9 Som, drop from roc, Medusa rate 90%
-removed all weapons dg10, from players,
-Vote for silk system, re-opened, bug fixed!
-added all dg9 normal items at mobs [Job cave ] downhang cave
-added silk Scroll drop from uniques gives you random price start from 1 ~ 70
-Medusa Spwan place changed to be at Hyunugo Homeland

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Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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