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Silkroad Private Servers

Rival-Online | Cap 100 | Balanced System | Upgrade System | D10 | Ip Limit | Auto Equipment | Lottery System | Upgrade Weapon | Coin System | Auto Event | Free Silk/Hour | Daily Reward | Wanted System | Auto Equip | New Glows | Facebook System | Weapon System Upgrade | Custom Items | Guild War System | Custom Scrolls

We are republishing the game after we fixed all problems and bugs and everything, try it before you judge us,We have added a lot of features that you will see for the first time on a server.
Rival SRO is truly a Play to Win server. We are offering a stable server, with the dedicated server paid upfront for the next half a year, a stable and nice game play, our server is based on Upgrade Weapon System, Lottery, Jobbing, Uniques, Guild Wars, Fortress War and CTF. We have balanced the races for a fair game-play for everyone.
Welcome to Rival Online, imagine our features.
Server opened on Thursday 15.01.2015 at 21:00 AM GMT +2!..
First 20Player Reach Lv100 Will Get 400Silk
General Information
Cap  100
Degree 10
Races Chinese / Europe
Towns Jangan/Donwhang/Hotan
IP limit   3
Mastery level  Europeans: 200 / Chinese : 300
Exp rate Mid Rate For Exp
Skill Point Rate High enough to Max Your Skill lvl 100 without gap 
Auto equipment of items From D1 to D9 SOS Full Blue 61% stats, +3
Upgrade Weapon System Explained below 
Lottery System Explained below 
Coin system  Explained below
Seal of X items:Explained below
Max Stack 1000 – 5000
Alchemy rates Max Plus is 12
Trade Rate 70x 
Uniques spawn  Increased for all normal uniques
New Special road is added for traders
trades are available only in Jangan, Donwhang and Hotan.
Botting is allowed
normal mobs don’t drop useful things

Alchemy Rate
Plus Rate
+1 90%
+2 70%
+3 60%
+4 40%
+5 30%
+6 15%
+7 10%
+8 5%
+9 3%
+10 2%
+11 1%
+12 1%
Auto Event
7/24H Work Every 4h
Winner Will Get 50Silk
Auto Event
Lucky Party
Start 2.00PM 2.00AM
Start 6.00 PM 6.00AM
Start 10.00 PM 10.00AM
winner get 20Silk
Auto Event
Kill The Gm
start 9.00Pm
Start 9.00AM
Winner Get 100Silk

Uniques Map
Simple Item changes
Our equip-able item changes are pretty simple to understand. The damage, reinforce and other components which determine the damage of an individual item have to be re-checked and adjusted in order to fit our balance and our idea
of fairness. We have actually checked each one of those damn 400 3rd gear items in order to improve the game play as much as possible.
There are some more minor item changes which can be seen in this list:
Resurrection scrolls: disabled
Donators would have been too overpowered during jobbing
Vigor grains: nerved to 15% and added to shops
Monster spawn: ratio has been increased to 2x.
Weapon glow: colors are configured like the real old 100cap.
Coin System: not only based on Contribution
Item Selling Gold Rate 30%
60 Seconds Cool Down for Reverses
Stone Rate :awesome stone drop rate On Tomb Cave
Damage scrolls :decreased from 20%->10% (stack with dmg increase buffs)
Was a bit too strong before
Defense scrolls: disabled
Nobody likes bot wars
GBOT :Gold Botting is allowed, however Item Sell Rate is lowered and Gold Drop Rate is also lowered
Advanced Elixirs are disabled
Purification pills: mbot exploit fixed
CTF every 2 hours
Global's: Added level restriction and increased price
Global spamming sucks
Elixir Rate :cool elixir drop rate in Job Cave
Honor buff disabled
Roc instance available 2 times/week
Academy disabled
Uniques:Special items drop-able from uniques. ( Reverse , Immortals , Globals, Avatar's)
Tablets & elements: disabled
Simply annoying and useless
Advanced elixirs: disabled
limiting the max plus a bit
Astrals: disabled
limiting the max plus a bit
Server Features:
Union & Guild Set limit
  Daily Reward system & Silk Per Hour
Automatic 2 Silk/H
This will force you to get online everyday, Everyday you log in you will receive a gift after every day the gift will be better.
if you don't log in one day you will lose the gift increasing, and you will have to start from the beginning .
Wanted System
The jobber with most kills will become 'Wanted' and get hero buffs, The starts you will get are % physical and magical damage, % Parry and
Attack rate and % lucky increase.
There are 5 kind of buffs:
10 Kills in row = 1%
20 Kills in row = 2%
30 Kills in row = 3%
40 Kills in row = 4%
50 Kills in row = 5%
Also you will get str & int based on the hero mode level.. When you kill this person you will get this buff. Every kill you will get Gold. also you will receive Arena Coins every 3 kills, Fully protected with Anti-Cheat and Anti-Ban in-case of corruption.
warning :-
You wont get any kills count from the same person more than 3 times.
You can only earn points by killing players at
Donwhang Cave (job cave)
You have to kill players lvl 100 in order to get points
If you die while jobbing your hero mode skill will be taken away from you.
Auto Equip
We all know leveling is the most boring part in Silkroad.
Rival wants players to reach the cap in a fair amount of time and enjoy the endgame to it's fullest.
That's why we enabled Auto Equip. You will get SOS FB +3 stats 61% items from D1-D9 to reach endgame in a decent amount of time.
New Glows

Facebook System
You can like players and dislike others, also you can make comments too ; when you send a message to a player with "like" you will give him a LIKE, the same to dislike, the comment is the same way; you can send a player a normal message it will be considered a comment to us, the best one who get likes and comments will be a supporter considered to his country and the job that players choose him to be in, and the most disliked player will be blocked..
Upgrade Weapon System:
 can you believe that Our server have all specifications it's time now to found all what you dream in one server until not be boring server we start by: sample idea about upgrade system : when you have sos or moon +9 you have decision to change it to upper degree like the weapon form this give the more free to enjoy by game advantages.

Event Lottery System :
To keep game more competitors between players we add for yours rewards in lottery help you to play that system have 10 kinds of lottery scroll ,8 kinds from monsters and 2 from uniques mobs of course Every lottery level different about other one .
The level of unique, mobs lottery ,every unique which had killed will drop a lottery from it but the best advantage that the unique lottery can got a best items MALE like as ( Avatars . special Item mall . etc ) ,but monsters lottery it's advantage give you some help like as sometimes ( Gold , silk , Scroll's, etc)
The 8 Type Of Event Lottery From Monster Names :
[-]Event Lottery Lv1(Blue)
[-]Event Lottery Lv2(Violet)
[-]Event Lottery Lv3(Rose)
[-]Event Lottery Lv4(Golden)
[-]Event Lottery Lv5(Pumpkin)
[-]Event Lottery Lv6(Black)
[-]Event Lottery Lv7(Darken)
[-]Event Lottery Lv8(Crystal)
The 2 Type Of Event Lottery From Uniques Names :
[-]Event Lottery Lv9(Unique 1)
[-]Event Lottery Lv10(Unique 2)
Job coin system : :
 we know that build a strong character is a boring thing and almost of open servers with this system had a some fails so we make a advantage in our server it will responsible about just 1 coin from Job named by (Cold Coin) until you can build your character with full equip set that you like it ,so we allowed all items by cheap prices
Trader Gain 4 Coin From 5* Goods
Hunter Gain 2 Coin From 5* Goods
Thief Gain 2 Coin From 5* Goods 
Gold Coin's
5* Star = 21Million
Get 2x Double Your Money .
  Title System
When you kill a unique you will get its title auto, when you kill another unique you will get its title instead of your current title, but when the unique is killed by another player, you be back for the previous title until its killed too and so on.
Job Cave:
The Donwhang Cave has been changed into a Job Cave, it will drop sos items and elixirs And Lottery Event's.
Custom Items
Rival introduces New 6 SoX items!
The Type Of Sos Item's:
The Type Of Som Item's
The Type Of Sun Item's
we edited the items to make the dmg fair :
sos = normal item
som = normal item +2.5
sun = normal item + 3.5

  Special trade route added
 The main objective is to allow the triangular jobbing to be more centralized,
due to the fact that traders will take these in order to gain more 'Trade Experience' and Contribution,
which is used to gain coins in return. By using this method of centralization, thieves will need to search less for trades and hunters will have fun by killing real players instead of some easy NPCs which are usually simply ignored.

  Guild War System
We think Guild Wars have died in Silkroad, especially in Private Servers. We want to bring it back to life using our new, special system, the winner in FTW hotan will be vs the winner of FTW jangan, the winner in Guild War will get an un trade-able rare coin for each member in the guild.
Jangan Cave Tomb has been Customized
Modified to drop sos items and stones with a low rate of elixirs drops.
Jangan Cave Tomb Mobs Modified
B1 Mobs > level 90
B2 Mobs > level 94
B3 Mobs > level 97
B4 Mobs > level 98/99
New Job Suits
 we added new job suits for Chinese and Europes :
Chinese job suits are added with blues and skills
Europe job suits are added with blues only

New Avatars

New Silk Scrolls
With this scroll you can exchange your silk, you can user this scroll to exchange your silk with something more useful to you, also to prevent scamming.
Remove Item & Reset Item
Remover Scrolls

Reset Scrolls
We also adding new systems to give you the full fun Coming SooN:
New Events: 
Job War Event :
All thieves will be vs traders and hunters, when you kill a player you will get a silk point in item mall F10, after the maximum kills 300 for all players the event will be stopped and you wont get any-more silk points, the reward for each kill is 5 silk
GM killer Event :
A GM will appear in somewhere and you will have to go to kill him, when someone kill him he will get a silk prize
PVP Event :
You have to be lvl 100, messaging to "BOT PVP" will be opened for 10 min, after 10 min messaging will be closed
All players who sent a message to "BOT PVP" writing "register pvp" will be recalled to a place, and after 5 min of recalling event will start, it will be with PK not caps. the player who will be killed will go to town with no returning, every kill with a reward 2 silk, the event will be ended after 400 kills for all players, Attention: normal items can be dropped from you
Our tryings to balance the Chinese with Europe
we balanced the both races as much as we can, and here are our tryings :
New skills added to Chinese
we add a skill of 10% phy dmg and 10% mag dmg to each build
we are adding more features to balance them well
In order to have a fair game-play we are enforcing the following rules:
The following list is read as: Reason - Ban-duration/Punishment
Contribution Cheating -1st time warning, 2nd time 3 days - 3rd times 7 days - 4th Permanent
Cheating in CTF (farming on your own chars) - 1~4 weeks
Scamming with screen-shot - Permanent
Writing other languages than English in Globals - 1 hour
(Note: Guild Recruitment in other languages allowed, however global must contain [MEMBER
Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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