ft RioSro | Cap 100 | New Thunder Set | Auto Events | D10 | High Job Rate | Pc Limit | Honor Rank | Ctf | Battle Arena | Jewel Box Event | Anti Cheat System | Coin System | New Job Suit | Balanced System | New Title Scrolls | Custom Edits ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

RioSro | Cap 100 | New Thunder Set | Auto Events | D10 | High Job Rate | Pc Limit | Honor Rank | Ctf | Battle Arena | Jewel Box Event | Anti Cheat System | Coin System | New Job Suit | Balanced System | New Title Scrolls | Custom Edits

Prv SRO community , if you interested in the real professional Degree (10) private servers , then this is what you looking for. our server is fully stable with a professional crew working 24/7 just to make sure you explore the full entertainment. we're happy to announce that our project ( Rio ) is now launched and you can join now! let's take a tour and see how our server looks!

Level Cap: 100
Skill Cap: 100
Race: Chinese/European
Mastery Limit: Chinese - 330, European - 200
Experience: x40
Skill Experience: x20
Party Experience: x45
Item Drop: x30
SoX Drop: x5
Gold Drop: x20
Job Rate: 120x
Alchemy rate: 1x
High Performance server
DDoS Protected
Stable server.
PC limit - 3.

Honor rank enable
All regions working
Fortress war enabled ( Jangan only).
Fortress War Time: Saturday 19:00 GMT+1 - Server time.
Working Guild/Union Icons.
Jewel Box event.
CTF enabled (reward arena Coins).
Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount.
Disabled Magic Pop.
Removed Job penalty.
Removed Guild penalty.
Weekly updates.
Daily Events.
Nice web features (Under construction)
Botting: Light Botting allowed (3 accounts max)
Unique spawn time decrease to 30min~1 Hour.
Free silk can be obtained from auto event, and 2 silk per hour.
You can teleport to Jangan cave from Jangan teleporter.
10th degree Astral/Immortal stones can be buy it from item mall.
9 new zerk quests with more powerful beserker.

Automatic Event
Hide Search
Arrange The Letters
Choose The Correct Answer
Complete The Missing Letters
Lucky Party
Lucky Global
Lucky Private Chat
Lucky Stall
Kill The Gm - Last Hit Winner
Kill The Gm - Total Dmg Winner
Uniques Event
Last Man Standing
It operates every two hours
you can check it from here Rio Sro | Welcome...

Anti cheating system:
Example: If you are a thief you won't be able to pick goods in town and if you gonna try, you will get a dc.

Coin system:
Gold Coin & silver Coin
You can get Silver and gold coin from:
1st. you can buy them with gold from Samarkand NPC.
2nd. from Uniques in job temple, and Alexandria Temple Uniques.

You can use silver and gold coin for:
To get SUN Accessory, Sun set, Sun weapons and Sun shield from Samarkand NPC.

Arena Coin
You can get arena coin from:
Every Arena event which runs every 3hours a day and from So-Ok (Capture the flag) which runs every 2hours a day.
Also from all normal Uniques.
You can use arena coin for:
To buy SUN Golden Thunder Accessory, Avatars, silk items, Advance +2 and berserk potion.
. from arena manger npc

New Uniques Drop Gold Coin & silver Coin:

Honors by jobbing.
Every time a player transports a 5 star trade as a trader, hunter or thief, you receive a scroll and when you use it you receive 1 honor point. The highest player with honor points will receive honor king buff scroll.

In our job based server you will do trading to gain gold to buy silver/gold coin for Sun SET/ACC/WEP D10 and job point to gain White Thunder Weapons which is equivalent to EGY B WEP the strongest in the server. Each month the top 50 in the Job Point ranking will get special prizes and in turn create more competition. Trade 5 star give you 450M and 1 honor ranking ticket

ATTENTION: Thunder sun weapons in Champions Maker are bought by Job Point Silk, only first 3 of jobbing in the server receive the Job Point Silk to buy the white thunder weapons. 1st 1000 2nd 800 and 3rd 500 special silk. When you save up 1500 you can then buy the weapon. The rest from 4th to 50th of trading get normal silk. For China all Thunder Weapons are available for Europe only Shield, Staff, 2 Hand and dagger are available for Jop Point Silk the rest can be gotten from FGW all buff weapons will be available once books are collected.

Champion's Maker - White Thunder Weapons

FGW - Buff Euro Weapons

New Job Suit

New Titles
Fortress Time
 Fortress war time in 15 countries on Rio-Sro:
Greenwich Mean Time / Universal Time = 18:00 Saturday
United Kingdom, London = Saturday 06:00 PM
Australia, AEDT = Sunday 05:00 AM
Egypt, Cairo = Saturday 08:00 PM
Canada, Montreal = Saturday 01:00 PM
Spain, Madrid= Saturday 07:00 PM
China, Beijing= Sunday 02:00 AM
France, Paris= Saturday 07:00 PM
South Korea, Seoul= Sunday 03:00 AM
Philippines, Manila= Sunday 02:00 AM
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro= Saturday 04:00 PM
Russia, Moscow= Saturday 09:00 PM
Japan, Tokyo= Sunday 03:00 AM
India, New Delhi= Saturday 11:30 PM
Germany, Berlin= Saturday 7:00 PM
Turkey, Istanbul= Saturday 9:00 PM
Roc opening every Week After Fortress war time
Drop Roc Set Sun D10

500 Silk Reward for first 100 players to reach lvl 100

Rio screen shots

The Rio-Sro Crew is a multi-world collaboration team. Each member has over 10 years of gaming experience and each member is from different countries around the world. We decided to start this project and leave our very own mark in the history of Silkroad private servers. Our goal is to make an extraordinary server with a great deal of interesting and new features.

All the features that we added solve the lone purpose, to complement the gameplay, NOT changing the fundamental ideas but enhancing what everyone loves. Our team is a multi-world collaboration because we have 5 GMs and 7 Admins to make a total of 12 Staff members. Each member has their own distinct language and their knowledge of English.

We will publish online on the website/Facebook in the 12 different languages but as a community encourage English to be spoken inside the server for better communication between players.
In addition English will be a priority as it will reduce the risk of swearing between players in different languages. Also the Admins and GMs will be viewing the in game chat and may give warnings/bans to anyone who swears in English or other languages.

Now a short introduction of our team:
Rio is the all famed General of Rio-Sro Online. He is a mighty person from Canada with a great vision for this server. He has over 20 years of gaming experience, not only by playing games but by building and making a variety of games. GM Rio will be looking out for all the players/staff in Rio-Sro and will be managing all the security detail needed for Rio-Sro Online. In addition he will write on the website in English.
lvaro is the Assistant-General of the Rio-Sro Team. She is from Spain with over 20 years of gaming experience. He will be coordinating the Rio-Sro team, helping with all aspects of the game including advertisement and data management. In addition he will write on the website in Spanish.
Chulsu is a man from China who has over 15 years of gaming experience. He will be dealing with answering all players’ questions, helping players with their in game/Facebook tickets, creating events and making videos to promote Rio-Sro. In addition he will write on the website in Chinese.
Marie is a Lady from France, she has over 10 years of experience in playing PC, PS4 and Xbox MMORPGS. She will be in charge of managing the fortress wars, jobbing and events. She will also be responsible for the overall look of the website and the constant upgrade of the website. In addition he will write on the website in French.
Ian is a gentleman from Philippines, he has over 15 years of managing gaming forums, websites and servers. He will be in charge of making sure every player is following all the rules. He will also make sure that no player is exploiting the game whatsoever. In addition he will write on the website in Pilipino.
Omar is from Egypt, he will write on the website in Arabic.
Pedro is from Brazil, he will write on the website in Portuguese.
Nikita is from Russia, she will write on the website in Russian.
Yuri is from Japan, she will write on the website in Japanese.
Rahul is from India, he will write on the website in Indian.
Alex is from Germany, he will write on the website in German.
Merve is from Turkey, she will write on the website in Turkish.

Change Log & Update
1.Thunder weapons from item mall has been moved to champions Maker in Hotan
2.Trader must be lvl 100 to ride pet
3.Mobs 100 drops solved
4.Stone 0% drop solved
5.Bless spell time Solved
6.Survival arena Solved
7.Jop Temple Unique HP Reduced
8.Level 100 Uniques in Jangan, Samarkand and Constantinople spawn every 12 hours
9.Adv A and B for normal items added in Champions Maker for Gold. ADV A=1B ,ADV B= 2B

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

Forum: Link
YouTube: Link

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