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Valthea Online | Pvp Cap 110 | Free Silk | New Job System | Instant Level 110 | Custom Edits | New Uniques | New Avatars | New Scrolls | Coin System | New Suits | Anti Cheat System | Daily Events | Wanted System

Welcome to Valthea's official thread!
I'm proud to finally present to you the server we spent long time
working hard on just to keep it well-established
Valthea online is based on Vsro files
(UTC+02:00) Server time
Server is going to launch 07/05/2014


Starter package

Lucky powder rate
+1 = 100%
+2 = 80%
+3 = 60%
+4 = 40%
+5 = 8%
+6 = 8%
+7 = 8%
+8 = 8%
+9 = 8%
+10 = 8%
+11 = 8%
+12 = 8%

Elixir rate
+1 = 50%
+2 = 40%
+3 = 30%
+4 = 19%
+5 = 17%
+6 = 17%
+7 = 17%
+8 = 17%
+9 = 17%
+10 = 12%
+11 = 12%
+12 = 12%

Luck stone

Instant level 110
EGY A +7 Items in NPC
NPC has everything for 1 gold
Item mall fellow pets are level 110
Forgotten world is disabled
Battle Arena is enabled
Murdering players is disabled
A stack of Elixirs/Stones/ e.t.c 10K
Bard dances are disabled
Black ress is disabled
Cleric STR/INT buffs are disabled
Guild is created it's already level 5
Guild members limit to 25
Union limit to 4 guilds
Warrior, Fences and pain and [Mana Skin,Iron Skin] are disabled
Normal/Advanced elixirs/Luck,Steady stone are bought with Arena coins

New Baal unique
New Babillion unique
New Zielkiaxe unique
New Hunter job war room
New Thief job war room
New Avatars
New Hunter job temple 'Under maintenance'
New Thief job temple 'Under maintenance'
Restore SP & Mastery skills scroll
Restore stat points scroll
Premium remover scroll
Advanced elixir remover scroll

1 Kill = 1 Valthea point
You can obtain only 5 points by killing
the same character per day.
We also have an anti-cheat system
that's going to prevent anybody from
farming characters to gain points

New suits

The new suits depend on your Job allias level
Slot 1 Suit = must be level 1
Slot 2 Suit = must be level 3
Slot 3 Suit = must be level 5
Slot 4 Suit = must be level 6
Slot 5 Suit = must be level 7

Anti Cheat system

Job temple mobs
If you're a Thief, you need to kill the Hunter boss
If you're a Hunter, you need to kill the Thief boss

There is a chance you may capture this buff from the killed boss

-Includes HP / MP / Universal pills / Purification pills / Vigor grains
Grocery Trader Yeosun
-Includes EGY A +7 CH,EU acc / Stones / Elixirs / Advanced elixirs / Movement scroll / Lucky powders / Special scrolls
Blacksmith Agol
-Includes EGY A +7 Weapons,Shields / Arrows/bolts
Protector Trader Yeolah
-Includes EGY A +7 Armor,Protector,Garment,Robe,Light armor,Heavy armor gear
EGY B Upgrade
-Includes Weapon,Shield,Set gear and Acc upgrade scrolls
Special Section
-Includes Avatars that exist on SRO 'Some new & old ones' / Devil spirit S / Extension gear / Devil's spirit magic stone / Lucky magic powder / 10% Damage increase/absorption scrolls / Premium gold time 7% / All fellow pets
Donate Section
-Includes all the new Avatars / Angel spirit / 20% Damage/Absorption increase scrolls / Global chatting / Premium gold time 10% / Advanced elixirs +3 and +4


EGY B upgrade shop

Blacksmith shop
Protector shop

Grocery shop
Special section

Donate section

1# Update







1# 5 Question & Answer

What is the Valthea points limit?

50 VP per 24 hours and 60 VP at Weekends

What time does Arena start?
Every 1 hour

How can I get Arena coins?
Kill Uniques / Join Arena and/or Capture the flag

How does the donate system work?
If you donated for Arena/Credit coins you will find them at Storage / Valthea points on your 'Item mall'

Why did you remove the mBot pill bug?
To prevent the players from cheating while playing PVP

Automatic systems
Auto Job war #1 event
The event automatically starts at any time in Job temple, It's a challenge [Thieves vs. Hunters/Traders] and 5 points max per account someone should reach 100 points for the event to end '1 kill = 1 point'

Auto Job war #2 event
The event automatically starts at anytime at Donwhang east, you should get 50 kills by killing other players [Hunters/Traders vs. Thieves] and You can obtain from a player 5 kills max so the first one finishes the 50 kills wins '50 Valthea points' reward

Auto Find n Kill event
The event automatically starts at anytime a bot spawns and picks a place after a certain amount of time it 'll give out hints, If you find the bot 'GM character' and kill it your name will be written in the notice plus you will gain '50 Arena coins'

Auto PVP event
The event automatically starts at anytime at Donwhang south gate so players should put cap on and start killing each other. The first one who finishes the 50 kills is going to be reward with '200 Arena coins'

Auto Unique title system
You have to kill every single unique in game a few times to get the title so you can last more while in Berserker mode, You cannot just jump right on Isyutaru or Lord Yarkan. First you should obtain The Tiger Girl title but then Cerberus and so on.. Roc is the most powerful Berserker mode
Amount of kills
Tiger girl = 10 times
Cerberus = 15 times
Captain Ivy = 20 times
Uruchi = 25 times
Isyutaru = 30 times
Lord Yarkan = 35 times
Demon Shaitan = 40 times
Medusa = 10 times
Roc = 5 times

Auto Wanted system
The Hero mode will allow you to receive certain buffs for killing your enemy from an opponent job union, After you reach the required kills '10' it will start are % physical and magical damage, % Parry and Attack rate and % lucky increase. Also you will get STR & INT based on the Hero mode level
10 Kills in row = 2% [1]
20 Kills in row = 4% [2]
30 Kills in row = 6% [3]
40 Kills in row = 8% [4]
50 Kills in row = 10% [5]

How to play like a boss?
Step 1: Create your character , log in game , pick your build and max up skills.
Step 2: Join an alias whether it's a thief or a hunter, go out and start killing your enemy.
Step 3: Participate into battle arena and earn coins, buy elixirs and enhance your items.
Step 4: Join a guild, start killing Uniques, get special item and of course make some friends.

Website : Link
Register : Link
Download : Link
Facebook Page : Link
Facebook Group : Link

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