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Silkroad Private Servers

waveSRO | Cap 110 | Low Rates | Ip Limit | Wanted System | Ctf | Remove Job Scroll | Reset Point Scroll | New Scrolls | New Uniques | Oldschool Style | Daily Events | Active Gm | Play2Win

| Welcome to waveSRO • International server • Unique Gameplay |

Server will be opened on 06.08.2014, 21.00 GMT+1 ( Berlin ).

Client can be downloaded now !!

•We gladly announce you the opening of waveSRO, a private silkroad
server that will really change your daily life! As a team we can
comfortably tell you that each of us gave his best to make this
server the best silkroad experience you will ever have on
your silkroad trip. Providing an extremely fun to play server with
features you will never forget. We simply combined some
features from other silkroad servers that we have made on a
different way and we think is better. Also we have added a lot of
features that you will see for the first time on our server, just to
offer you the best possible game play!

Keep in mind : We're planning to do an update every week adding
a lot of new content & features. We strongly believe that a server
without updates is a pure server that you will get bored fast.
Another point is that by doing this we will be able to hear your
voice and change the server weekly on a way that will fit you more.

Basic Information's

Experience | Rate 20 x

Exp rate is not too high and not too low, it is the most
appropriate exp rate. It doesn't take ages to level up to the
maximum level. But in the other hand you can't reach the
maximum level in just 1-2 hours as well.

Skill points experience

This sp experience rate is high enough to help you level
without any gap, we're also giving 50k sp on the start of
the game, so you will really not have to worry about being
Full Farmed when reaching 110.

Gold drop | Rate 3 x

A good gold drop rate to help you get enough gold to be
able to buy equipment from npc and other important things
such as pots/pills etc. We made gold drop rate pretty low
because trades are important.

Drop | Rate 7 x

Our drop rate promises to not let you down. Its not the
rate that will give you everything you were expecting to have
in just a day, but it won't disappoint you as well!

Trade | Rate 15 x

We've completely changed the trade rewards. Its like we're
forcing you to make trades.

Alchemy | Rate

Depends on you Luck
 +1 100%
+2 50%
+3 20%
+4 10%
+5 7%
+6 5%
+7 3%
+8 2%
+9 2%
+10 1%
+11 1%
+12 1%

Ip Limit | 2

We have decided to set ip limit to 2 characters per IP.
The fact that some players can open more than 3 chars is
something we do not support. Some players are not able to
do so because they don't have the same economic comfort with
other guys or they don't feel like making their PC lagging for a game.

Note : Don't try to use proxy loader we've blocked him!

Alchemy rates

Keep in mind that premium, lucky stones and lucky avatar
will give you more possibilities to success.

Server Features

Seal of sun items has been disabled

-We have completely removed sun items because sadly
suns ruin the balance of the game we want to give fair
chances of winning a PvP match to everyone not just the
ones having a strong sun set.

  Purification pill bug has been fixed

-We have fixed this really <<famous>> bug to offer you
an even better game play!

Starting Equipment & Max Stack
 NOTICE: Grab Pet = 28 Day - 4 Sides

How to get EGY A/B Set
EGY AWeapon is possible to get when u collect all 8 Cards from Forgotten World.

EGY B is very hard to get but not impossible. It will be dropped
with Luck from the Last Unique in the Forgotten World.

EGY A&B Set can be farmed in the HolyWater and
Hunter&Thieves Temple.Drops Silver , Gold , Iron & Copper Coins.

EGY A&B Accessory can be farmed,
like we all know via the Arena Coins System

Some new Teleport Points



 Wanted System (Hero Mode)

to obtain wanted buf you must wear Job Suit if,
you die whilst having the buff it'll be gone, also
max kill is 3 time for each char per day

Each 5 kills with out dying, you receive 1% stats. for 60 minutes.
Each 10 kills with out dying, you receive 2% stats. for 60 minutes.
Each 15 kills with out dying, you receive 3% stats. for 60 minutes.
Each 20 kills with out dying, you receive 4% stats. for 60 minutes.
Each 25 kills with out dying, you receive 5% stats. for 60 minutes.

Capture the flag will start every hour

-Who doesn't like CTF? We think everyone does, thats the
reason we have enabled it. From ctf you will receive arena
coins, will give further information later on.Capture the flag will start every hour

Skill Edit / SP Edit / Job&Guild Penalty

-Like u can see on the Picture, we added some fantastic Features in our Item Mall. It is possible, after Leaving the Guild / the Job, to reset both of them via an Scroll which u can purchase for an small amount of Silk. U can also buy
a Skill Point / Stats Point ( STR/INT ) Scroll.

By leaving the Job - the normal penalty is 7 Days
By leaving the Guild - the normal penalty is 3 Days.

Remember: U have to leave Job / Guild first to use those Scrolls !

 Extra Features


Abyss Rebel - 110

Nikita - 110

Stall Limit

-we have changed the Stall Limit to 10b

Login Screen

Hope u like it !

To finish, i would like to inform you that we expect that
a lot of guys may hate us and try to destroy the hole
project, by making fake names, dishonoring the server
or editing stuff that will make you guys against us. We
have faith in you and we really hope that you will ignore
actions like that. Forgive me for having a newbie epvp

- Thanks for your attention
- Danke für ihre aufmerksamkeit
- Bedankt voor uw oplettendheid
- Merci pour votre attention
- Salamat sa iyo para sa iyong pansin
- Благодаря за вашето внимание
- Спасибо за внимание
- Cảm ơn bạn đã quan tâm của bạn
- Multumesc pentru atentie
- Ilginiz için tesekkür ederim

We will Update this Thread Daily ! Stay Tuned

Website : Link
Register : Link
Download : Link 1Link 2  ,  Link 3
Facebook Page : Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum : Link

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It's a very nice Silkroad Private-Server

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