ft Sparta - Legendary | Cap 120 | D12 | Free Silk | Start Area | New Grab Pets | New Glows | Alchemy Notice | Ip Limit | New Title Names | Prestige System | New Uniques | Custom Teleports ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Sparta - Legendary | Cap 120 | D12 | Free Silk | Start Area | New Grab Pets | New Glows | Alchemy Notice | Ip Limit | New Title Names | Prestige System | New Uniques | Custom Teleports

•Hello ladies and gentleman!
Today we present our server, powered by Sparta we introduce you to Legendary, a lag-free server hosted on a strong machine.

No, this is not the Legendary you saw a few days ago, this is also not the Legendary you saw 1 year ago,this is a new Legendary, this is a new server you will enjoy and a server which is based on PvP and PvE.
Now, before you continue to read the threads contents, please note that we are not planning to die in 1 week and we do not want you to feel like we are noobs trying to rip you off or take your money and run away.
Legendary will focus on regular Silkroad playing, the way it's being played will also be applied to Legendary.
What does that mean?
On iSRO you can do whatever you want and bot to death, multi client up to 20 clients without any trouble and basically just do whatever you want, with Legendary
we don't aim at a full botting server but we will not restrict that, you can bot because nobody likes to grind all day and get nothing!
Basic Information
Cap |(120)
Exp |(360)
Gold|Drop,Trade has been increased.
Alchemy :- x1.5
Available Fortress (Jangan Hotan Bandit Constantinople)
Server Files :- VSRO.188
Advanced Information
•Start Area
 •D1~D11 Egy.
 •Simple Improvements
So what more do we have to offer. Not to much fancy stuff as you have seen on some other servers but we want to keep it simple and as much Silkroad as possible so here is a list of our simple improvements in game.

Death Bone
Latest fellow pets
Stack-able pots
Alchemy noticing
Custom glows up to +20
Black res balanced, cool down : 5 minutes buff : 10 seconds
Resurrection scrolls decreased to 5 each package
100% speed buff for 24 hours
A large amount of avatars
Custom Teleports
Added country flags to magic pop 100% win rate
Much more smaller things which you may find out yourself
120 Skills enabled!

These small improvements have been added to make sure you as a player will enjoy the game even more.
New tittles to the top 5 money makers!

Also tittles for top jobbers such as Hunter #1, Thief #1, Trader #1
P||-> Prestige System
Prestige Level 1: You need level 120 and 300 Kills on PvP.
Prestige Level 2: You need level 120, 400 Kills on PvP and prestige level 1.
Prestige Level 3: You need level 120, 500 Kills on PvP and prestige level 2.
Prestige Level 4: You need level 120, 600 Kills on PvP and prestige level 3.
Prestige Level 5: You need level 120, 750 Kills on PvP and prestige level 4.
When you apply a prestige level to your char it gets reset to level 1 but you get extra stat points for each prestige level.
You get 30 extra stats for each prestige levels so, when you get the 5 prestige levels you will have a total of 150 extra stat points!

•Hope You To Like our Game-play System.

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